Binom Pro Tracker

Binom Pro Tracker – The Best Self Hosted Tracker – A must try for all the affiliates

After split testing, trackers being the most trending topic in the industry of affiliate marketing is the main reason why we at Amritsar Digital Academy to guide you about the best tracking system. However, this post lays down the review of Binom, the best self-hosted tracker that is specifically designed for the professionals. No, this […]

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Admitad Review

Admitad Review – A Trusted Name in the CPA Affiliate Networks Industry

Admitad is one of the best CPA Affiliate Network marketing platforms that serve to both the advertisers and publishers. It is an exceptional affiliate network that has a global reach and exclusive tools and capacity to address the different requirements. This software enables the advertisers to enhance their traffic and sales through the efficient promotion […]

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Best Way to Run Split Tests To Optimize Your Website For Conversions

Meaning of Split Testing Split testing is the movement of haphazardly circulating the approaching traffic of a site between two distinct URLs of a similar page. This helps in improving the general execution. The exhibition can be determined to utilize diverse KPIs according to the fundamental objective of the page. For instance, transformation rate, skip […]

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The Complete And Most Effective Guide To Quora Marketing You Should Try Once

The Internet appears to be full of valuable, engaging, and instructive spots to invest energy, also significant spots for brands and organizations to interface with their group of spectators. One site that keeps coming up for us is Quora, the network powered inquiry and-answer site. So, why not use some great strategies on Quora Marketing […]

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Learn About The 5 Most Effective LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing

It was back in 2003 when a social platform was specially launched for the professionals, i.e. LinkedIn with not more than 20 sign-ups in a day. But now the LinkedIn we see is totally different from the one that was in 2003. Throughout these 16 years, it has undergone a massive transformation and has managed […]

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Know What is SEO – The Ultimate Power to Rank High Your Site

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the procedure of receiving substantial traffic. This traffic is for free from organic search results appearing on the search engines. Almost every major search engine such as Google, Bing and Yahoo displays the results such as web pages, videos, local listings and so on […]

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What is Digital Marketing

Learn What is Digital Marketing and Its Power to Beat the Competition

With easy access to the internet, these days a large number of people visit online daily. Moreover, the consistent rise in internet users has increased by a considerable percentage. So has changed the trend of people buying and shopping online, which implies digital marketing has definitely outperformed offline marketing. But the greatest concern right now […]

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20 Amazing Tips You Should Know Before Starting A Blog

While starting a blog for the first time, one goes through a roller coaster ride of excitement and the fear of unknown. Everyone planning to start a blog wish to perform everything precisely, abstaining from all major obstacles, to make their blog a success. All this while bloggers have come a long while committing numerous […]

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What Is Schema Markup

What is Schema Markup And Benefits of Implementing It In Your Website

One of the most popular and effective strategies to enhance your online presence and visibility in the SERPs is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). According to recent studies, people hardly surf beyond the first page of the search results. However if do so, then it is not beyond the first three pages. Therefore, it is really […]

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