Affiliate Marketing

Top Popular and Profitable Verticals of Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a business practice that allows the marketers other than product owner to target general audience. Through this a third party makes money by advertising the product that is created by some other party. This online business has four core elements involved. First of all the primary member is […]

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Google Will Discontinue Support for Robots.txt from September 2019

NO SUPPORT FOR ROBOTS.TXT BY GOOGLE Google has recently announced to step back from supporting undocumented and unsupported rules in robots.txt as per their official statement. This announcement will come into practice officially from September 1, 2019. Google’s official tweet has said- “Today we’re saying goodbye to undocumented and unsupported rules in robots.txt If you […]

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Digital Marketing Course – First Step To Success

WHY DIGITAL MARKETING? With the advancement of technology, digital marketing has evolved as an inevitable part of the marketing world. In order to run a business successfully online marketing strategy has an instrumental role to play. Many people register their presence on online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It is highly suggested to adopt […]

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