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An Ultimate Guide to Infographic Marketing (Plan, Create & Succeed)

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As we all know an infographic is a great way of presenting information that works great than other types of content. Infographic marketing creates more brand awareness and also helps in growing your audience and is highly shareable content. Moreover, a great idea of infographics can provide multifarious benefits, and also can be a great addition to an overall content marketing strategy.

Elements Needed To Create Quality Infographic

Well-Balanced Union Between Text and Visuals

There should be enough white space between margins and elements. When it comes to infographics marketing, use only 2-3 font styles and colors throughout, a single infographic, and good visual flow.

Using Graphics to Convey Information Properly

In order to convey the proper information to your audience, you have to use graphics effectively. That means using graphics in a proper manner can be a great way of displaying informative content. Thus which provides value to your audience.  

Quality of the Graphic Design

I have seen many infographics online sometimes on social media or sometimes in blogs and articles. But the most important thing in the infographic is it should be of good and high-quality graphics. If graphics are not good this will lead to a lack of interest of your audience in that particular infographic.

Meet the Needs of the Audience

There is nothing good or bad in the digital world but good infographics are those that meet the needs and expectations of the audience. Let me tell the basic idea of infographic strategy, infographic for a B2C customer on Instagram is *very* different than B2B customers on a blog.”

Must be to the Point

Include only important facts or elements that your audience wants. Basically, you need to add all the essential points that provide value to your audience. Hence, it also needs to be visually appealing and easy to read and understand.

How To Create Infographic for a Successful Infographic Marketing?

Creating a successful infographic is not that difficult, you just need to determine the demand of your audience. That means the pain points of your customers so that you can make a great and valuable infographic. There are so many benefits of infographics in digital marketing. A marketer who evaluated the market needs effectively he can become a successful online marketer.

➢ Research for the Infographic Marketing

At the first glance, research what is the most important data to highlight & what should be written? This will help you to make a great infographic strategy.

➥ Make a Plan for Infographic

once you have done your research, start making a plan and target your audience, define your objective, and choose your topic. Before designing your infographic, Sketch out your infographic just to have an idea of how your marketing infographic looks.

Find Interesting Stats and Stories

Research how people talk about them & for what they are curious about. Also outline your info with short, direct points and figure out an attractive way to present your project.

➥ Great Content Strategy

Content is a king in the digital world so at the first glance, create an incredible strategy for a topic based on your goals. Goals that drive audience attention, get traffic to your website.

➢ Visualisation of Infographic

 If we talk about a good infographic marketing, it must be 400-500 words. Thus, it requires stats or numbers as it is helpful to visualize a concept.

➥ Infographic Design

Design is the most crucial part of infographic marketing. In this phase, you need to choose attractive colors, fonts, and many more things required to create high quality of infographic.

➢ Promotion of Your Inforgraphic

After making a good infographic, you need to display in front of people! A good way to promote your infographic is to create social thumbnails to post on your social media channels. Moreover, you can ask them to click on the link to see the full graphic on your site.

➥ Re-purpose The Infographic

This is a great part of the infographic marketing process, you can repurpose the infographic content into an eBook, video, social graphics, or long-form content article. This method encourages your audience to post on various social media channels to reach a bigger audience. Moreover, it saves a lot of time and budget. Hence, this content marketing infographic shows just a few repurposing options. So grab the opportunity to create shareable content!

Tip: Make sure you make an original idea or you are adding something new. Gather key statements, facts, or stats. Last but not least, figure out an arrangement that balances and flows. This is just a trial; Create, change, create, change, edit, and publish!

How to Make Infographics More Shareable?

It does not matter how much budget you have for digital marketing infographic but you would still need your audience to share content. Do you know the people they share content with are a huge audience you may not have considered? Thus, you want to give multiple sharing options to every person that comes in contact with your digital marketing infographic.

Let’s look at valuable strategies for making your infographic shareable: 

Ask people to Share Content

You cannot talk to them directly but you can encourage them to share by including social media links in your infographic footer, create various social media channels, and share them on your social platforms.

Know the Differences in Your Social Platforms

Always create infographics that are perfectly optimized for the social platforms that you are using.

Include On-Page Text

Include some on-page text so it could be findable in search. It’s really great thing when we add smaller sections in the right dimensions for Twitter and other online media.

Embed a Share link with Pre-Populated Image

Insert a link with an image that is already popular on social media channels. Ask everyone to share and provide a shortcode to everyone to embed on their own websites or emails.

Adding Influencer in Content and Tag them

let say your content is great, while sharing your content you tag the people you talked about in the content, they’ll share and then their following will share!

Highlight a Problem

always highlight a problem which is unique because common knowledge or problem will not be shared by people as the masses don’t find anything interesting in it. Make sure it should be unique and original!

Infographic is Interesting and Valuable

Make sure your infographics are actually appealing to your target audience first.

Choosing an Infographic Marketing Tool

For using the infographic tools and software, you have to learn how to use those tools and software because you need to be perfect in making an infographic to attract the audience. So, be prepared that infographic will take some time to learn.

Suggested Infographic Tools

choose a tool with a variety of size and customization options to repurpose larger infographics into smaller ones for social. 

Here are some best infographic tools


Visme is a cloud-based graphic creator tool. Visme has a wide range of templates for all your design needs. You can create beautiful infographics, presentations, make posters, ebooks, flowcharts anything you need to boost your marketing strategy. Use Visme to make stunning infographics in minutes.

Price: Free

Ease of use: Easy

The time required to create an infographic: 30 minutes


Canva is a powerful online design and infographic maker tool with which you can create a plethora of designs even if you do not have any design knowledge.

Price: Free

Ease of use: Easy

The time required to create an infographic: 30 minutes


Venngage provides you different options to pick from what you want to create. You will find multifarious templates for making infographics, reports, posters, promotions, and many more.

Price: Free for students, paid for everyone else

Ease of Use: Easy

The Time Required to Create an Infographic: 30 minutes


Piktochart is another good option to create different types of infographics. You can choose from different formats, including traditional infographic size, presentation size (for slide decks), poster, and many other formats.

Price: Free

Ease of Use: Easy

The Time Required to Create an Infographic: 30 minutes

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