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8 Blog Commenting Mistakes To Avoid: Get It Approved With A Backlink

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Blog Commenting in SEO plays an important role in building backlinks. Also, it is a very helpful technique for building community by sharing some valuable feedback to the blog. It is a great way to appreciate the content of a blogger as it takes a lot of effort and research to deliver something valuable to the readers. Just one comment makes that all efforts worth it!! But quite often we make some of the blog commenting mistakes that make this technique less worthy.

Blog Commenting is quite complex as it becomes hard to make your comment accepted providing along with some SEO benefits as well. So here are some common blog commenting mistakes and tips to do it with excellence. For this, one must understand the importance Blog Commenting. Commenting must be followed by some rules to make it accepted with a do-follow backlink. No matter that whether you provide positive or negative reviews just provide it with keeping few commenting etiquettes in mind.

Blog Commenting Mistakes & Tips To Improve

blog commenting mistakes

1. Keyword Stuffing In Name Field

The name field is meant for writing your real name through which you are commenting. Keyword stuffing in the name field of comment sections looks like an over-optimization of the keyword. These types of comments look irritating and straight send to the trash box, regardless of the fact that whether it’s delivering some value to the blog or not.

So starting with your own name in the name field before commenting is a good practice. It increases the chances of your comment approval with a do-follow backlink at a high rate.

Keywords in name field while commenting

As shown in the example given above, the person has used supplement and newyork-jets keywords in the name field that is enough to convince digital marketer to press delete permanently button. The value of comment is not considered in this case.

2. Providing Invaluable Comment

Try to give at least 1 reason to the blogger that why your comment should be approved?

This doesn’t mean talking about your own website or driving traffic towards your blog. Give your genuine reviews after reading that blog. If you have implemented something from the blog share your real experience. You can also add some additional updated information to the blog, respecting the views of writer.

mistakes while commenting

The idea is to not do blog commenting just for a formality or just for getting a backlink from the website. It is very important to read the article and the idea of the blogger that he/she wants to deliver to the audience. Appreciate it with your valuable comment. Avoid writing “Thank you for sharing this article”, “Very informative article”, “Thanks for such and helpful article”.  However, you can start your comment with these appreciative lines but afterward, write something genuine.

A perfect example of valuable comment is here done by Harleena Singh-

blog commenting way

3. Using Only First Name In The Name Field

This is one of the most common blog commenting mistakes that often get occur by digital marketers while blog commenting. It is necessary to provide your first name along with your last name in order to raise the chances of comment approval.

Avoid using first name in name field Blog Commenting Mistakes

Bloggers always find it interesting to find who commented on their blog and comments having full names in their name field are likely to get more replies as compared to others. It also builds your identity in front of the blog readers and blogger itself.

Replies to full name in blog commenting

4. Using Inactive Or Wrong Email

The next common mistake that people often make while blog commenting is using inactive and wrong email. It does not matter whether it has been done mistakenly or deliberately the results will be negative for you especially when you write an email on industry blogs. You may initiate some good long-lasting business relations through blog commenting.

Check your email while commenting


Well, Just be a regular reader of your favorite blog and comment on your views often in the comment section. Your interest in blogs is enough to initiate a business deal. So, email is the only medium for bloggers to contact you. Double-check it before commenting!!!

5. Email Not Connected to Gravatar Account

One can expect significant results from blog commenting if it’s done in the right manner. Entering an email that is not connected to Gravatar Account is the biggest mistake that people often do while blog commenting.

What is Gravatar?

Gravatar is a software developed by Automattic. It is necessary to maintain a profile at Gravatar if you actually want a bundle of your blog comments to get accepted.

Gravatar Account

There are multiple blogs that access the Gravatar system due to which the image icon along with your comments automatically picks up your Gravatar account image.  Here’s a tip; choose your Gravatar image carefully. It is always a good choice of your professional photographs.

Gravatar Sign In

Gravatar account is given more weightage here than writing your full name in the name field. It builds your authentic image and also drives an interesting bunch of audiences towards your blog.

However, sometimes the promotion of your brand is more important to you then you can keep your Gravatar image as your brand logo. It also helps your comment to stand out differently.

6. Commenting on Irrelevant Niche Blogs

Look, understand the niche of your industry is very important. Blog commenting is not about picking up any of the random blogs and throwing your comment over there. In the initial stage, I also used to write general comments afterward I experimented with adding some value comments under the blog post and the results were astonishing. 80% of your value comments got accepted that too with a backlink.

Another advantage of commenting is that it provides industrial exposure in front of an interested audience. Writing comments on industry blogs is a great way to generate more leads as the already sorted interested audience will come there to read those blogs and your name in every comment section with prints an image of your in readers sub-conscious minds.

Go Ahead then!!!! You can take the help of various marketing tools in order to find the best industry blogs driving in huge traffic. For example Ahref, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, and so on. 

7. Asking Irrelevant Questions

Asking questions in commenting is a better way for comment approval. But wait, it’s not that easy as it sounds!!

You must ask a relevant question which you expect the blogger will be willing to answer and it must be related to the written topic. The format of commenting remains the same starting from the greeting to the closure with the expectation of early replies. For asking a relevant question firstly you must pick a blog in which you are not an expert and expecting a real suggestion on complex situations. This surely helps you in asking a wise question.

Let’s Check out this example!!

The topic is related to Digital Marketing Niche- How to get high quality do-follow backlinks?

Blog Niche while Blog Commenting

But the comment done, is not relevant to the topic.

Irrelevant comment in blog commenting

There are no chances of blog comment approval in this case.

8. Writing Spammy Content

Another main blog commenting mistake is writing a spammy comment. Well, there no such definition of What actually spam it?

Spammy Comments Blog Commenting Mistakes

There are some factors on the basis of which the comment is marked as spam-like dropping multiple links in the comment section. If the URL field is given in the comment section then using the comment body as a URL dropping place is a wrong choice. This activity will surely mark your IP as a spammer on the web.

In a nutshell, the blog commenting tips we came across with are-

▶️ Using real and full name while blog commenting

➡️ An email attached with Gravatar account works best

▶️ Double-check your email before replying

➡️ Be precise and brief while commenting

▶️ Pick relevant industry blogs for commenting

➡️ Provide valuable comment not a one-line phrase

▶️ Don’t drop links in the comment body

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