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Top Online Marketplaces 2022 For Entrepreneurs-Time to Leverage Sales!

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Think of a scenario that you have a potential product or service; you won’t sell it to global boundaries but due non-availability of adequate sources and investment you are not able to do so.

What to do then?

The best possible thing you can do is to list your products and services in the best online marketplaces. Give unbeatable exposure to your products with these eCommerce online marketplaces.

Further in this article, we will guide you with the concept of online marketplaces, the benefits of online marketplaces, the list of best online marketplaces, what are the best ways to get listed on online marketplaces and the most promising strategies for selling on online marketplaces with a profitable business.

Let’s begin!

What is an Online Marketplace?

Online Marketplace is an eCommerce website that allows the listing of various products and services by different sellers. Some selling platforms are focused on niche online marketplaces, whether some of them allow mixed category products and services listing. Some of the profoundly known online marketplaces globally are-

  • Amazon Marketplaces
  • Flipkart
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Etsy
  • Walmart
  • Newegg

Before choosing from the list of top online marketplaces 2022, beforehand research is required. Don’t worry we will share all need-to-know essentials for selling your products online through marketplaces.

How a business can be profitable by choosing Biggest Online Marketplaces?

Products and services listing on the biggest online marketplaces can leverage business sales to a higher extent. These globally renowned best online marketplaces have trillions of dollars revenue annually from the regional and international markets, hence offering a comprehensive exposure to your business.  There are more than 200 online marketplaces waiting for your fantastic company listing and capturing the potential audience across the globe.

Wait! You don’t need to run over each platform and start selling, begin with the online selling platforms that best fit your needs and target audience. Furthermore, we will discuss sound strategies to choose eCommerce marketplaces for your business.

Benefits Of Online Marketplaces

▶️ Customer Acquisition from Global Markets

A business gets open potential customer base by selling products online through marketplaces. So it becomes easy to acquire new and potential clients for your business which might not be possible with your very own online selling portal as it get exposed to limited set of audience.

▶️ Drive Traffic Faster

Horde of public visits top online marketplaces for shopping which makes your business listing visible to countless. So, it has likely to have higher chances of getting sales through these platforms.

If you have your own online store, you can add a button buy now under each product redirecting to the product listing on the online marketplace platform in order to avoid competition. Here also, what matters is traffic, the more the traffic the more the chances of getting sales.

▶️ Easy to Add Products & Services

Online Marketplaces have easy to use interface. Product listing, content posting, discounts and pricing listing is very easy. Once your listing as a company or a seller gets approved by online selling platform, you are all set to add your products on daily basis.

▶️ Trustworthy & Reliable Platforms

In place of shopping from unknown platforms, customers are likely to rely on trustworthy known platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and more. Especially when it comes to first-time buyers, they definitely want to start with online shopping with reliable reviews. Building your brand online by owning a trustworthy eCommerce channel leads to a profitable business.

▶️ Competitor Analysis

From a business owner point of view, a worth noticing thing is that online marketplaces are open to all businesses which means you and your competitors have listed similar products on same platform. This gives a certain level of competitor analysis as well such as

  • Track of competitor products listing
  • The market demands of products
  • Customer feedback
  • Key Points use for selling products & services
  • Approach used for various platforms
  • USP-Unique Selling Price

All-in-all online marketplaces provides business a great platform for giving cut-throat competition in the online market.

▶️ Additional Channel Exposure

You might have your own webstore for getting directly in touch with your client without the use of any 3rd party marketplace but this will drive sales from one platform. For business additional exposure you can

▶️ No Set Up & Marketing Costs Required

With no or minimal charges, you can list your business products and services on 3rd party marketplace. However, if your compare it with having your own webstore then a sound investment on website development, product listing, drive traffic and website maintenance is required

▶️ New Trading Partnerships

Many traders find opportunities for joining hands with new ventures to expand their trade. Electronic Marketplaces business listing open up the doors for new trading partners either within or across your supply chain.

Online Marketplaces Selling Strategies

There are two wider concepts on which bases you can pen down the selling strategies on online marketplaces.

▶️ You can start a completely new business on marketplace

In this case, you are new to online marketing and not ready to invest much on online marketing costs. Generally small-scale business wishing for immediate results with no extra efforts of developing a online brand store start their business through ecommerce marketplaces such as Amazon marketplaces, Flipkart marketplace, Walmart and more. Also, it is an excellent choice to start with.

What strategy a business can opt while introducing a completely new business to online world through marketplaces is profile building. If your business is getting more and more positive reviews and timely deliveries then the business has higher chances for getting listed in numerous ecommerce marketplaces. Also, strong business profile leads to more business sales.

▶️ Introducing Existing Online Store to Marketplaces

This is the case when you already have online customer base, your digital presence is phenomenal but you want to expand your business reach. The best possible way is to introduce your business to top online marketplaces 2022.

Afterall, being an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to miss out sales from marketplaces having global customer base. With the advent for ecommerce marketplaces, people form the habit of comparing prices on different marketplaces which also arises the need of business presence on various digital platforms of online shopping.

Types of Online Marketplaces

  • Business-To-Business Marketplaces
  • Business-To-Consumer Marketplaces
  • Peer-To-Peer Marketplaces

List of Online Marketplaces

Fashion Marketplaces

▶️ Zolando Marketplace

Zolando is amongst the top online marketplaces across the 17 European countries. It’s a fashion niche focused marketplace which is centralized on selling fashion and lifestyle products. Zolando marketplace has over 120 million monthly visitors that opens pool of opportunity to fashion retailers and brands available in Europe.

▶️ Myntra Marketplace-India

Myntra is one of the leading revenues generating portals. With over 41 million monthly visits approximately it is also becoming one of the largest fashion marketplaces in India. Take your fashion merchandise online on Myntra and grab a chance to generate heavy business sales by becoming a recognized fashion brand.

▶️ ASOS Fashion Marketplace-Global

ASOS fashion marketplace supports thousands of small businesses & independent brands from 50+ countries across the globe. Be it vintage fashion apparel of 90’s or cool graphic tees with denims and streetwear or extraordinary partywear apparels, everything is available on ASOS platform. The biggest advantage of ASOS marketplace platform is that it has extensive global audience customer base.

▶️ Poshmark-USA

Poshmark is a leading fashion marketplace with over 80 million registered users across U.S., Australia & Canada & 200 million growing sale stats. It has fashion apparel listing for men, women, kids and pets. Join their mission of empowering small brands to become globally renowned brands. Poshmark marketplace is extremely easy to use just list, ship and earn.

▶️ Limeroad Marketplace

Next up in the list of top online marketplace 2022 we have Limeroad Marketplace. It is amongst the most popular fashion marketplace in India with over 42.6 crore turnover annually. Limeroad has over 20000 registered sellers and thousands of potential customer base. Limeroad acts as the facilitator for sellers to receive payments from buyers and for making payment for buyers.

▶️ The Iconic- Australia

The Iconic is global fashion group for selling fashion merchandise, footwear and fashion accessories in Australia & New Zealand. Over 1000+ international brands have been listed in The Iconic marketplace, giving you a big pool of opportunities to earn more by generating affiliate sales.

The Iconic Top Online Marketplaces

Electronic Online Marketplaces

▶️ is one of the leading gaming marketplaces in the world with over 20 million customer bases. The G2A electronic marketplace has over 40,000 unique gaming products & community of 4 Lakh active sellers. This online electronic marketplace gets 115 million unique customer visits & successful transactions of 11 million. All in all, every piece of data is pointing that G2A is worth taking a bet on if you have something amazing to offer to customer base of the marketplace.


GAME electronic online marketplace is continuously looking for new sellers to fulfill the growing needs of customer in gaming and tech industry. So, if you have something exciting and new to offer, then GAME platform is just a sign up away.

▶️ Best Buy Canada

Best Buy Marketplace is amongst the top electronic marketplaces in Canada. The platform has over 400 million visits every year out of which every 1 of 4 orders are shipped from Best Buy Marketplace sellers. Whether you are a vendor, distributor, refurbisher or retailer, Best Buy partner with all.

▶️ Digitec

Digitec is electronic niche-focused marketplace with active listing of office supplies, gaming, smart phone, pc components, laptop drone and electronic supplies. The platform has 20 million traffic of potential customers on monthly. So if you are a seller at Digitec, then I must say you have a strong customer base to generate business sales.

▶️ Newegg

Newegg has been launched in 2001 and has brought PC components selling wave across the globe. It is one of the leading tech-focused e-retailer in North America with global reach in Europe, South America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Newegg has over 37.3 million customers so it provides a great opportunity for brand expansion to global level.

Books Online Marketplaces

▶️ Barnes & Noble

Barnes & is internet’s largest bookstore to offer with the premier platform for books, eBooks, magazines, toys & games, music, DVD and Blu-ray, and related products and services. So writers take the advantage of vast warehouses across the United States with 1 million books stock available for immediate delivery.


The ZVAB Central Directory of Antiquarian Books – has been the books online marketplace for antiquarian books in German since 1996. AbeBooks connects buyers and sellers and provides author with the platform on which they can list their books, art & collectibles.

Best Online Marketplaces to sell Baby Products

▶️ Firstcry

Firstcry was firstly launched in 2010 for selling baby products online. It is a biggest marketplace for those who manufactures baby products or baby product brand. Firstcry has over 175 offline stores in India. It has the biggest baby care product selling model in India. So if you are seller of baby care products in India the reach out to millions of customers in India.

▶️ Hopscotch

Hopscotch is India’s largest kids fashion brand online.  Lisa Kennedy and Rahul Anand are the co-founders of They launched with a perspective of to transforming the way Indian moms shopping techniques for their kids. This is why selling baby products on this platform makes your business revolutionary.

▶️ Myntra

As we all are aware that, Myntra is one of the most preferable platform for purchasing fashion online by younger generation but you might get surprised to know that even for purchasing kids fashion many moms surf through Myntra platform on daily basis. Myntra proudly presents the success stories of numerous kids wear products selling brands who experienced hike in their business sales by enlisting their baby care products on Myntra. So what are you waiting more? Enlist aww-some kids wear styles on Myntra today!

Baby care product sellers can grab additional opportunities by enlisting baby care products on Flipkart and Amazon marketplaces.

Online Marketplaces in India

▶️ Flipkart Marketplace

Flipkart is India’s leading marketplace for selling products online. Widen the customer base reach to 1 billion with the support of Flipkart Marketplace. Flipkart focuses on empowering small businesses across India through a panel of experts offering training on exclusive seller workshops and seller support. What’s more amazing that this platform is absolutely free to use. You just need a product and two documents to start selling on Flipkart at 0% Commission on every sale. Along with most competitive rate card, business owners also get assured on time and reliable payments.

Flipkart Marketplace in India

▶️ Amazon Marketplace

Recently Amazon marketplace has crossed the number of 4100+ Crorepati sellers in 2020. If you want to be one then start selling your products on Amazon at just 2% selling fees. Take your business to global boundaries with the most visited shopping portal across the world. Even in Indian market masses of population rely on Amazon for shopping online. Amazon products are 100% deliverable to India’s serviceable pin codes so businesses don’t need to take stress of timely delivery.

Amazon Marketplace

▶️ Meesho

Meesho is India’s largest marketplace & first e-commerce marketplace to introduce 0% commission on product selling. The platform captures millions of potential customers in various niche markets on the website which means a business has innumerable opportunities to grow sales. 24000+ serviceable pin codes are supported by the Meesho marketplace. It supports 1 lakh+ sellers delivering their product commission-free across Indian Market. Meesho’s online selling platform supports 700+ categories to sell products.

Meesho Online Marketplace in India

▶️ Snapdeal

Reach out to millions of customers in 2500+ cities and towns in India and yes millions of users monthly through Snapdeal Marketplace. Register in less than 10 minutes you just need GST number, account number, email and contact number. Create an account with Snapdeal and you are all set to introduce your business to Indian Market.

▶️ Shopclues

Sell on Shopclues and join India’s largest marketplace with millions of potential customers. Customer acquisition and marketing efforts becomes minimal after joining such a renowned online marketplace. So if you want to scale your business to greater heights then Shopclues is definite yes to start with!

▶️ Paytmmall

Paytm is India’s biggest & reliable mobile commerce platform with 80 Million happy customers, gradually increasing day by day. This online marketplace serves 39000 pin codes in India where it’s products are deliverable. Merchants can enlist their products in 500+ product categories according to the product relevance. So, businesses is you want to join the team of 100K+ merchants already earning profits from Paytmmall online marketplace then sign up for a new account today.

▶️ Pepperfry

Do you have furniture business but don’t know how to scale it?

Introducing India’s no. 1 furniture marketplace. Pepperfry furniture & home marketplace has 60 lakhs+ registered customers with 500+ cities covered. Not this, Pepperfry also have 60+ studios across India. There are 3 possibilities on how you can partner with Pepperfry-

  • Become a seller
  • User can become a franchise
  • Become a design partner

Winding Up

Online marketplaces are becoming an essential organ of business marketing strategies these days. If you’re going to launch an all-new eCommerce business then I would definitely recommend enlisting it on top online marketplaces suggested above, of course, pick those that seem relevant to your business.

This is not it, enlisting company products on eCommerce marketplaces is a hassle-free process offering well organized and reliable business model. You can outbreak your business to masses of audiences at once with an online marketplace and drive millions of bucks from potential audiences.

In no time, you can start selling on these platforms. Just go through by the given article above, select a marketplace that best fits your brand and you are all set to take your business to another extent with top online marketplace across the globe.

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