7 AI Tools for Social Media Marketers

Social Media Tools

The reach of social media is unbelievable, as almost half of the population is active on these platforms. Social media sites serve as the bridge between your company and your audience. People there look for something interactive and engaging, and that is why you hire staff to work tirelessly and make those small content-based posts, analyse traffic and create social ads, which keeps updating your audience. What if I tell you that you can use your manpower in something more important, and leave these tasks on AI-powered tools? You were not expecting this, weren’t you? Now you can use your manpower at creating more powerful strategies and business ideas and take guidance from AI Tools for Social Media.

These tools are built with artificial intelligence and it analyses your need for content and your audience. It doesn’t stop here, these tools can read all the insights and traffic to customise the posts according to the need and also, it can automatically design the social ad which you require. The AI system is developed in such a way that it observes the behaviour of your audience and your competitors. It boosts your organic growth and comes up with the best solution for social media marketing. I have made a list of top AI tools for social media marketing. Take a look at the list below and register for a tool that fits your needs.

AI Tools for Social Media Marketers


This AI-driven social media tool helps you to create, analyse, monitor and schedule your social posts. Socialbakers consumes less time which makes it worth it. You can check the feed and analytics from all your social pages.

socialbaker ai tool for social media

Features of SocialBaker

  • If you require to use the influencer marketing for your page, then this tool has a feature of influencer dashboard
  • You can switch between different social media pages and categories too
  • Categories like fashion, lifestyle, food, health or anything
  • It will then show you the list of influencers that matches your requirement and followed by your audience too.
  • This will make it easy for you to start an influencer marketing strategy or campaign.
  •  Then, it leads to increase in your page’s engagement.

Socialbaker Pricing

There is a free trial available of socialbaker, so those who find it useful can give it a shot. Socialbaker’s essential package costs $200 per month, where you can manage up to 10 profiles and if you wish to do more, like 15 -20 profiles, then you can switch to essential’s second-tier which costs $400 per month. There is one more package that includes this influencer marketing feature, but that pricing is kept hidden, so you can ask for a demo if you need this.


The AI tools for social media understands the context of your content no matter how lengthy it is and then creates posts according to that requirement. It includes other useful features like social media post scheduling, social media management and many more. Furthermore, Lately is also great at analysing the previously posed content that figures out the best posting time for you.

lately ai social media

Features of Lately

  • Best posting time is analysed by tracking the time at which your audience is active
  •  That time is considered crucial for posting by many companies because it is one of the major reason behind the good post engagement.
  • This tool has an amazing feature for twitter, where you can add information about the campaign, documents and URLs, from where the tool has to take content.
  • Then you can tap on GENERATE TWEETS, where it will analyse all the given content and will create plenty of tweets under one campaign.
  • You can schedule the posting or add extra information, if you feel so.
  • This makes your work so much easier and you can utilize your energy to something more important.

Lately Pricing

The lately pricing has not been revealed properly but as far as some information is concerned, Lately costs $129 per dashboard, per month, if you have an annual package. 

Sprout Social

A well-designed and well-managed package for Twitter is here, which not only creates posts but also reply to the fans, asked questions etc. It has some pre-designed answers and this tool uses the answers after understanding the context and emotion of the tweet.

sprout social artificial intelligence for social media

Features of Sprout Social

  • Sprout Social is an artificial designed tool, which obviously, cannot continue whole conversation. But it can provide basic and immediate responses to the people in comments and messages.
  • At the dashboard of Sprout Social, you can manually check what messages you are getting and what responses are given by your company through this tool.
  • It is strategically designed in a way to provide responses in case of the need and the tool keeps showing what is happening on the twitter account of the company.
  • The AI tools for social media engagement helps in maintaining good brand image
  • Also, it boosts customer’s trust on the organisation.

Sprout Social Pricing

Sprout Social has 2 plans for the companies. In the first plan, it provides basic facilities which are required to the company at $99 per month and the pack is named as standard plan. The up next is the professional plan which costs $149 per month and has advanced features for the companies which need more facilities.


Falcon.io is another excellent tool for social media which helps businesses to create content easily. It creates paid and organic posts for your page and match the social media planning calendar.

falcon ai tool

Features of Falcon

  • It is used for social media management, content marketing, audience management, customer engagement, and instagram management.
  • It creates analysis of the content which is posted to improve for future.
  • The AI tools for social media gather the content from blogs, case stories, handbooks, events and webinars.
  • Falcon analyses all the available content and start creating posts and schedule it automatically according to the requirement.

Falcon Pricing

Falcon Pricing is available on their website which consists 2 plans which they have launched. The first plan is named ESSENTIAL which has features of content scheduling, customer engagement, and impact measurement system. It is perfect for small businesses due to its affordable pricing and basic features. It costs $108 per month. This has a 14 day free trial too. The next plan is FULL SUITE, which has all the advanced features of this tool but the pricing is not revealed. You have to discuss this and you can add on or remove features according to the requirement. The prices are customizable. 


Cortex is best suited for creating social media posts through its quality of artificial intelligence and data science. Just like the dashboard of other ai social media, this too tells about the type of audience and their choices of that niche. It gathers the content from your provided resources and creates posts for audience engagement.

Features of Cortex

  • The post scheduling feature is amazing
  • Allows you to schedule on most active hours
  • Analyse the choice of audience and their behaviour
  • Tells about the best time to post for good feedbacks
  • If you have multiple posts, then it analyses the colours in the post and will also tell you that with which colour your audience is interacting the most
  • Guides you to take the best decisions

Cortex Pricing

Cortex pricing is not given properly, they have kept it hidden. You can ask for it on the website for details.

Linkfluence Radarly

The tool is pro in analysing the piles of data that the social media audience producers daily. It doesn’t take much time in analysing their requirement and the best point for your company. Linkfluence provides information on negative and positive responses from your audience and how well they are connecting to your page. The most effective keywords and hashtags are also given by this tool.

linkfluence ai tools for social media

Features of Linkfluence Radarly

  • It measure the ample amount of data daily
  • Extract out the suitable stats quickly
  • Measures the impact which your posts are making
  • Highlights which trends are popular under your niche
  • The reactions of your audience toward your post or similar posts
  • Tells about the most responsive language and topics for audience

Linkfluence Radarly Pricing

The pricing is not defined properly and revealed when some companies send quotes. It is customisable on basis of which features you want to opt-in. Still, a rough figure has been extracted by a few websites which lie between Euros 500 or $554 per month. You can send the requirement of quotes on the website.

WordStream Advisor

WordStream Advisor is suited for social ads as it compares all the ads on Facebook and Instagram and PPC to provide data-driven recommendations. It analyses responses of all types of ads to help you tell about the best words and time to post for more conversions and desired results.

wordstream ai tool

Features of WordStream Advisor

  • It is highly suitable for small scale business
  • Analyse all kinds of ads to tell you about audiences behaviour
  • Gather all the data at one space to know about results of ad campaign
  • It has 20 minute work week where you can take all your ad related decision and analyse that
  • Under this feature, it suggests you all possible changes and ideas which you can use to make it better

WordStream Advisor Pricing

WorkStream Advisor has a yearly plan which costs $264 per month and if you wish to pay altogether, then it costs $2,928 at once.


The AI tools for social media have enhanced the performance of social media accounts of various companies. These tools reduce the work load and provide stunning results. The results are well researched, organised, planned and accurate. You can rely on these AI tools for social media growth as it has accelerated the growth of many businesses. Take a look at these tools and share your reviews in the comments below.

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