12 Best WordPress Plugins that you must have for a Successful Website

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WordPress plugins are the tools that help a blog to enhance its functionality and convert it into a better output. There are a large number of WP plugins for improving factors like designing, speed, SEO, backups and much more.

By 2019, the competition of bloggers has reached a high level. So if you own a blogging website, then you must have it in the competition and make it grow.

No matter what kind of website you have, I mean whatever is the niche of your website; you need some WP plugins to improve its functionality.

The following are the top 11 best WordPress plugins that every blogger must have installed in his WP website.

These include:

1. Akismet

akismet wordpress plugin

It is an automatic plugin when you install WordPress. This default WP plugin has powerful features of anti-spamming. When someone comments on your site, it lets you know if they are spam or not. Thus, it helps in filtering all the comments and you will be able to approve the comment that is not spam and helps you in removing suspicious links.

2. Yoast SEO


A well-known WP plugin by most bloggers is Yoast SEO. Obviously, every website, whether a business site or a blog, needs traffic from search engines. You must want to get your website displayed on the user’s search. For that, WordPress has this great plugin named Yoast SEO.

The tool helps in improving the content to increase its ranking on the search engines. You could improve the on-page SEO of your website through this plugin. it is the best WordPress plugin for blogs.

If you don’t know about SEO, you can even join for digital marketing or advanced SEO course.

3. JetPack

jetpack plugin for wp

Jetpack is an automatic and best WordPress security plugin. The tool brings powerful features for site security, the growth of traffic, image and content optimization, and many more. It helps in securing the site. If any issue occurred, it notifies you about it.

It helps in creating sitemaps so that your content would easily be indexed by search engines. Moreover, it helps in increasing traffic and reaching your site.

4. WP Forms

wordpress wp forms

WP Forms is the WordPress plugin that lets you add forms to your website. This user-friendly make it easier to add any kind of forms such as subscribe, registration, contact form or the others. Want to get survey, polls, or other kind user information, this plugin helps you do it easily.

You do not need knowledge of coding for adding contact forms to your site as this plugin lets you do it in a few minutes.

5. SearchIQ

wordpress searchiq plugin

SearchIQ is an enhanced featured tool by WordPress that you in an advanced search. It helps in getting accurate results for what you search very fast. Furthermore, it helps you know about the user’s search, thereupon you can improve your content according to the user’s search.

Also, the plugin is very easy to install and use. It works on artificial intelligence and helps you know synonyms of your used works and other related matches.

6. MicroBlog Poster

wp microblog poster

Microblog is an advanced WordPress plugin that helps in promoting your blogs on social sites. This plugin automatically shares your old or new posts on your social pages including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and more.

Social networks are proved to help in page rank and increase website traffic. The sharing of your blogs makes the users visit your site, thus resulting in increased traffic on your site.

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7. Broken Link Checker


Obviously, no website owner wants broken links as it makes the visitors return from the site without getting anything. Then there are increased chances that he will not return to your site again.

Here, a broken link checker helps you. This best WordPress plugins helps you in checking the broken links of your website. This plugin checks for all the broken links included in posts, comments, landing pages and more. Then it notifies the URL so that you could fix it.

8. WooCommerce

woocommerce plugin

If you want an e-commerce website and sell products on your website, then WooCommerce is the wp plugin that you required. This plugin lets you create an online store for selling your products.

Whether you want to sell your products, software, tickets or anything else, you can do it using this plugin. This plugin includes the advanced feature of online payments as well. Users can pay through wallets or credit cards and this plugin helps in doing the job very easily.

9. MonsterInsights

wordpress monster insights

The best wordpress plugins that works for Google Analytics is named Monster insights. You can get for the activities that are happening on your website. Just install the plugin and you will be able to see the stats of user’s activity on your dashboard.

This statistical tool helps you in tracking the website visitor and understands their activities to improve your performance. Additionally, you can also track the performance of ads on your site as this tool is unified with Google AdSense too.

10. Live Chat 24/7

wordpress live chat

Live Chat is another advanced plugin that works on artificial intelligence. It helps in answering the questions of site users without manually being present there. It answers the users according to the keywords that you have specified. You just have to set questions that users can ask and write answers for them. The plugin automatically answers the user’s queries according to the questions you have set. And if any user asks something that is not included with the keywords then it does not give a random answer rather it sends the question to a live agent.

11. MobileMonkey WP-Chatbot

Mobile Monkey WordPress Chatbots

Mobile Monkey is another progressive plugin that allows Marketers to create, manage and promote their brands with AI Chatbots. It has emerged as one of the most exciting and user-friendly marketing technologies today.

Moreover, it offers a free plan which enables you to experience a better world of AI Chatbots. It lends you a kick start with a simple message for any visitor contacting you through Instant Messaging.

Mobile Monkey initiated this platform to make it more convenient for marketers to generate leads and maximize their conversions as Artificial Intelligence is the future of marketing.

12. RafflePress

rafflepress giveaway plugin

Raffle Press is free of cost and one of the best WordPress plugins which are highly useful to the websites organising giveaways and contests. You just have to provide some information and it is working accordingly. It is a secure place for you to organise a giveaway.

It let you connect with all the social media accounts for viral sharing. Moreover, you can track the growth and response of your contests. the real-time tracking system is just amazing

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    You can also add Portfolio Designer Lite WordPress Plugin. It helps to create a unique and responsive gallery for your website with amazing layouts and different hover effects.

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