How to count lines of eBook and online documents?

How to Count Lines of eBook and Online Documents?

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While writing on an online platform it is important for you to write in a precise way. People do not have time to read your long articles or blogs. Therefore, if you are working on an online document or on an eBook it is very important to restrict yourself to a limited text.

How to count lines of eBook and online documents?

In Microsoft word, we have the option of the line counter to count the lines, text, signs and other such details in a statistically way. But now the question is how we can count the lines while working on an online platform.

To the command of the word count (WC) is available in the UNIX/ Linux operating system. It counts the lines, words, characters, and bytes. It also tells you about the length of the longest line included in your article. It helps you a lot while completing your online tasks.

Why counting the lines is important?

While writing anything online whether you are writing a blog, article, an eBook, essay, review or something else it is very important to write quality content in a precise way and it must be full of information. You also need to write short sentences. Studies showed that readers are not interested in reading long articles.

They searched for a short article with quality of content and which covers all the important information about that specific topic. Another disadvantage of the long writings is that people get boarded easily and leave the reading in the middle of the article. Thus, an effective way to grp the attention of the people is to write a short article and focus more on the quality rather than the quantity. In this regard counting, the lines or word using free edu tools help you in understanding and analyzing that you are working in the right direction.

Benefits of counting the lines:

The line counter helps you a lot especially if you are working on an online assignment and you have to follow the instruction, for example, the number of lines, length of the lines, keywords, and the characters limit. By the counter, your task becomes very easy as you do not need to count all the things again and again and it also eliminates the chances of human error.

Through the operating system of UNIX/ Linux, you can freely count the lines and check the status of other things without taking the tension of the errors or mistakes. As if you are assigned to write an article of 1000 words than if you will write an article of 900 words or 1100 words it will not leave a good impression on the boss. Thus, through counting the lines you can write an article perfectly according to the instructions.

It is also very important to keep in mind that the length of your article and the images you are using in it will increase its size. Therefore, it is very important to check the number of bytes too of your document. By using the software of counting lines you can also check the number of bytes and can adjust your article according to your required number of bytes.

Apps or software to count the lines:

There are various apps and software available online to count the lines of an online document or an eBook to assist the bloggers, researchers, writers, and journalists, in completing your task in the best way. These are user-friendly. It not only helps you to write precise quality content but also guide you to make your article more attractive and give suggestions to resize your article according to the requirement. Few of these apps and software are available free of cost while the others are available on the cheap prices so that you can get them easily.

The use of these word counters is very easy. First of all, you need to select software or app to count the lines and then download that app in your system. Whenever you want to count the lines of an article you need to copy the text and paste it in the given column. Once you paste the article in it, in the other column it will give you all the statistic numbers of your article including the number of lines, words, characters, and bytes.

There is some advanced software that is also available that helps you more to make your article more impressive by highlighting long or ambiguous sentences. It provides you an opportunity to make your article better and up to the mark by précising the lines or by changing the lines according to the need. For an eBook, it plays a significant role as it is very important for you to make your eBook content-wise best. People have lots of options and to select your eBook among those they want something unique and quality material. Through line counter app you can easily make your content perfect.

What happens if you did not count lines in the eBook or online documents?

For writing content for an eBook or writing an article for the online document, it is important to write content with strong arguments and to prove your point of view you need to add facts and figures. If you will not use the line counter to count your lines you can be put yourself in the trouble.

It is the possibility that you make any mistake or ignore an important writing mistake. While counting verbally without using any app the chances of human error or mistake are high. You can take advantage of these apps to make your content best and catchy so that more and more people read your article or an eBook.

Bottom Line:

The apps of counting the lines make the work of the writers very easy. Now they can improve their content quality and quantity according to the needs and requirements of the readers. They can also resize their content according to the required bytes.

A few years back, this line counter option was available only for the word documents but now with the development of different software and apps now it is possible to count the lines and text of the online documents and eBooks.

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