Domain Name Extension

How To Choose Domain Name Extension Like A Pro?


Are you planning for creating your own website?

Well, Good idea to go ahead. But before going into the depth of programming, designing, testing, and implementation topics. The first thing that should click in your mind is – thinking of a unique name for your website that is referred to as Domain Name. How To Choose Domain Name Extension and a domain name is a very important task. It is one of the factors for the success of any website. Catch out some valuable information on this very important topic.

Domain Name Extension

What Is Domain Name?

A domain name can someone be related to giving a unique name to your website. Be it your personal content website for a business website. A domain name is likely to express the ideas and which of the content of your website.

domain name

What Is The Importance Of Domain Name In Website Building?

Domain name is very important aspect while beginning a website development process. It is the key element of your work. Domain name is important because of following factors

Domain Name Extension Important

 1→ It is a reflection of the ideas of your website

 2→ Domain name is your first impression towards your users

 3→ It is the definition of your brand so should be relevant and brief

 4→ It is your unique identity on the web

 5→ Medium of promotion of your brand in the market

Parts Of A Domain Name

Parts Of Domain Name
How Domain Name System Works

Tips To Choose Domain Name Perfectly

Choosing a domain name demands for good time and research. All the necessary things that are needed to be kept in mind while choosing for the domain name are-

How to choose domain name?

1. Go For A Short Domain Name

Less is more in this situation. The shorter the domain name will be the higher the chances of getting audience through it. Try to choose a short domain name that is easy to type while searching for a website.

2. Give Time On Research Of Domain Name

Don’t choose your domain name in hurry. Give it sometime and research while choosing for a perfect domain name. It is a very complex task. Once you have chosen your domain name then it’s a lifelong aspect. Many factors are needed to be considered before making a final decision. These are budget for buying domain name- easy to spell and relevant domain name for your website. So after getting sure about all the seasons choose write the meaning for your website.

3. Choose Domain Name Relevant To Your Brand

Domain name is the reflection of your brand choose a relevant domain name that reflects the idea of your business. Audience, at first click or first impression can judge. For an instance, if you are having a business of cake bakery specialized in wedding cakes. Then, you can choose domain name like

Relevant Domain Name

4. Unique Domain Name-Higher Preference

Choose a unique domain name that will let your website to how unique identity on the web. The image of your website will immediately get clicked into the users ahead whenever there its aim ordered from someone. So you need the meaning should be given higher preference than choosing a common one.

Unique Domain Name

5. Include Niche Keyword To Make It Quickly Searchable

Try to include relatable keyword in your website domain name. It will help it to be searched quickly by the users. For example if you are having a business of cosmetics then you can give domain name like You can also include city name in it to grab more targeted audience of your geographic area for example

Keyword In Domain Name

6. Avoid Using Special Characters And Number In Your Domain Name

Buy this to say that don’t use special characters like &, $,# or more in your domain name. Also show avoid using numbers in your domain name it effects its search.

7. Easy To Spell And Pronounce

A domain name of any website should be easy to spell and pronounce that makes it easily recognizable by the audience. Choosing the shorter and easy domain name  is the ultimate approach for a perfect domain name.

Easy To Spell Domain Name

What Is Domain Name Extension

Summarizing the Domain Name Extension definition is another important factor that comes after choosing a right to main aim for your website is choosing for a perfect domain name extension that also contributes as the major part for the success of your website.

Domain Name Extension

The last part of your domain name of the part that comes after the daughter of the domain name is its extension. There are numerous extensions that are available on the web. One can opt any one of them for the website but it is not necessary that anyone will be suiter with your domain name. Choosing right domain name extension can also be a very complex task and can demand for time and research. Many new domain name extensions emotes daily but some maybe quite expensive and some maybe not well suited for your website.

Did You Knowdid you know

Same domain name with different extensions can also be purchased. For example and are two different domains can be purchased separately.

So if you don’t want anyone to purchase a same domain name like yours then you have to purchase your domain name in all the extensions.

How To Choose Domain Name Extension For Success Of Your Website?

Domain Name Extension

Well it’s matter of your choice that which you want to use for your website and which extension will suit you well. One may choose the very common yet very popular extension of .com, .net, .org or some may go for easy approach of choosing extension according to the wish of the website or the country.

Reflects The Agenda Of Your Website

The meaning extension should reflects the purpose of your website or we can say that it should reflect the agenda on the main topic of your website. Why the first impression of the website name the main idea of the website should be clear in the heads of audiences.

For example – if your website is commercials purpose website then you can use .com domain name extension or if it is the website of an educational institute then .edu domain name extension can be used and so like that.

According To Your Country

You can also choose a domain name extension according to the country in which you want to target your audience. For example if you want to target Indian audience in your website then you can use  .in extension

Domain Name Extension according to country

Understand The Type Of Domain Name Extension

Domain name extensions are broadly categorized into two types

Domain Name Extension types

Restricted Domain Name ExtensionSponsored Extensions

Restricted minimum extensions are those that are reserved for specific websites. This domain name extensions are not opening available for all to use. For an example .gov domain name extension is specifically reserved for US government bodies website and is specifically reserved for Indian government bodies.

Unrestricted Domain Name Extension

Unrestricted domain name extensions are open to everyone and anyone can use it for example some of the very popular domain name extensions, .net, .org.

List Of Top Level Domains And How To Choose Domain Name Extension That Suits Your Business

Popular Domain Name Extension


.com domain name extension refers to commercial so it is best suited for commercial website. It is one of the popular domain name extension. Extension .com is likely to used by much of the people for their website.

Domain Name Extension .com


.org domain name extension is best suited for non profit organisations. Domain name extension .org in the websites for presenting their ideas better. It also make the website most searchable.

Domain Name Extension .org


The net indeed meaning extension refers to networking so this extension is best suitable for all website that have central idea of technology and networking in the websites or it can also be used by business network websites.

Domain Name Extension .net


.info is a perfect domain name extension for websites that are providing information on some kind of topic as info refers to information in this extension. If you just delivering a idea and not selling anything then this to domain name extension is perfect for you.

Domain Name Extension .info


.biz is for business websites. Promoting of your business on the web with website then this domain name extension is for you. But unfortunately it is also used by many of the spam websites that makes this domain name extension less useful.

Domain Name Extension .biz


All institutional school and college websites can use this domain name extension as it is referred as education extension. There is high possibility of search if you use this extension in your address.

Domain Name Extension .edu


Person having his or her on blog on material on content can use. Me extension website. It is best suited for personal websites rather than the commercial intent.

Domain Name Extension .me

How To Buy And Check The Domain Name Availability?

For buying and managing the domain names as registered Domain Names for all the website all around the world. Number of Domain Name Registrars is available. They ensure

1 The availability of the domain name

2 The price in which that domain name is available

3 Extension in which the domain name can be purchased

4 The quality of the domain name

5 Registration period of the domain name

6 Expiry of the domain name

You can pick any perfect domain name for your website after the study of all the aspects and meeting all the favorable conditions for you.

Domain Name Registrars

There are number of Domain name registrars available online fro where you can purchase your domain. Some of the Top Domain Name Registrars are-





Most Economical Domain Name Sites

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