RevenueFlex Features: Smart Monetization Product


RevenueFlex is a smart monetization product, a UK based advertising company. RevenueFlex offers a dynamic, flexible and AI-based approach for ad placement and management. With a team with more than 6 years of experience in the field, RevenueFlex is designed specifically for most publishers’ needs and requirements to monetize the site without negatively affecting user experience.

What exactly does RevenueFlex do?

RevenueFlex creates automatic ads for each page without affecting or slowing down the loading time of the site. This means that each page will have the appropriate number of ads and ad formats calculated for that page specifically and the algorithm will update continuously to ensure maximum revenue without negatively impacting user experience. Moreover, the tool has a built-in header bidding solution which not only provides a competitive approach to the ads showing on the site but also ensures the best fill rate possible with geo-targeted ads from several ad demand providers.

Here is the list of features offered by RevenueFlex in more details:

Automated ad placement: RevenueFlex provides a better approach for automatic ad placement with more ad density than other tools and without any negative effects to the website.

Alternative ad formats: which includes everything from in-read ads to alternative formats such as interstitial, anchor, scroller, footer as well as more varieties of ad sizes.

Server-side processing: all heavy work is done on the server-side which means no extra burden on the site or the visitors browser and this ensures the integrity and loading speed of the website.

Clean ads: RevenueFlex doesn’t use intrusive ad types or formats and the service makes sure that all ads are free of adult or harmful content by only dealing with professional well-known demand partners.

AdSense compatible: Publishers with AdSense ads on their site won’t have to worry about the tool being against google’s rules or guidelines since its fully compatible with these ads and the algorithm will recognize these ads and adjust accordingly, moreover, the tool can be used to manage publishers own AdSense and increase their revenue noticeably for free.

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