Admitad Review

Admitad Review – A Trusted Name in the CPA Affiliate Networks Industry

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Admitad is one of the best CPA Affiliate Network marketing platforms that serve to both the advertisers and publishers. It is an exceptional affiliate network that has a global reach and exclusive tools and capacity to address the different requirements.


This software enables the advertisers to enhance their traffic and sales through the efficient promotion of the affiliate program with their record of thousands and lakhs of publishers from all over the globe. It is the platform that is famous for traffic management and engagement, rates, moderation o publishers and many more, with the certain growth and success of their affiliate programs.

For publishers, the network provides the tools and technologies that they require for the effective management and monetization of both content and traffic. Admitad, considers performance and buying levels to further distinguish them into broad categories. This implies that those who are professionals will be clubbed under one head, while the other freshmen under one head.

The network offers some amazing tools to both its publishers as well as advertisers, like avoiding fraud, cross-device tracking, tracking fingerprints, blocking ads and so on. All these help in improving and making the most revenue. The adaptability and creative approach of Admitad, ensure to fit the ever-changing affiliate market and offering efficient services to overpower every challenge in the industry.

Benefits of Admitad for Advertisers and Publishers

For Advertisers

Admitad is a user-oriented network and offers complete service at no additional cost. Admitad assigns a special manager to all its users. The manager is a professional, proficient in resolving all the challenges such as improving the campaign, expanding the publishers and manual examination. Not only this, the advertisers can avail assistance from their account managers in their native languages/multiple languages through email, chat or telephone.

admitad best global affiliate network

For Publishers

Admitad is the most transparent affiliate network where publishers can work in direct association with the advertisers. This is the main reason why people are relieved from overthinking the payout rates of any program. Moreover, they can participate in a special contest hosted by Admitad and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. They can also win bonuses for certain specific offers when they attain a landmark in sales/leads relating to that offer.

Get Started with Admitad As a  Publisher

Signing up with Admitad as a publisher is quite an easy process. All you have to do is just follow the simplest of all the steps given below:

Admitad Publisher Sign Up

  • Also fill in the form, regarding how will you promote the offers. After filling in the details, click on the “Continue Signup” button.

An email with the activation link will be sent to the email id mentioned in step 2. Now click the Activation link to verify the email address provided. Post the account activation, you can log into the Admitad using the credentials via the link:

Get Started with Admitad As an Advertiser

Just follow the steps given below and get started :

Admitad Advertiser Sign up

  • Once you complete the form, an executive from Admitad will place you a call to approve your account. After the approval of the account, you will need to sign an agreement with Admitad.
  • Again, similar to that in the publisher’s account, Admitad assigns an expert account manager. He further assists you in adding your affiliate program to the Admitad’s network.

In the Nutshell

When compared with its competitors, Admitad is setting up the benchmarks. The results generated by it for a period of 6 consecutive years are a real example of it. The creative ideas, accelerating growth, rapidly adjusting capability with present industrial trends. It also enforces new business models will help them emerge as a leader in the affiliate marketing industry. Furthermore, the way they deal with their clients is yet another reason for the effective growth of the business and to attract more clientele.

There is a wide variety of tools and contemporary technologies for both the publishers and the advertisers. These enhance its performance, growth, and revenue. Being a promoter, it aids in efficient partnership of the advertiser and the publisher. This helps both in drawing maximum benefits. If you are still wondering which affiliate network to register with, then you should definitely go for Admitad to boost your business.

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