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Tips And Tricks To Get 1000 Likes On Facebook Page Within One Day

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As we all know Facebook is one of the most popular and fastest social media platforms for promotions regarding to your business and personal pages. And most of the people prefer to promote their product or services through Facebook because they are very cheap.  So if you are wondering to get instant likes on your videos and images then there is the no better option to promote your product from Facebook Page There are two ways to get the fastest likes, one is paid and another one is free.

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Paid: If you want to get faster likes on your facebook page then you can start advertising online. For that, you have to choose the paid plan according to your budget and start running your ad with creative content. This method works amazingly in a shorter time. So make an ad account on Facebook. By using this you will get real likes and followers for a page.

Free: If your budget is low and your page is totally new, I’d suggest you a few things. First, your content must be unique, creative, killer and attractive. Your message should be clear so that people can easily understand what you are trying to say. Yeah, it takes too much time to get likes faster and for that, you have to put more effort every day.

Facebook Page Likes

After reading this blog you will definitely get at least 1000 likes on your page if you followed all the steps properly. So now I am ready to reveal a secret method to get instant likes on your page.

Tips & Tricks

So the first thing you need to do is complete your facebook page properly like its Photo, cover photo, page type, page category, page name and much more.

Note: Always use the high-quality photo for your Facebook profile photo and cover photo.

Trick 1: Make a fake Facebook profile and add maximum discounts as much as you can. Then tell your friends to post your page on their profiles.

Hack No. 2: Invite Your Friends as much as you can. The more people like your page the more your likes will be increased.

Hack No. 3: Now you have to share your page on your timeline and groups and explain the benefits of liking the page.

Trick 4: If you want facebook can promote your page then you have to spend at least 2 hours in a day to promote your posts on several different groups, pages, events, and networks.

Hack No. 5: Regular posting is most important on your page and at least you have to post 3-4 interesting posts daily. So always be updated daily with your new post.

Trick 6: Always post genuine things on your page like quotes, photos, videos and so on. Make your page more interesting by asking some questions or create a poll. You can also upload one photo and ask users to caption it, fill in the blanks and so on. This strategy will increase your post views and people can share your page on your timeline if they found something on your timeline. 

Trick 7: Create events online as well as offline. With this strategy, you can boost your page.

Tip 8: In weekly or monthly announce some giveaways or contests on your page.

Trick 9: Create your community group and link your Facebook page

How To Get More Likes On Facebook Page

Trick No. 10: Live videos or share some interesting videos on your group so that people can watch valuable content.

Trick 11: Always post a trendy or different topic on your page. People always search for something interesting and informative.

Hack No. 12: Tag People if it’s necessary and don’t forget to add hashtags on your post.

Trick 13: Comment as a page on other’s posts.

Trick 14: Post some valuable and interesting stories, experiences, video, text, image, etc.

Hack No. 15: Testimonials

Trick 16: If someone sends you a message on your Facebook page then reply instantly. Your instant replay will give a user to a good impression.

Trick No. 17: At least post one video on your page daily and share it in relevant groups.

Trick 18: Write and Like your page and don’t forget to tag your page in every post.

Last But Not The Least: It’s very necessary to show your page as a brand so use some colors, design, and logo so that it will look professional.

How To Get More Likes On Facebook Page

Few More Hacks That Works Wonder For Facebook Page Likes

  • Find out the best time to post your topic on your page.
  • Pin your important posts. Give more exposure to important posts.
  • Survey for the best time to post, when most of the people are active.

Tip: Repost your popular content again and again

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