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How To Start Affiliate Marketing With AdsPaying Media-Most Profitable Platform?

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple words, Affiliate Marketing is the to promote the third-party goods and services i.e., promoting the product of some other company and earning commission on every sale through unique affiliate link.

For example- You are an affiliate marketer of a company and generate sales on the behalf of the company. In form of reward, you get commission for every sale given by you on the sale of a product or service of that company.

But now the question arises- How the company will come to know that sale is finalized by you?

Well, a unique link is provided to every affiliate that is used for the promotion of products and services of that company. It helps to keep track of sale committed by each affiliate to that company.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Is affiliate marketing similar to being a sales person of a company?

Yes, you can link up the concept of salesperson of a company with affiliate marketing but the only difference that when you are a salesperson of one company you are eligible to promote the goods and services of that particular company of which you are assigned ads salesperson but if you are in the field of affiliate marketing you can promote the products and services of as many companies as you want and can generate multiple sources of income from that.

 What Is The Role Of Affiliate Network In Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Network is the platform that works as an intermediate between two parties i.e. Advertisers and Publishers.

Advertisers are the companies, businesses, entrepreneurs and startups that look of for these networks in order to increase their sales by offering them the company’s good and services.

Publishers are the influencers, bloggers, vloggers, website handlers and so on those generate sale by promoting the good and services of other companies and earn commissions on that.

So, Affiliate Network is a marketplace of affiliate programs. Publishers sign up with a affiliate network and choose a program that they want to promote, so is the benefit to advertisers that increase their sales with affiliate network.

Why there is need to join Affiliate Network for Earning Big Bucks?

You stand alone can start your career in Affiliate Marketing but it raises the level of difficulty very much. You need not face while joining hands with an affiliate network.

Here, we have listed few benefits of starting affiliate marketing with a network

▶️Connects an Affiliate with Millions of Brands

➡️Platform handle your payments on your behalf

▶️Choose products and services that are relevant to your niche

➡️Analytics and reporting tools to track your performance

▶️Additional tools are provided by affiliate network for generating more sales

Why We Said AdsPaying Media Is The BEST?

A platform with over 10+ years of experience in this field and constantly growing day by day. AdsPaying Media has a vast network of advertisers with millions of products and services. On the other hand, millions of publisher partners have joined hands with AdsPaying Media for the promotion of products. This is what gives more sales by reaching to more potential customers.

AdsPaying Media

Features of AdsPaying Media

➡️Offers products and services in multiple niches so you get a large number of options for promotion.

▶️Commission structure of AdsPaying is the BEST and highest of however networks I have chosen so far.

➡️No training and Set-Up fees are required to sign up with AdsPaying Media.

▶️Its cookie duration period lies from 100-120 Days. It means the program tracks and gives you credit even if the customers make a purchase long after adding it into the cart. The company pays you credit.

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software!!

What are the types of Affiliate Program that AdsPaying Media Offers?

1.   High Paying- Low Volume Affiliate Program

Affiliate programmers with high commission payouts on every sale but less pool of potential buyers come under this category. If you are a beginner, then probably it might be challenging for you to make money on such high-paying programs as compared to experienced affiliate marketers.

2.   Low Paying- High Volume Affiliate Program

These affiliate programs have a massive number of potential buyers but very low rates of commission on each sale. The positive point of this kind of program is that you get a commission on the total value of sales made through you instead of the product recommended by you. To make these affiliate programs work for you, you need to make a lot of sales and this is only possible when you have a lot of traffic.

3.   High Paying- High Volume Affiliate Program

Affiliate Programs have mass volume products or service appeal and also pay high commission on sales like in the case of credit cards.

Everyone needs one!!

But to work in these kinds of affiliate program requires expertise in this field. Some affiliates also use spammy techniques in order to grab sales and commissions on it.  So it is preferrable for experienced affiliate marketers.

Final Verdict

AdsPaying media affiliate network offers platform to beginners as well as expert affiliates with high commissions. It offers you better prospects of making your career in Affiliate marketing Field. Sign up today as a Publisher or Advertiser and give a kick start to either increased sales or earning high commissions with AdsPaying media.

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