New Facebook updates on Ad Library

Facebook Ad Library gets more vivid: Latest Update on Facebook Ads

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It’s been quite a while, Facebook has been engaged in making advertising more transparent. This is because they want to lend some more Facebook Ads’ insight to people. Consequently, they came up with an improvised version of Facebook Ad Library that is known for its massive collection of ads on one platform. The newer version has some major transformation, such as transparency of information. This means that the ad related information will now be available on Pages, people can have access to Facebook’s API, helping them in analyzing political or issue ads.

New Facebook updates on Ad Library

The Ad Library is considered to be all consistent with the ads, active on the Facebook page. The new biggest update is that the ad related information will now be available in Ad Library. This information was earlier restricted only to the Info Page and Ad section.

The Facebook Ad Library will now permit you to access all the information such as who saw the ad, how much money is invested by the buyer to run it and also the number of impressions received on it. Besides that, the ads will be stored in the library until 7 years after they run.

Additional Features of the New Ad Library

As discussed above, previously ad library enjoyed the below-mentioned features that were accessible to the public:

  • Who saw the ad?
  • Money spent on the ad.
  • Impressions on the ad
  • Housing ad for a maximum of 7 years

But now with the introduction of the New Ad Library, there are some new features added to it that expand the transparency of the ads. These updated features are as follows:

1. Irrespective of the pages, all the active ads running on them will be gathered at one place. Earlier the information of these ads was visible on the Page itself, in its Info and Ads section.

Ad Library Page Information

2. Displaying more ad-related information in the Ad Library, that includes:

  • Date of the Page Creation
  • Previous Page Mergers
  • Changes in the name
  • Country of origin i.e. the place from where the respective Page is being managed provided it should have a large number of the audience or runs ads related to issues or politics in specific countries.
  • Advertiser spends time on their information, which was first accounted only in AD Library Report. But with the updates, this has been extended to New Ad Library now.

Ad Library Page Search


Ad Iibrary recent page searches

3. People can now search the Ad Library by Page instead of just using the keywords.

Facebook Ad Library Page Search

4. One can also report the ads from within the Ad Library itself.

Facebook is also working on the Ad Library Report for its enhancement. Somewhere in mid-May, as asserted by Facebook, they will be working on the Ad Library Report Update, where ads related to issues or politics will be updated on a daily basis rather than weekly. Moreover, all weekly, monthly and quarterly reports will be available that could be downloaded by anyone.

Additional Features to Find Page Information

Apart from using the Ad Library, one can access the Pages’ Information with other easy ways too. With the update comes a ‘Page Transparency’ option under the ‘Home’ tab on the Page. This section similar to the Ad Library displays the Page information. This section includes many information like Page mergers, name changes, Page creation date, etc. Earlier people had to visit the section “Info and Ads” to discover this information.

Ad Library Page Transparency

Making API accessible

Previously API was in beta. But now Facebook has made the Ad Library API accessible to others, so as to help them analyze ads. To gain access, one has to follow the steps:

  • Go through Facebook Identity Confirmation Process
  • Create a Facebook Developer Account
  • Agree to their platform terms of service
  • Identity Confirmation may take up to 2 weeks since they ensure that the person is the same, who they claim they are.

Announcements of new rules for political Ads in Europe and the US.

Anticipate the future

Facebook is strongly dedicated to creating a new standard of transparency and authenticity for its Ad Library. As asserted by Facebook, by the end of June, they will be unfurling the transparency tools for political or issue ads, globally.

Bottom Line

Having said that, the expansion of the Facebook Ad Library Transparency has enabled one to access it, irrespective of his business or industry.

If you are looking for your competitors’ Facebook ad strategy, then you are fortunate enough to resort to Facebook Ad Library with its newest update. It has made it a lot easier for you to see and analyze what your competitors are up to.

So, watch out for your competitor’s ads through Ad Library update and create some extravagant ads to outperform them.

Happy Spying!!!

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