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Best Tips For Choosing A Right Domain Name For Your Business

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A domain name is the website name. It is the address where general users can approach a website. It finds and identifies machines on the internet. We all are aware of IP addresses of our computer machines which are the series of digits. Our brain finds it difficult to remember the series of numbers of the machine’s network address. Therefore, domain names were developed and introduced to identify computer entities on the internet.


Various Domains
Domain Name Extensions


To answer the above-mentioned question we need to know that First Impression is very crucial. The reason this fact holds worth is that every user new to a web address first reads the URL of the website. If it appeals we have half the battle won, but if not it will hurt us badly. The importance of a good domain name is necessary because it is required for the branding of the business.

Importance of Domain
Importance of Domain Name

Other than above mentioned let us dive deep into the need of a good domain name.
It is the first instance to create a business impact. A good domain name makes a lasting impact on the user. A bad one can simply result in a loss of traffic. We all know that exactly matching domain names are no longer in trend. If we use keywords in our domain name, it will definitely assist us to get higher SEO rankings. Moreover, a suitable and right domain name can enhance brand value and recognition.


If we adopt the right approach, we are half done. Choosing the right domain name for a business can have an instrumental role in improving search rankings. To stand out of the crowd is difficult and only an out of the box domain name comes to our rescue.
Let us discuss how we can select the right domain name for our business.

Domain Extension

Not General Only Brandable

A domain name that stands out of the crowd fetches attention and user traffic. Its uniqueness is what attracts users the most and they are encouraged to open the link. To find the right domain name we can use catchy names of our own creation. Moreover, we can search for right and interesting words through search engines to fit in our requirements.

Concise Size Works Better

A domain name should be short but sufficient enough as the shorter it is the better it would be. According to research conducted by, the most common domain names are 12 characters long.

Ease Of Writing And Spelling

The most favorite websites like Google, Yahoo, Instagram have one thing in common. Their names can be easily written, spelled and remembered. We would never want a mistype so as to make a user land on our rival’s page.

Keyword Usage

It is one of the important aspects while designing a domain name. Keywords are necessary to improve the SEO feature. By putting them at the beginning of domain we can reap maximum advantage as they are most powerful there.


When it comes to choosing the right extension, .com extension wins undoubtedly. DomainNameStat conducted research and the findings clearly showed extensive usage of .com domain that was approximately 43%. This extension can be easily remembered and is the most familiar one. Other extensions such as .net and .org can also be used to make the website work better.
We shall have a look at the following factors in order to choose the right domain extension.

Purpose Of The Website

The intent behind website creation plays an important role to choose an extension. For example, if someone is writing a blog for itself then .me domain suits the most as there is no commercial intent behind it. If we are writing for an organization then we must use .org. If we are running an online business then .com or .biz extension should be considered. There are more than 400 extensions available online to choose from.

Do Not Ignore Local TLDs

TLDs are Top Level Domains that should never be neglected while choosing an extension for our domain name. With the growing popularity of Local SEO, it becomes extremely important to know about the region or country where the business is located. This is the target region of the business and extension should be selected accordingly. There are more than 200 local top-level domains available. For example .in for India, .ca for Canada, .us for United States to name some.

Importance Of SEO

Domain name importance for SEO

Every business wants to rank its page in the top ten of the SERP( Search Engine Result Pages). No doubt the .com domain is most famous and will help to rank the webpages higher in the search rankings.


Other than above mentioned there are many online tools available to generate domain names such as Wordoid, DomainHole, and Lean Domain Search. These tools can be used by typing in the desired keyword and the search results display all the available domain names that can be used.

Lean Domain Search

For Example, I typed in the word user in the search bar of Lean Domain Search.

Lean Domain Search
User Example

I got more than 3000 domains available in a flash. Few of the options that I got are-

Hugedomains is another such option to get desired domain names and extensions. It has various options according to which we can solve our purpose. For example, we can type in the keyword and specify the extension from the given options. After it the results can be filtered according to length and price. When we type in our desired domain name the results include options arranged according to price and popularity. The following screenshot gives us a clear picture. For example, if I type in a keyword using the search results displayed are more than 1300 domains with the price listed and base domain. Filter options appear on the left side of the screenshot.
Huge Domain



Namechk is another player in this category. It gives us numerous options of desired domain names so as to secure place across the internet. We can also claim domain names through this website. One can also register their usernames through it.

For example, I typed in the word user in the search bar. I get the available domain names that are highlighted and those that are not are unavailable to use.

NameChk Image

One must be very careful while selecting or buying domain names for their business. It created an impact that cannot be erased. The above-mentioned tips must be considered while drafting a domain name. One must not compromise with uniqueness. Being uncommon is ok, but choosing a domain name that does not fits in desired criteria but just appears good should be avoided. Moreover, the extension also plays an important role in creating influence apart from the domain name selection.


Registering a domain name is not an uphill task now. It simply takes a few steps and we get our desired domain subject to availability. Along with the availability we also need to focus on our budget. The prices are displayed along with, with most popular domain name extension. Let us take the example of one of the most popular in the category Go Daddy.
Type (Example) in the search bar of Go Daddy. The search results display prices along with availability.

User Example on GoDaddy

As we can see that .com domain is unavailable or already taken but other domains with prices are displayed on the right side of the page.

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