How To Choose Blog Niche

How To Choose A Blog Niche With Surpass Excellence?


Want to start your career in blogging???

But don’t know how to start and how to choose a blog niche.

Number of thoughts ideas and blog niche may be heading in your mind and you are confused between them. This will make you find your direction in blogging. For resolving this dilemma of choosing how to choose blog niche here are some valuable tips.

how to choose blog niche

Well, if the answer is yes then don’t worry. It always seems difficult for a budding blogger to decide a topic on which he or she should write for excelling the career of blogging.

Here I am going to share some tips to choose log niche and best blog niches of 2020 in India. I hope that you will get answers to all your queries related to how to choose a blog niche with perfection?

how to choose profitable blog niche

What Is A Blog Niche?

Let’s give quick start to the topic that what the term blog niche means.

In extremely simple words blog refers to the topic of your blog on which you are writing.

Guide to choose perfect blog niche

Blog niche can be very important for the success of your blogging career. It is a reflection of your ideas and interaction of the people with their writing. If it’s not selected with proper research then and it may be a reason of your failure in place of success.

Valuable Tips For Deciding Niche For Your New Blog-

Every blogging website is centric towards a particular niche on which the light to write. It reflects the high quality and accurate content that mainly attracts the targeted audience thorough that website. Most valuable tips for helping you to decide blogging niche with excellence-

Interest Of Readers In Your Niche

Firstly you must be aware about the popularity of the topic and interest of the readers towards the blogging topic. If there is handful of people who love to write on that particular then it’s me not crab that much of traffic that you wanted to acquire. So blog niche should be chosen on the basis of interest of the readers and your expertise in writing on that topic.

Readers Interest In Blog Niche

Monthly Searches On The Topic

This is a very important factor of a good nature that is monthly searches on that topic. Your blog can only be successful if it is having good amount of monthly searches. Getting 20 or 50 views on your blog is not enough to get success in blogging stock so a blogging niche demands good time and research for deciding that one that coordinates with your interest of writing and monthly searches on the topic by the users.

Monthly Searches On Blog Niche

Future Potential Of The Topic

Blogging is not one time concept. Once blog niche is decided it has to be taken for a long time for its success. That’s why while deciding niche also think for the future of the topic. It means that choose that one that has chances of success in future rather than decline.

Future Of The Blog Niche

Think About Your Interest And Knowledge

Your interest and expertise on the particular blog really matters. One should always choose that topic for blogging in which he or she is excellent in writing and is ready to deliver accurate and adequate information to the audience. Choose one appealing topic on which you are passionate to write about and you can bind your audience with interest towards your blog.

Benefit Of Choosing Your Interest As A Blog Topic

Dedicated audience gets attracted

Helps you to rank high in Google SERP

Binding revisiting audience becomes easy

Your expertise gets a platform

Profitable Blog Niche

Only having a passion of writing is not enough until you can’t earn anything from it. So eventually one starts its own blogging website with the motto of of earning a good amount for profit from the blog niche.

Money Making Blogging With Profitable Blog Niche

How One Can Do That?

Answer of this I would say that there are multiple ways of earning money through blogging. Major ways from which you can monetize your blog are

1.) Blogging for the sale of your own products is also possible. So it is also a major way of monitoring your blog by choosing a profitable blog niche.

making money through product sales

2.) Affiliate marketing it refers to earn money by the promotion of products of third party and getting commission on every sale through your website.

3.) Blog niche can also be profitable if your website is offering any kind of training, services, courses, consultation to your blog readers.

Blogging For Offering Training To Readers

4.) Earning money through sponsored content– Buy sponsored content we mean to show advertisement related to other products or other website in your blog website. It can let one to earn good amount of earning through blogging.

making money in blogging through sponsered content

Keeping in mind the factor through which you will earn money while blogging decide for that profitable blog niche that works well.

Concise And Clear Blog Niche Works Well

Based from the list of all your topics of interest only choose that block me data clear and concise. As small and straight forward niches works well with much of the audience who are searching the query. Only choose the best starter in which you can write quality content and provide enough information to the audience.

Japanese ikigai Principle

Japanese ikigai principle can help you find a on the basis of following factors-

relate Japnese Ikagai principle with blogging

Best Blog Niche Ideas 2020

Most Profitable Blog Niche Ideas 2020

Healthcare And Medicinal Facilities

Outbreak of corona virus has really made people water about the ways and step to stay healthy and fit. Strong immunity plays a major role in keeping you fit so checking healthcare and medicinal related topic can be profitable. Also it may help a lot of people out there who are suffering from this. Your knowledge can be lifesaver for others.

Health and Medicinal Facilities Blogs

Suggestion- Only choose topic if you are interested and have accurate knowledge on this blog niche.

Finance And Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency are in great trend nowadays for earning money. If you are dealing with cryptocurrency business or you have excellent knowledge of how how to to use cryptocurrencies and how to on well through this then only choose this topic for blogging.

Cryptocurrency Related Blogging

Online Marketing Or Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to the promotion and marketing of the products through web. As nowadays every top company is is opting the approach of Digital Marketing so it can be a good and profitable blog niche for your website. If you are interested in writing technical blogs related to digital marketing then it is a best topic for blogging for you guys. Make sure to provide collect information to the readers of your blog for attracting huge traffic over your website.

Blogging on Digital Marketing

How To Earn Money Online?

Introducing number of ways of earning money online through your blogging you can capture large number of audience. It is the best blog niche of the year 2020 because everybody wants to get rich through various online ways. Some of them are by playing online games, online contest through social media, coupons and offers on various stores etc.

How To earn money online blogs

Food Niche

Food niche is another very popular and a little common niche of the year 2020. It grabs a large number of population your blogging you can start a text blog related to food recipes, video blogging by YouTube whichever suits you well. It will build loyal and revisiting set of audience if your blogging becomes a success.

foods blogs best blog niche 2020

Some Tools That Can Help You To Find Less Competition Blog Niche

Choosing a less competition blog niche can help one to rank well in Google SERP. As couple of people who has written on this topic which can help your website to rank higher, more recognizable to the audience. No competition blog niche.

Blog Niche Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner




One can use this all tools for making an idea of keywords related to your niche. These tools will help you know about the monthly or yearly searches on your blog niche, competition over the keyboard, your competitor site ranking for that particular keyword and so many interesting things like this. Give proper time in research and scripting your content as these are the building blocks of your success story.

Time For Some Inspiration

Before going into this field and for making correct decision it is important to know about writing style, the success stories, methods and ways of blogging, some helpful tips from the professional. Read about the Top 10 Bloggers Of India who are a real inspiration for all of us in the field of blogging. One can learn so many things from these top bloggers and with study of the website one can structure a plan of how to start.

Top 10 Bloggers In India

Over To You

Hopefully this topic has helped you guys to resolve the dilemma of choosing a perfect blog niche for your website. Keeping in mind all the tips and factors for choosing perfect log niche you can go forward in your content writing career.

Now The Final Task Is Over To You!!! Happy Blogging!!!

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