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How To Find Best Dropshipping Products easily


One of the most common and hardest challenges faced by anyone commencing an e-commerce Dropshipping store is to find the best item to Dropship. However there are numerous ways in which one can find the best Dropshipping products in his online store, but in this article we have discussed the 2 main, tried and tested techniques for the same.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How To Find Best DropshippingProducts

How to find the best Dropshipping products?

Table of Contents

1.      Features of the Best item to Dropship
2.     Simple and Best Ways to Find the Dropshipping product 
3.     Next step after you have found the product to be Dropshipped

1. Features of the Best item to Dropship

Any successful product for drop shipping possesses various qualities. If looked upon closely, these products have common qualities when considered with respect to the following 2 categories:

a. Latest trends and interests

Dropshipping does not address only unique products. This is because the specific product chosen by you is also sold by a number of other online sellers. However, the fact is that your life can be much easier when identifying trends and interests.

For instance, if you discover a highly competitive product that is sold by a number of sellers, it implies one thing that the product was or is in great demand. But before you hop on you should clearly recognize your window to use this demand which will be discussed later in this article.

If the trend or interests are declining then you have probably missed the chance to hit. And in case you hit it during the downfall you might end up into failure.

Therefore when you opt for a trend always take its timeline into account. You can access the Google trends too in order to affirm the shape and timeline of a trend.

Best item to Dropship

b. Appropriateness for Dropshipping

It is not too hard to find a trending product. This is because trends are visible and even tangible to a certain extent. But the fact is every not every trending product is appropriate for a Dropshipping business.

Before you select any product for Dropshipping, you should consider the following key elements:

  • Scope for adding value

As you are opting for a product that is highly competitive, it becomes crucial to bypass your competitors. Therefore, a value-adding strategy should be adopted to surpass your competitors in the most effective way.

  • Price and Brands

Below INR 14000/- is considered to be the best price range to do Dropshipping. Moreover, you cannot select established brands for Dropshipping; even if they are trending up. Although in technical fields you can, not in the domain in which a regular Dropshippers operates.

  • Opportunity to cross-sell

However, the trending product can be used to lure the customers towards buying its spare and complementary products. Above all, if you master the art of cross-selling, you can maximize your profit in no time.

  • Size of the products

Since smaller products are easy to handle while shipping, so they do well in the process of Dropshipping.

So now when we are aware of the qualities possessed by a winning Dropshipping product, we should quickly get to our main topic and explore the simplest of all the ways to find the best Dropshipping products.                                         

2.  Simple and Best Ways to Find the best Dropshipping products

Generally, people carry a notion that Dropshipping is so saturated as there are a number of sellers already flocking it. But, you should always look at the sunny side of it. Consequently, these two ways listed below are the best ways to find the best item for Dropship.

The Concept :

Assume Dropshipping as a massive pool where the sellers are the bees. And we all know that when bee leaves, everyone else follows her. So, it is the same concept followed in Dropshipping as well. When there comes a trend, many people will hop on and start selling the same trending product. Although there is nothing wrong about following the trend and you can probably seize the opportunity and generate some good leads from the trend. It is relatively easier to follow the numerous sellers to recognize ongoing trends.

These two methods will definitely help in discovering the best winning product for Dropshipping based on the aforementioned concept.

Method #1 – Look for what your competitors are selling like hotcakes

Although a number of people might already be practicing this, the ways can be different. But here we are talking about the best and easiest of all the methods to do this.

So, let’s get rolling.

Have a look at Amazon for its bestsellers

When it comes to E-commerce, how can we not think of Amazon? It has one of the biggest market shares in the industry. This is because they shelter a wide variety of products that are a major attraction for the customers and even a bestseller page where the products are updated every hour.

This is the page that you can surf for the best winning products for your store. Here you will also witness different brands selling different products like crazy.

Case Study

Just observe this illustration for a backpack product. Since you have a wide range of departments to choose from, you can surf any category according to your interest.

Best dropshipping product

And here, the very first product listed catches my sight. This is a backpack is from a brand named ‘F Gear’. Now the point is if a simple backpack’s brand can manage to level up in Amazon, you can clearly make out that people these days are really interested in buying these brown leather type backpacks. There can be any reason behind this, either some celebrity might have shown up carrying this bag or maybe it’s trending for its quality.

mature bag trolls

Progressing further, when checked upon its review there were 4,051 customer reviews on it. There you are, you just hit the bull’s eye with customer insights.

Customer reviews on the bestsellers give you a great insight into planning your inbound marketing strategy.

Once you have checked the price for the product, the next step is to look for its trending.

But when looked for the trend, the reason is its hype on social media through trolls and memes. As you can see below this bag is trending all over social media and news channels.

Mature Bag

Now, what if you hit the ground running? Since this product is currently trending you can sell it like a winning product. In case you save it for later, you might have to invest in its inbound marketing strategies or there can also be a probability that you might not reach as many customers as you can right now.

What did you learn from this example?

If you further probe into other product listings, you will discover that this fact is for real. When a product strikes the top position, it ascent might already have come to an end. But you can always use this information to analyze what lies ahead in the next year and also to get prepped up for future trends.

Method #2 – Surf the ads that have the highest engagements

Also known as a social experiment, this method too works wonders for finding the best Dropshipping products. You might have come across several ads with huge engagements whenever you visit your social media page.

Certain products on social media are exhibited so proficiently that they are sure to get high engagements. Subsequently, people react, comment and share these advertisements.Dropshipping Product Social Media

So, whenever you are seeking for the best Dropshipping products via your competitors’ ads, you should generally target those with the high volume of positive comments, tags, and shares.

Once you opt for such a product, you can repeat the process as mentioned above to check the trends of the product.

However there is an added advantage to using competitors’ ads, i.e. you can already examine their formats for advertisements that draw engagement. You can also construct your own online campaign on their template. Do not worry! It is not duplicity but evolution.

Voila!!! You have just found the best products for Dropshipping.

What Next??

3. Next Step After You Have Found the product to be Dropshipping

Now, explore the Dropshipping suppliers for the products chosen. Although finding a supplier is not a taxing job, but to find the best one might be.

How to find best suppliers for dropshipping

But as wise thought, you should always strive for wholesale suppliers when you think you are growing. This can help you maximize your profit margins to establish a successful corporate.

There you are!!

So, get rolling with your search.

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