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Since this contemporary world is also known as the digital world, we all witness ourselves waking up to the internet on our mobile phones and even go off to sleep while using the same. And as a matter of fact, today the large section of the world economy depends upon the online business.  All the governmental, private, public, co-operative, national and international companies operate online. Therefore, to exist in this competitive world you should get hold of the strategies or technical knowledge of the best SEO tools available online.

As per the fact the many companies these days are selling products and services online and generate revenue for the successful operation of their business. But the challenge is how to beat the competitors to rank first in the SERPs and get more traffic to further get the conversions. The solution to this challenge is search engine optimization tools. You must be aware of all the SEO tools parameters which will help you rank your website on the top.

But the point is how to master this area of SEO tools. Do not worry; we are here to help you with the top ten best SEO tools that will help you beat the competition. Whether you are techno-savvy or not these SEO tools will certainly aid you in identifying keywords and relevant terms to be used in your content, to increase traffic, web monitoring, competitive analysis, site internal linking, per page optimization, Backlink audits and lot more.

1.Ahrefs SEO tool:

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools which make it easier to reach your SEO goals. According to the SEO experts extracting link opportunities from the competitors is one of the best functions performed by this tool. You can easily audit your existing link profile. Moreover, you can validate your keywords, track your rank, and find organic keywords, viral content research and lot more. It has the largest data of backlinks. So track your competitor’s domain and explore a lot more to beat them in competition. Here you can learn a lot about the Ahrefs SEO tool.     ahrefs

2.Moz SEO software

Moz SEO software allows you to perform a bunch of different functions. It displays the complete results of the websites and a lot of optional instructions to optimize it. Mozbar is a free SEO tool which enables you to see the store metrics while browsing and its snippet schema markup helps you to stand out in SERP. You can also crawl your website on the internet to find your site and add it to their indexes. According to the reviews, Moz on site-optimization is on great demand since it enhances your content opportunities to maximize its visibility. Furthermore, it helps in the improvement of SEO of every single page. The tool can also intimidate you about the pages and search terms the competitors are surfing which again will keep you excel in this competition.


3.Google search console:

It is the free service offered by Google that allows you to maintain, monitor and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google SERP. Google search console is an important tool that tells you how Google views your website and also helps you optimize your website. It is a free service provided by Google. Log in to the Google search control and you can explore some more interesting features offered by it.

google search console

4.SEMRush  SEO tools:

Domain v/s domain analysis is one of the important features of SEMRush which allows you to compare your website with that of your competitors. You can get the analytics report of your websites to search for data and traffic. You can also find the search data and traffic of your competitors. Its on-page SEO checker provides the rankings of your page and the numerous solutions to optimize it. According to the reviews of content manager its “organic traffic insights” is an important feature for them which brings together all their trending articles on a single dashboard. It also shows wordcounts, social shares, and keywords. Not only this, but it also improves website health and conveys the strength and weaknesses of our website.

semrush seo tools

5.Ubersuggest tool:

This tool is quite helpful in finding head terms and long-tail keyphrases. This SEO tool tells us about the volume of the keyword and its competition and seasonal trends for each keyword. Once analyzed it reports you about the list of the keywords used by the competitors. Besides this, it also offers the data of related keywords that people search on Google. You can also check organic keywords and backlink data by which people are linking to you.

ubersuggest seo tools

6.KW finder tool:

You can target good readers and traffic with the help of the KW finder tool. Its main feature is to help you access the long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. Even a novice in SEO can discover the best keywords with high search volume and low difficulty with the help of this tool. Nevertheless, you can also search for keywords due to which your competitors are ranking on the top of SERPs. Furthermore, you can easily discover the seasonal keywords and trending topics.

Kw finder seo tools


7.Answer the public:

Have you ever used the auto-suggest keywords list provided by Google and Bing? This is the most underutilized niche in the SEO world.  Answer the public provides you a large database of Bing and Google keywords. These are the overview of the data which are searched by the people in the search engines. Likewise, it offers you the database of the questions that web users are surfing for with a particular keyword. Furthermore, you can also find the topics to write on different segments.

answer the public

8.SpyFu SEO

Spyfu is also among one of the best SEO tools. It works wonder as it exposes the strategy of your competitors. You can get the data of keywords of your competitors which they have ever bought on Adwords and organic ranks in the last 13 years. Their competitor keyword spy tool enables you with a deep insight into how much clicks they get on their keywords. Moreover, you can even know how much they have to pay for each keyword. ItsAdword advisor feature gives you the bidding history of the competitors on keywords and also tells you about the most useful keywords you never would have never thought of buying. There are numerous features in Spyfu which allows you to break tough competition.


9. Majestic marketing SEO

 The majestic million is a famous feature that checks your existence in the top million websites. You can analyze the URL, domain page in its site explorer feature and also check your and even your competitors’ backlinks. Furthermore, you can also compare external links, trust flow, and domain counts. All this information is important as it helps you in your website optimization.

majestic tools


Woorank gives you both paid and free options. You can easily check the keywords which are mostly focused on your competitors. Get in-depth analysis to improve your visibility and rankings by using the right keywords. Moreover, you can also download presentation slides and reports conveniently. Make them trendy with your logo and colors. You can even fix the content issues and technical SEO problems with your website by its site crawl analysis feature.

woorank seo

 Get your hands on the best SEO tools

In this competitive world, everyone is struggling to be on the top. Consequently, these updated best SEO tools and their features give them the smooth path in the way to success. So to be competitive it’s not mandatory to be an SEO genius, but stay abreast of every update in this field.

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