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If you are looking for powerful advertisement strategies, then you must follow your competitors for learning about their marketing techniques. But to some extent, you failed to know about their strategies on running a Facebook ad campaign. So what you all need is PowerAdSpy.

PowerAdSpy has made it possibly easy for you to spy on your competitor’s ad campaign and use their strategies for your marketing.

It lets you explore the actual live ad on Facebook. You can check your competitors’ ad by searching a keyword, advertiser or the name of site too. This tool helps to develop successful marketing by knowing others strategies.

Poweradspy is one of the compelling competitive intelligence tools that come with the best features and superior search opportunities. Choose best cheap vps plan to cope up with the changes in the business growth.

It continuously works to provide the latest information by updating the database on a regular basis. This tool may give you a greater boost to your business and this will result in more and more visitors to come to your site.

No matter if you have an e-commerce, Shopify or other sites, you can check for the ads related to your site by searching the keyword. Read out the whole article to find out what this tool brings for you and how could you use this. Moreover, there is extra positive use of this tool that other software does not have. So have look at the whole article to know about this extra feature of PowerAdSpy.


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PowerAdSpy tells you just the flourishing Facebook ad campaigns of your opponents. Though, different ad spy tools reveal your rivals’ Facebook advertisement data which shows whether those ads worked successfully or not.

Here’s how this platform helps in spying on the ads of other businesses.

Find Campaigns for affiliate and e-commerce marketing

PowerAdSpy is an intelligent tool that helps you in finding the ad campaigns that you are looking for. It collects ads from 15+ countries. So you can access about 6 million ads running on Facebook.

While operating the FB ad campaigns, most of the users thought to get insights and illustration of other ads related to the same niche. So it raises the need for this tool that helps in finding the ad of a particular niche.

For e-commerce and Shopify business, this tool has helped a lot. It helps in knowing the strategies of competitors and run better ads than they do. Advertisers know which ads will increase ROI for them. So they will pick up those ads and do great in their work. This leads to an increase in sales and hence business revenue.

Features & Working:

PowerAdSpy has fantabulous features that every advertiser needs while managing an ad campaign. Learn what these features are:

Filter with advanced search

PowerAdSpy has amazing custom searching feature for finding the best results. It helps in filtering the ads based on a specific niche. Here you get the option to find ads based on keywords or advertisers. Moreover, there are certain demographics which you can use to filter the search results. So you can search based on Age, country, gender, and language. You will also find filters such as Call to Action filter, Ad type, Ad position which you can use for advanced filtering of your search results.

Facebook ad spy

For instance, select from the sort by option according to the results. For example, I have selected ‘running longest’ sorting as some ads have been running so long because they produce good results. Then select your keyword such as ‘digital marketing’, then just click on search. You will find all the ads that are running longest with digital marketing keyword.

Thus, you would be able you spy each move of your competitor’s ads. If you know about only a few of your competitors, then you can also search for the business related to your business niche to get more ideas for creating converting ads campaign.

See live Ads

Do you want to keep a constant eye on your competitor’s strategies? Then PowerAdSpy is here to make your work easier. You can check the content of ads that others are publishing. So get the actual picture of digital marketing ads related to your niche.


Moreover, you can check the live running ads of your competition. For that, search the specific keyword of advertiser whose ads who want to see. At the bottom of each ad, you will see ‘show original’ button. Click on the button and you will be redirected to the page of the live ad. There, you can check for the content as well as hashtags used.

You can even check the more ads of a particular FB page. For that, copy or just read the name of the page showing on top of the ad. Then open your Facebook account.  Write the name of the page on the search page. Click on its page. On the left side, you will see the option ‘Info and Ads’. Click on it to see all the ads running on that page.

Thus you will be able to create better ads by observing the others on the same niche.

Full campaign information with PowerAdSpy


Not only for observing ads, but PowerAdSpy also helps you in getting the full information of ads campaign. You can check the likes, comments, and share of the particular ad. Along with that, you can even check the whole analytics. Just go to the ‘Show Original’ button on the bottom of each ad and click on it. There you will see the insights of the page including the basic info, redirecting URL, shares, likes, comments, social engagement of an ad, ad seen, age, gender and more.

Facebook ad campaign

Working with Shopify

Ads of Shopify stores are hard to find. But PowerAdSpy has made it easier to spy on Shopify ads. You can search with specific keywords used by Shopify sites, such as ‘shipping’. So you will be able to find all the ads containing shipping keyword. You can filter the results by specifying the country, age, and gender to narrow the search results.

shopify ad spy

As you would know, videos are doing better in 2019 than the static content. This tool helps you in finding the videos ads too. So you will be able to do better than your competitors by considering the techniques they are using.

What’s New about PowerAdSpy?

I have told you before that there is an additional feature in this tool that its competitors do not have. That is, along with Facebook, it is the first platform for Instagram and YouTube ads spying.  So research your competitor’s ad campaign of Instagram within seconds.

Earn Profit by using the intelligence of competitors and discover your own new ideas.


Instagram has become a great marketing platform and most of the advertisers target their audience through Instagram. Thus, PowerAdSpy works fruitfully for you as you will get all the details about the campaigns that are going on based over the niche your website has.

Instagram Ad Spy
Instagram Ads

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On the top right of the dashboard, you will find the buttons ‘Instagram’ and ‘YouTube’. You can switch between the ads of FB, Instagram, and YouTube by clicking on these buttons.

YouTube Ad Spying
YouTube Ads

Now you can have in-depth analytics of others Instagram and YouTube ads and check the stats related to your niche. Thus you will be able to create more effective ad campaigns by knowing the behaviour of your target audience.

Pricing of PowerAdSpy

This is an affordable tool with huge advanced and useful features. Look at the paid plans it provides.

Basic Plan: $49/ month

Standard Plan: $99/month

Premium Plan: $249/month $149/month (limited offer)

poweradspy pricing
Signup poweradspy

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for PowerAdSpy review, then you are at right place. It allows you to find all the successful ads related to your industry. You would be able to check what these people are doing and get out the ideas following their ads. You will be able to see the landing pages, the traffic sources, the age, and gender interested in these ads, and improves your ads.

Poweradspy provides a free trial plan. So just try out once and pay only when you feel the advantages this software provides.

Go ahead and start spying!

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