Propeller Ads Review: Best Tool to Create effective Ad Campaigns


What is Propellor Ads?

Propeller Ads is a digital advertising company that has been serving the industry since 2011 with an approximate of 650 million impressions on a daily basis. However, Google Adsense is considered to be one of the biggest ad networks with millions of advertisers and publishers, yet it cannot always be baked upon as the best way to monetize your website. Perhaps, Propeller Ads in one of the ad networks that is compliant to pay a higher CPM for your traffic apart from the aforementioned ad networks.

Propeller ads

Therefore this article serves as the complete guide to why and how to use Propeller Ads for your future ad campaigns.

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One of the greatest hurdles of being a blogger is getting a reliable ad network. Though, it gets a lot of hits and tries to obtain a true ad network to follow ads on the blog.

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Why Propellor Ads?

Propeller Ads is a UK-based ad network that promises cent percent of your international traffic along with the highest possible CPM. However, traffic from various countries like U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia yields the maximum CPM.

As mentioned above, Propeller Ads, unlike Google Ads, is a CPM ad network that pays for every 1000 ad impressions you yield. Therefore, this ad network stays indifferent to the user’s behavior of clicking your ads or not. Thus a large number of publishers resort to CPM networks rather the CPC ad networks (like AdSense, Bing Ads and so on).

If the quality and traffic of your website is stable then you are assured to be remunerated every day and every month. The high-traffic websites display their content on a number of slides to enhance the number of views of the pages as per visit and eventually the CPM.

Types of Ad Formats

Offering a variety of ad formats is one of the main reasons why Propeller Ads outperform other ad networks like Google AdSense. Therefore, it hardly matters what kind of blog or website you own – you will always find an ad format option for you.

Propeller Ads Format

Perhaps this does not imply that you can send any fake traffic to them in order to mint money. It does not function that way. So there are different types of propeller ad formats which are as follows:

1. Onclick PopUnder Ads

OnClick PopUnder Ads is one of the most effective ad formats. This is because it generates a maximum CPM rate (up to $10). This is just because you get remunerated for every ad impression.

Onclick Pop Under Ads

These ads pop up, once a user clicks anywhere on the website. However, it has been witnessed that entertainment websites like those of music, movies, games, and so on, receive the best CPM for pop-under ads.

2. Mobile Ads

Propeller Ads consists of the following two types of Mobile Ads:

Mobile Dialog Ads

Mobile Dialog Ads

These are the type of ads that appear as a dialog box in front of the user. This is how the user is steered towards these ads, which further results in higher click-through-rate and thereby CPM.

Mobile Interstitial Ads

Mobile Interstitial Ads

This is a full-screen mobile ad. Since it has a higher user engagement rate, it accounts for one of the top performing ads by Propeller Ads.

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Mobile Interstitial ads are more engaging, as they occupy the full interface of the site or app. These ads are meant to arise within the content, so they’re located at organic transition points.

3. Classic Banner Ads

As a matter of fact, banner ads enjoy the popularity because it has a wider outreach and that too at a very minimal cost. The Propeller Ads with ad units’ sizes: 300×250 and 728×90 are considered to the best performing banner ads. However, there are other ad units available too, of sizes: 468×60, 120×600, 160×600, 800×600, 800×440, and 320×50.

Classic banner ads

Moreover, entertainment blogs and download sites are supposed to be a better performer rather than the other niche.

4. Layer Ads

Layer Ads are the banner ads on steroid as they load over the website content. However, you can pick for any of the banner ad units, but a large size ad unit such as 800×600 or 800×440 is recommended.

Layer Ads

5. Slider Ads

Yet another type of ad format is the banner ad that fades in, right at the bottom of the web page. Until the user closes the window, it will be always visible to him/her as they scroll up or down.

Slider Ads

6. Direct Ads

Direct Ads also known as Direct Links is a distinguished ad format in which the publishers are provided with a URL to promote. This format helps you promote your banner ads, text link ads, buttons or even the redirects.

direct ads

To put it in another word, you can also monetize your 404 error pages with a direct ad and that too without hampering your users’ experience. Considering the Propeller Ads, these ads best perform on download websites (music, eBooks, apps, movies, wallpapers, etc.)

7. Video Ads

If you wish to have conversions via your video content, then you can try Video Ads. Propeller Ads offer in total three video ad spots that are Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll, and Pre-Game.

Video Ads

Benefits of Working With Propellor Ads

As discussed above unlike Google AdSense, Propeller Ads generates payment for every 1000 ad impressions on your website or blog. Fortunately, Propeller Ads works wonders for those websites which have low traffic quality but a high page visit/view ratio. So, below runs the advantages of creating your ad campaigns with Propeller Ads:

  • It has a user-friendly interface. This means you can directly login into your publisher account which is instantly activated and then add all the domain names that you are looking forward to monetizing. Later you will be notified through an email when it has been approved.
  • Propeller Ads share approximately 80% of the revenue with the publishers that are generated from the ads. But you should remember that the amount shared is always case sensitive.
  • The earnings’ reports generated by the propeller ads are quite easy to understand as it is in a tabular or chart form.
  • Propeller Ads is compatible with all the websites irrespective of its traffic size, provided it does not violate any of their terms and conditions.
  • It yields the highest possible CPM for entertainment websites (downloads, music, movies, games, etc).
  • You can also hold a chance to earn with referrals. Refer other publishers to Propeller Ads and you can earn 5% of his/her future ad revenue for the lifetime.
How Propeller Ads pay their publishers
  • You are also enabled to run the Propeller Ads along with the other advertising or affiliate networks – like Infolinks, AdSense, CJ and so on.

How to Create a Campaign with Propeller Ads?

STEP I – Register

Visit Propeller Ads Website and register yourself.

Register with Propeller Ads
  1. Click on the Main Menu
  2. Select the option Register
  3. Choose one option whether to register as a Publisher or an Advertiser.
  4. Enter the basic details in the form.
  5. Enter the details about your Campaign.
  6. Now Tick the box and agree to the terms and conditions
  7. Verify your email address by clicking the link in your mailbox
  8. Create a password for the account

STEP II – Create a Campaign

Once you have verified the account and created a password, you will be redirected to your account directly. Now follow the steps below:


i – Give the General Details About the Campaign

When creating a campaign, you are first supposed to enter the General Information about your campaign. To start with mention the Campaign Name first.

Craete a Campaign at Propeller Ads

Then you will be asked to determine other parameters like the frequency and capping of the campaign. If you do not want to opt for capping, then you can select the option of “No Capping”.

Next, when you will be selecting the countries, the best way is to “set from preset” in case you wish to select a set of different countries.

As you proceed further, you will see a graphic display of the total traffic available at the right-side of your screen. This traffic is estimated on the parameters you had entered above.

STEP II.ii – Set the Advertising Budget

Based on the general information you entered, the Propeller Ads will recommend a certain rate of CPM in order to drive the best results for you. However, at this place, you are supposed to set a daily and a total budget for your campaign. Always remember the total budget cannot be lesser than the daily budget.

STEP II.iii – Schedule the Campaign

Here you can set particular dates or even opt for a specific period for your campaign.

The options available in the Propeller Ads Scheduling are quite helpful. From selecting all days to only working days or only weekends simplifies your task of scheduling. Also, you have an option of choosing a specific period of time if you wish to run your campaign every day during a particular period of time.

STEP II.iv – Set the Targeting Options

Choose from either of the two options: simple and advanced targeting options.

Advanced targeting options lend you more comprehensive choices, like:

  • Target Clients who are operating through a 3g internet connection, or
  •  Target Clients who are operating through a Wi-Fi connection

Later when you proceed to choose the target audience based on the OS type. You will be given options between people using Desktop, mobile or any other device. There you get an added advantage of choosing all the three options or any two of those, based upon your preferences.

Types of Devices:

  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Desktop
  • TV
  • Other

If you select “Other”, ensure that you specify the device.

However, if you wish to exclude a certain number of devices then you can enter those devices under the option “Exclude”

Fund your Propeller Ads Account

Follow the steps below to fund your Propeller Ads Account:

  • Login to Propeller Ads Advertising Account
  • Select the option “Add Funds”
Add Funds in Propeller Ads Account
  • Choose your payment option from credit/debit card or wire transfer or PayPal transfer.
  • Now proceed and add the funds to your account.

Bottom Line

Propeller Ads is not an ad network that can be dodged with fake traffic in order to make money. Just like any other reliable network as AdSense, this too requires real traffic to generate real income.

What makes Propeller Ads outperform Google AdSense? Unlike the latter, the former considers the new website or blogs, who wish to run a campaign.

Besides that, if you are already running AdSense campaign and you are not happy with its remuneration, then you hold every chance to opt for the Propeller Ads, irrespective of the size of your company or the traffic from any of the English speaking countries.

Moreover, Propeller Ads gives you an extra earning hand. Although you have your ads running on AdSense, by opting for the pop-under ads you will be earning more as if offers the maximum CPM. Just ensure that your users are comfortable with it.

Happy Money-Minting!!

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  1. propellerads is a great network for publishers and advertisers. For publishers they provide great cpm for popups and for advertisers they are known for fraud prevention and to buy traffic in cheap rates.they also has great Support too. Really recommend Propellerads to everyone searching for a google ad network

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