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Zeropark – Best Advertising Network For Push Notification

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Zeropark was founded by Robert Gryn in 2011 and belongs to codewise. Within a short period of time, Zeropark gained popularity in affiliate marketing and it is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. Zeropark is the best ad exchange on the market and it has a great interface and lots of targeting options for your campaigns. The best thing about this software is you can easily push traffic converts very well and you can get profit on your running campaigns in a very short time.

Zeropark push notifications

Why Choose ZeroPark?

We live in the 21st century where technology is evolving day by day and when it comes to choosing the best ad network, a lot of questions strikes in our mind and we get confused. The reason is there are many advertising networks are available on the web. One of the top most popular advertising networks in 2019 is Zeropark. People love to use Zeropark, it’s just because they provide you high-quality features and this is the only reason Zeropark is the best and most adorable advertising network for everyone. 

Key Features Of ZeroPark

There are many amazing features provided by ZeroPark and this is the only reason ZeroPark is unique from other Ad networks. So here are the top best Key features of Zeropark.


Fast Campaign Approval

Zeropark has a dedicated team which works 24*7. They approve your campaign very fast so that you can start profiting from your ads without wasting your time.

Advanced Anti Fraud Solutions

Zeropark has advanced Anti Fraud Solutions so that you don’t finish up opening your box of traffic, just to find you got some cheap fake traffic. The supply of false traffic has absolutely increased after some time however our special solutions are not only handling fraud but also leading to better advertising and publisher content matching.

Robust Targeting Options

Zeropark gives you amazing options to target your audience with many options such as geo, connection type, device type, OS version, browser version, mobile carrier, and keywords.

Smart eCPA

Gone are the days when you have to set the manual optimization of your pop campaigns. All you have to do is just set your target eCPA and let the smart algorithms do the work for you.

Rule-Based Optimization

Rule-based optimization lets you optimize the ad campaign automatic. Set your rules like if or then and adjust as per your criteria.

Bespoke Account Management

The Zeropark customer support team and its account management are here to enable you to benefit directly from your campaigns.

Variety Of Campaign Types

Zeropark has a variety of campaign types that you will definitely love. So start appealing your audience with Multi-Geo, Run Of Network, Target/source or keyword-targeted campaigns.

Diverse Traffic Inventory

With this amazing feature, you can select 4 different types of traffic for your campaigns like Premium, standard, Pre-selected and Remnant.

Voluum Integration

It lets you integrate with leading market trackers and determine your performance volume based. Save your time, energy, money and increase ROI.

ZeroPark API

It is very important to manage your Zeropark account from a different platform and take better control of your media buying ventures with Zeropark API.

Following Are The Steps To Create Campaign On ZeroPark?

Follow these steps to start your first campaign with Zeropark. All you have to do is just click on the new campaign menu and select one traffic type according to your requirements.

pop ads

Domain Traffic

So basically Domain traffic is redirected traffic from misspelled domains. For example, people type instead of

Premium PPV Traffic

The reason is why Premium traffic is best because it involves manual checking and double checking from their highly qualified team. They have the lowest amount of ad fraud.

Search Traffic

It is similar to Adwords and Bing.

Here Are Different Type Of Campaign Targeting Options

Now you need to define your campaign targeting options. Each campaign has a different type of settings and features.

cpc digital marketing


RON and RUN both are the same network campaign that allows you to select your country that you want traffic from. This campaign has super high volume and you can delete the websites that don’t perform well.


If you want traffic on your campaign then you have to bid on specific keywords. Your keywords play a very important role in your campaign. The traffic you will see is directly coming from the domains so the keywords that you are using for your campaign must be domain based category or the actual domain name.


When you target your campaigns you can get traffic from specific websites. Here you will get the option to find which websites perform well for your offers.

Multi Geo

The name says everything. Multi Geo campaigns are the same as RON works. You can target multiple countries on each campaign according to your choice and requirements.

Traffic Filters & Its Types

When you pick the campaign you need to run, you will get a ton of options to choose traffic filters and types. There are a lot of traffic filters that you can decide for your campaigns whether you need to receive desktop, mobile or both desktop and mobile. As the given screenshot above, you can see a ton of operating systems you want to get traffic from with your mobile campaigns.

cpa digital marketing

Campaign Tracking

The best thing about Zeropark is they give you amazing optimization features so that you can get profit from your campaigns. When you start using advanced features it is very important to import that your campaign is set up properly so that you can easily track the variables for every click you receive. The four different types of Zeropark variables are target, keyword, match, and cid.

Campaign Optimization

When you have made your campaign and you’re starting to see traffic come in you can start to examine and improve your ZeroPark campaign. First, you have to set up a RON campaign and let it continue running for a few hours.

Effective Ways Of Advertising

There are many ways of advertising but Zeropark provides you the three most popular effective ways of advertising where you can advertise about your product and services.

Zeropark push ad


Push ads are a new type of ad format offering a non-intrusive, user-friendly and off course highly attractive way for advertisers to reconnect and boost their audiences. If you are advertising any kind of campaigns, these attractive messages are directly delivered to users mobile or desktop anywhere anytime.

How Push Ads Work?

First, you have to agree to receive push notifications from a website. For example: if you visited your favorite website and always wants to stay updated with its latest offers then the site owner asked you to subscribe and get a notification when the new things are updated. Users will get direct messages from their mobile phone or desktop, even when you are offline. When you click on the notification you will directly go to the offer or their landing page.

Benefits Of Push Ads

  • You can easily get traffic from a worldwide
  • They accept any kind of creative submissions without any issues.
  • You can get at least 15million clicks per day.
  • You can easily test your Push Ads campaigns by uploading in 10 different formats so you can see which creative’s gives you best results.


Pops are similar to the new tabs in the browser, except they open in a new window on desktops and separate tab on mobiles. These are generated by websites and are mostly ads.


It comes from users when they type in a certain box of websites; it redirects them to the full page ad or website.

Zeropark Payment Methods

There are multiple options are available for adding funds to your Zeropark account like PayPal, Paxum, Bank wire transfer, and Credit card. In order to start receiving traffic, first, you have to top up your account. If your account balance is finished, all your campaigns will instantly stop receiving traffic. Here are few ways to top up your Zeropark account.

Zeropark payment methods


You can pay directly through your PayPal account. A fee of 4% additional charge will be added to your top up so as to cover PayPal charges. This payment method is limited to $5000 monthly. You will extend the limit by contacting the account manager or a member of the customer success team.

Please Note: if your PayPal’s email does not match along with your Zeropark email, then you must go undergo the steps for PayPal email verification.


You can also pay through Paxum. You have to think about that using this strategy will drive us to transfer the money manually, Thus it may take some time for Zeropark team to process it. There is a 1$ charge for each payment in Paxum.

Please Note: if you are facing any kind of problem with your top up, just send us your transaction ID so that we can solve your issue with less time.

Bank Wire Transfer

If you choose this method for payment then follow these steps to complete your Zeropark payment.

  • First, you have to click on the top up button
  • Now go to the wire transfer tab, fill all the details which are given in a form for the wire transfer top up.
  • Copy that ZP number and send it to Zeropark team.

Please Note: if you don’t include your ZP number, adding your wire would possibly take longer. One more thing to keep in your mind that the credentials you can discover in the Zeropark interface are for payments in USD. If you want to pay in different dollar like EUR, PLN, you have to request the Zeropark team.

Credit Card

You can pay through credit card also in two different ways like credit card gateway or PayPal’s credit card gateway. All you have to do is click on the top up button which is given in the top right corner.

Please Note: Zeropark team verifies your account, therefore, you would like to follow the regular approval procedure

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