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Top Best SEO Content Writing Tips

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Have you ever wondered why content writing is important in every field and why it is considered to be such a big thing? Before continuing let me tell you the importance of content writing. Content is like water, you put water into a cup it becomes the cup and content writing has taken the world of marketing by storm. 

So What Exactly Is SEO Content Writing?

SEO Content writing is where pages are created keeping in mind SEO Algorithms. So first you have to learn SEO Algorithms and SEO friendly pages get placed easily on search engine result pages. As we all know Content is king and your web content is like an ambassador for your company. You can check ideas from the internet where you will get multiple contents writing tutorials, pdf, and content writing guide blogs which will help you to understand SEO Content writing. With the rapidly changing Google rolling out hundreds of algorithms so always update yourself with Google algorithms.

As SEO content writing beginners, we learn every day something new. By the day ends, you still have to know how many clicks and views have your content received and how you are faring against your competitors. If you are able to convert the visitors to customers, then you have done your job properly. Remember one thing, Quality content converts into higher revenues for online businesses. So feel free to give it a shot. Put your thinking top on, use the above content writing tips and add some twisted magic in your words.

So Here I Am Sharing 10 Best SEO Content Writing Tips For Beginners


On every field, content is very important and the quality of the content totally depends on your research and how deep you divided your topic into parts. Just remember one thing that you are creating a backlink there, which is extremely useful in SEO. So it is very important to use quality content.

Create Original Content

As you know “Content is King”. Your content must be unique and informative. If you use copied content on your website there is no chance to get traffic and higher clicks to your website. Copied content would not help you to get a higher rank in search engine results. Add some flavors and ideas in your content so that readers can get valuable information. Present your content with new ideas this will definitely help in SEO.

Catchy Headline

Catchy headline attracts every person. Using strong keywords in your headline will automatically starring right on top of the search engine so makes sure always use a catchy headline that instantly catches your audience’s attention. Who really sees what is displayed on the 4th page, people always prefer Google first page and what is displayed on the first page.

Structure Your Content Well

Sometimes your content is unique but you don’t know how to structure your content well. It will disappoint your readers. So it is very important to structure your content properly and tell the whole story about your topic. Storytelling is a powerful tool to communicate so always read your topic again and again and edit your content until it hits the mark. Divide your content into paragraphs with catchy headlines.

Use Strong Keywords

When we talk about keywords the first thing that comes to our mind is SEO. In SEO Keywords plays a very important role just like content. So always use strong keywords in your content. For more details, you can read about Long tail keywords or short-tail keywords.

There are many tools that you can get a list of keywords for your website like Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs

Focus On Readability

The content you are using on your website must be in simple language, without any grammatical errors and very well structured. Just remember one thing your content should be unique and good so that it connect and engage the reader. Bold the words that are attractive and colors tend to leave us a better impression than words.

Link Building

One of the main key factors for the success of SEO is High-Quality Backlinks. Creating unique and good content will definitely increase the chances of your content being shared and the likelihood that other websites will link to it.

Use Images Wisely

Content with Images attracts an audience faster that means a picture says a thousand words then a text. Have you ever wondered why we add images to our content? Because it gives a good impression to the audience and your readers. Whenever we write something for social media platforms it is very important to add images. It will help in connecting with the audience and driving traffic to your site.

Add a Call To Action

First of all, specify your topic with details and give a quick summary of your final thoughts or opinion. This will give the audience thinking about what you have conveyed through your content. So specify your content.

Monitor Your Activity & Measure SEO Success

Google Analytics and Google webmaster is an easy and free way to track your page views and the average time spent on a page. You can also check and look at the number of social interactions like shares, likes, comments, etc. check your content strategy and find out the mistakes that you have done. Re looks at your plan, revise and implement changes.

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