WebinarJam Review: The Best webinar software for online audiences

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Since there have been a lot of advancements in the digital era that people have started to use online platforms to expand their businesses, and reach huge audiences. The webinar hosting platform is one of the best ways to conduct some virtual events like online sessions or meetings to engage with your audience. From school to college to yoga or dance sessions, everything is now being digitalised. Look below how the best webinar software brings in more benefits to your business.

How are webinars useful?

Being educational, they can help market a product or service to help produce more leads and benefits.

The best webinar software has been a trending content marketing tool for ages. But a transformation to virtual events has made them quite more catchy. Here are some of the top-notch perks of conducting webinars via webinar software as an aspect of your content strategy:

Wider Audience Reach

A virtual event can gather a large group of people than an in-person event. You can share details about your brand or product with a wider audience especially people belonging to different countries, at the same time. Hence, geographic limitations do not matter. Also, the online audience can work in a webinar according to their schedule without having to tune in at a specific time.

More Brand awareness through the best webinar software

Webinars are beneficial in adding more context to your brand and product since it is more like a conversation than an advertisement. It makes the online attendees aware of your brand on a higher scale. The more they know, the more is your brand awareness achieved.

Leads Generation 

Webinar hosting makes an easy way of generating a lot of high-quality leads at a single time. Your audience signs up based on the topic of discussion and what they desire to fetch from the webinar. Hence, you know that they are already keen on what you have to say. You are all ready to follow up with your new contacts and help them take the further step after the webinar.

Best webinar software Nurtures high-quality leads

Some people might not be ready to purchase very quickly, but you can still hold onto those leads and nourish them unless they are ready. You must remember that you already have all their contact information in the database. So, you can track your communications with every lead, while using webinar platforms. 

 Showing expertise in your field

Webinar hosts have the true expertise for webinar conducting events. They usually have a confined audience till the webinar continues. Also, attendees trust their skills and expertise. Their own participation as a host also increases their professional marketability quality. 

Good revenue Earning through the best webinar software

Do you know customer satisfaction is an important factor for business growth? It is true to say that when more people get to know about a brand or product, they imagine how that product can fit into their lives. Webinars add qualified leads who are most likely to convert. They bring in sales, which adds more revenue.

The difference between the three webinar hosting platforms

LivestormWebinarJamEver Webinar
Livestorm enables powerful, yet pain-free video engagements at scale. Its end-to-end video engagement platform needs no downloadings and supports easy collaboration while capturing actionable insights—all in one place.WebinarJam is a webinar platform which features live casting, event streaming & webinar sessions in multi-language through modern analytical toolsA cloud-based software named EverWebinar, is designed to help businesses make, schedule, and show pre-recorded webinars. The platform entails customizable templates, which help organizations to design and post personalized landing pages with images, logos, colors, videos, and more to establish brand identity and provide information about future webinar
Platforms supported:Web-basedPlatforms supported:Web-basedPlatforms supported:Web-based
Typical Customers
Small businessesMid-size businessesLarge enterprises
Typical customers
FreelancersSmall businessesMid-size businessesLarge enterprises
Typical customers
FreelancersSmall businessesMid size businessesLarge enterprises
Customer supportOnlineKnowledge baseVideo tutorialsCustomer support
OnlineVideo tutorials
Customer supportPhoneOnlineKnowledge base
Total features 74API (Application programming interface)Alerts/NotificationsChat/MessagingCollaboration ToolsCustomizable BrandingEmail RemindersEngagement TrackingEvent ManagementEvent SchedulingFile SharingTotal features 31Alerts/NotificationsChat/MessagingCollaboration ToolsCustomizable BrandingEmail RemindersEvent ManagementFile SharingTotal features 31API (Application programming interface)Alerts/NotificationsChat/MessagingCustomizable BrandingEmail RemindersEngagement TrackingEvent ManagementEvent SchedulingFile Sharing
Starting from        0
Free trial availableFree account
Starting from     39
Free trial availableSubscription based
Starting from    99
Subscription based
Competitors:BigMarkerDemioWebinarGreekCompetitors:BigMarkerDemioWebinarGreekCompetitors:WebinarJamE-webinarWebinar Ninja

Pricing of Webinar hosting software

    There is a trial period for 2 weeks at 1 $.

  • A basic Plan starts at $499/year or $41.58 per month for up to 500 participants per webinar with 3 presenters.
  • The Professional Plan starts at $699 per year or $58.25 per month for approximately 1,000 participants with 4 presenters.
  • Last, the Premium Plan starts at $999/year or $83.25 per month for nearly 5,000 participants with 6 presenters.

The cloud-based technology of WebinarJam helps you reach nearly 5000 people in a single presentation without exertion. 

Moreover, It can deliver your messages to audience if you have any. And, you can go solo or have a team of experts collaborate and impart their knowledge on screen since you are allowed up to 6 presenters.

You don’t need any pixelated images or uneven frame rates. All you need to have is a flawless internet connection and an average home computer. Whether you want to broadcast your webcam, screen share, or a PowerPoint presentation, WebinarJam will do it in superb high quality.

Undoubtedly, live interaction with your attendees is necessary to maintain engagement at your webinar events. It will keep it alive. Moreover, it renders you flexible options such as live chat, Q&A rounds, moderation capabilities, highlighted comments, private comments, sticky announcements, etc. It will automatically save your live broadcast in a video format on activating any option.

Also, it has a “ReplicaReplay” feature that imitates everything that happened in the Live Session. For instance, the chat comments will show up the exact second they were posted. Surveys and product offers will show up at the very same moment you popped them in your original presentation, etc. Plus, you get to prepare the time slot for the Replay Rooms as you wish. 

Webinar Hosting professionals  can increase the registration with Webinarjam’s designed pages. They may choose their favourite template from the library, and then customise the options: colour, images, logo, text copy, upload a video, etc. But if you are not sure about which design will work better, don’t worry. The system can rotate two designs and track in real time which one brings more registrations to your event.

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In the end, Webinarjam is the best webinar software for marketing and sales. The developer has featured it with good engagement and interaction. You must know your goal firstly. If your objective is to educate and engage more audiences and sell your products through webinars, then, you can earn well using WebinarJam.

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