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Ad-Maven, also known as the most famous online, pop ad network. As a matter of fact, pop ads these days, are considered to be the best and most efficient ways to monetize for both the publishers and the advertisers.


Many times it might have occurred to you, that you click on a link and all of a sudden a new window pops up before you. This popping up of new window is known as a pop-up ad. Similarly, there is another ad that is called a pop-under ad. Although these types of ads are considered implicit, yet they are the best way to monetize. This is because the new window pops up beneath the main page rather than on the page.

Besides pop-ads, this software also offers native push notifications which are yet another popular method in the ad network industry.

About Ad-Maven

Ad-Maven has undoubtedly secured one of the top positions in the list of online advertising software. With substantial experience of 35 years in the advertising industry, this has been the best platform for both the publishers and the advertisers to monetize the site.

They offer a wide variety of ad options through which the publishers can monetize their website and the advertisers can effectively promote their goods and services online. The options available under this ad- network are popular pop-up ads, banner ads, lightbox ads, slider ads and also some new tab options for advertising.

about ad-maven

Since this advertising platform has a vast experience in the industry, it is taken to be the most innovative and avant-garde display. Besides that, Ad-Maven operated on the CPA model and also generates good conversions for the advertisers. They also engage a hard working and proficient team that consistently work towards the maximization of revenue for their clients. This is the reason why they enjoy the top position in the industry with a combination of motivation and experience.

Also, Ad-maven has lately launched a new technique of monetization i.e. “Native Push Notifications” which is in compliance with Google’s guidelines. Further, this makes the software fully flexible with Google Adsense. This implies that if you are seeking to monetize your website with the aid of Google Adsense, along with this software’s push notifications, you are good to go. This is will in turn help in the increment of the user’s revenue.

The newly launched push ad service is extremely easy to use, clean and non-obtrusive. They have relatively better ad formats which are responsive. Moreover, they provide higher rates of conversion that ensures the increased revenue generation without comprising the quality of the website.

Benefits of ad-maven to the publishers


Ad-maven is software that allows publishers to post ads on their sites and generate a pretty good sum of returns. As discussed above, it is a good choice for publishers. But what makes it better than the other ad networks? Without any further ado, let’s discuss the points mentioned below and see how ad-maven stands out from the crowd.

1. Services

It allows the publishers to post their ads on almost every page of their website, with the aid of their most distinguishing and innovative ideas. This further makes this software a better option for monetizing your website.

2. Visitors

No matter from which country your ad gets the traffic from, be it large or small, the software approves all the websites, unlike many other networks that only approve tier 1 traffic from anywhere. This feature given by the company makes them the best in the industry and acts as an advantage to the publishers, without sacrificing their revenue.

The list of features goes on, here are few more points that will make you fall in love with ad-maven:

  • Full coverage – The platform monetizes every single user and impression, worldwide and that too irrespective of the device. Clubbed with the highest ECPM it results in surged revenue generation for the publishers.
  • High CPM- Ad-maven employs advanced optimization tools in combination with their large advertisers which further provides the publishers with an amazing ECPM and elevated revenue while maintaining great user experience.
  • Easy integration- ranging from local push notifications to full-screen ads, ad mavens’ placements of the ad is simple to execute. It just takes a few minutes and you are all set to go live and start monetizing your important traffic.
  • Dedicated support- It provides you with expert and dedicated support that always makes sure that you are on the right track, letting you make the best of it.
  • Flexible payment plan- It also offers you various different payment methods and on the payments can be made at the time you find it comfortable.

Ad-Maven Packages

  • High-end security- It keeps a check on security by filtering out inappropriately creative and malware content that further makes your site and visitors safe from viruses.

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Ad-maven for advertisers

advertising the goods or services on the wide network of publishers is made easy for the advertisers with Ad-Maven. A number of top rated sites have chosen ad-maven as their ads purveyor. Currently, more than 10,000 direct advertisers rely on this network with the thought of increasing their ROI and endorse their offers. Furthermore, it offers ads in various ad formats for advertisers to endorse their goods. More than 2 billion impressions daily on publishers traffic from all possible verticals. Ad-Maven provides advertisers with thorough reports and allows them to pay on the CPA/CPC/CPM basis.

Ad-Maven for Advertiser

Ad-Maven maintains RTB and XML supply integration taking itself to the next level. Also, they have a vast and committed support team which is always geared up to assist and clear all the doubts that advertisers may have.

Now let’s move on to some other important factors that will make ad-maven your favorite:

1. Traffic

Offers more than a billion impressions every day which comes through their multiple ad formats spread across ten thousand publishers.

2. Number of ad formats

Ad-Maven have multiple ad formats, they are Push notification ads, full-screen ads, light-box ads, in-between ads, direct link ads, and the traditional banner ads. Advertisers can opt for the sort of ad according to their requirements and charges.

3. Superior performance

Apart from CPM, CPC or CPA, Ad-Maven steers outcome for their users to get the best ROI. On average, Ad Maven surges user’s ROI by almost 30% to 40% which is superior to other ad networks.

4. Devoted support team

Ad-Maven is one of the most experienced companies in the advertising industry. This is the reason behind their committed and support team which solves every qualm of their advertisers.

5. Quick and easy signup and approval

Ad-Maven has a relatively trouble-free and efficient sign-up and approval system. All you have to do is to fill up your particulars and activate your account by email. After the activation, you will have to wait for 24 hours, though publishers are approved immediately and as soon as you get approved, you can start posting ads on your site. Ad scripts are very simple to create and activate.

6. Google policies

The feature that makes Ad-Maven the best is that you can use it alongside with Google Adsense. A big number of publishers these days make use of Google Adsense to monetize their site but now you can make your experience even better by using it with ad maven.

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Final thought

So the conclusion is either you are a publisher or an advertiser or just want to promote offers, we recommend that you must try ad maven at least for once and find yourself how and why it is superior to other ad companies.

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  1. Hi Thank you so much .Now im going try admaven, could you please suggest which is best ad format to use Push notification ads, full-screen ads, light-box ads, in-between ads, direct link ads,, which should be used.

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