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The everyday routine for all is waking up in the morning and checking their phones first. But what excites you the most when you turn on your mobile data? Isn’t it the notifications or updates that you can not take your eyes off? It is because you get a lot of new information about what is trending or happening around the world. Here comes the role of Push notification advertisement that presents updates to countless people through interstitials, email campaigns, pre-roll video ads, or even display banner ads. Moreover, promotions like these often intrude in marketing, meaning that the expected customer must resist doing what they are doing to grapple with the message.  There is one more fact about such ads that they can be spied on by the best ad spy tool for competitor analysis.

Push ads are all the rage nowadays in a digital ad format. Furthermore, It is much more rewarding than other online ads being user-friendly and intensely engaging.  Also, there are some of the best ad spy tools in the market nowadays for push ads.


Wanna know more? 

Do you know what push notifications mean? They are short messages you can see on your mobile phone twice daily. Usually, people receive notifications via applications or websites, specifically traffic updates, concern news, weather predictions or alerts, social media updates, or whatever other types of info you are interested in. Push notification advertising provides ads instead of information and clickable messages that websites offer to their users. It could be an essential update, a new job, new sales offers, a new blog, etc. And advertisers use the push notifications format to display native ads instead of regular content updates, which is considered push advertising. Further added that push ads are delivered directly to the user’s devices. 

Also, when subscribers press these push ads, they get redirected to the landing pages of the advertisers, which in turn escalates the conversion rates more.


Domain in Ad

It is the website’s domain that users have subscribed to. 

Sponsored tag

The sponsor tag informs subscribers that it’s the ad campaign for promotional activities and is not the regular update from their subscribed website.

Push ad content

The push ad comprises a title, description, and alluring display image.


Push notification advertisements are necessary for advertisers because there is a massive challenge in the other advertisement types—for example, search ads, display ads, and so on. The perks of push notifications have been realised by businesses recently, producing an honest audience to target, engage and convert.  

Look below are some push advertising benefits: 

Permanent capital

Push notifications are a big source of creating an audience that wants to stay connected with your brand. Therefore, having an audience that bonds with you, you can push relevant native ads to them and convert the engagement into a money generating stream. People using Push ads also enjoy tremendously high views and Click-through rates. CTRs vary from 0.5% to 3% regarding push notification ads.

No interruption- causing experience

Anyone having the internet is well-aware of intrusive ads that could interrupt your online experience.  You might face ads on your web pages whenever you are web browsing. And the critical thing to consider is that Push ads are delivered to users who choose. Therefore, you are not setting a broad audience as your target; instead, the ones who prefer to see your services and items. 

More visibility

Push ads have a hold of the location compared to other ad formats. For example, portable devices like desktops and mobile screens. Ads have a massive share of visibility among other ad formats when displayed straight on the user’s screen. Push ads do not contend with banner ads which are crowded and present along with other brands’ ads on guest posts or blogs, and so on.  

Seamless Execution 

It is effortless to run push ads, unlike other ad formats. Push ads require a short title, description, and eye-catching image, which is good to forward to your targeted section of people. In contrast, ad structures like display banner ads need large ad copies with pictures and informational content that strive against other ad copies on the web page. Hence, it is challenging to make an ad copy that raises conversions.

Increased Conversions

 The average CTR on push ads varies broadly from 0.5% to 2%, nearly five times the click-through rates other ads get. That’s why push ads can bring more profits to the business with more conversions.

User’s choice for receiving ads

Only those users can view the push ads who prefer to receive them. Likewise, the users also have the option to stop watching the ads. It gives users a choice over what they desire to see and what they do not. So, in this case, a person tends to feel free to spend time on ads anytime.

SPYPUSH: The best ad spy tool

SpyPush is a renowned examining service for push notifications with a high-end design. It reinforces various ad networks, including DatsPush, Terra, Propeller Ads, etc. People like media buyers and affiliate marketers will fall for this tool due to its tidy interface and ease of use, combined with data from about 500,000 push advertisements.

Next, you get an offer for a free trial to discover a minimum version of the service at zero price. Only GEOs have the right to access the limited version, yet it must be sufficient to make you acquainted with the software’s capabilities in some areas. The data format is well articulated, and it’s easy to see the title, copy, and creativity used on the spur of the moment.

Also, you can click on the advertiser’s landing pages and explore creatives, giving you a clear picture of what’s in vogue in your segment.

Moreover, You can choose language, country device, network, time duration, and activity, and even keep creatives saved to your favourites list.

Above all, it’s a splendid platform to get commenced upon by competitive intelligence for push notification ads and one which you will likely find yourself. However, it has a scarcity of some beneficial features, such as the COST-PER-CLICK bid history.

Spying on push ads 

Spy tools allow downloading ready-made creatives and landing pages and quickly running your campaign. Firstly, you must know that these creatives fetch traffic or visitors. If they have not been disabled, the ad campaign is acceptable.

Now let us look at this from the viewpoint of the potential visitors. A person subscribed to a single push ads network timely gets push notifications. The more frequently they view the same push advertisement, the more indifference thrives towards it. Or it may become even frustrating that visitors are bound to say that “it is time-consuming. Alas! I no more want to see the ad.” 

But how do you deal with the as an affiliate marketer? They must take ideas from a spy tool and modify them slightly. It applies to creatives as well as web-landing pages. Also, you can use pictures likewise and modifies somewhat texts. The main thing is not to use precisely the same ads. 

SpyPush is a third massive push ad spying tool that renders over 20 lakhs push ads across the nine extensive push ads networks. It provides the right to access to advertising from 95 nations. So to date, this is a record amongst spy tools for push ads.

You can download ready-to-click landing pages and creatives in a single click. Moreover, one of the successful rules on push notifications is to make timely updates to creatives, even if they convert well.

  • Ad formats: push, native, pop, adult.
  • Pricing: $49 monthly. The Free trial is available for advertisers.
  • Push ad networks: Push. House, Rich ads, Evadav, PropellerAds, ClickStar, Adsterra, Trending Bid, AdMaven, Daopush.

Filters in this ad spy tool are as follows:

Country, Language (for creative and landing page), Device, Keywords, URL, Active or inactive ads, Operating system, and Tracker.

A spy tool like this has a free trial, but the most trending filters are disabled. Despite that, you still have the privilege to filter various countries and download creatives too. Also, considering making the top three, SpyPush has the entire extended list of available countries.

Variations between BigSpy AND SpyPush


Advertising data163,987,541200,000
Native Ads
Display ads
Push Ads
Social media platformFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, PinterestFacebook
Browsergoogle, yahoo
Searchtitle, text, advert metakeyword
FilterCampaigns, ad creative, industry, CTA type, Categories,E-commerce software, country, timecountry, language, classes, network, time
Ads sort
Ads Track
Download ads✅ 
Ads exclusion
Featured ads
Competitor Intelligence

SpyPush vs Anstrex


What is meant by Ad Spying?

The best Ad Spy tool represents the advertiser’s name and provides the right to access the ad copy, URL, and web-landing page. It gives access to all the data found on the official ad. The number of likes and comments the ad has received and the demographics of its target group.

What do you mean by the best ad spy tool?

The best spy tool is a database of lenders and creatives used at various traffic sources in different verticals, GEOs, and ad formats.

What do you understand about the Spy tool?

The best spy tool is a service allowing to spy on the competitors’ ad campaigns. Each spy tool is a recorded database of all ads executing presently or launched earlier in a particular traffic source, for example, on Facebook, push notifications or pop-up ads.

Do you know anything about mobile app push notifications?

A mobile app push notification is a message sent by an application to a customer’s mobile device. You can send push notifications to customers who have installed your mobile app and opted-in to receive messages. You may also use one of the best spy tools to know your competitor’s ad criteria.

Is BigSpy the best ad spy tool?

BigSpy is a web-based advertisement spy tool designed to help businesses and individuals draw creative inspirations for marketing campaigns. Also, the platform comprises a database of various ads, allowing teams to search ads using multiple filters.

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