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Google Analytics is usually not particular enough to use for your affiliate marketing campaigns, it’s ok as an add-on. But if you are serious about this, you need software specifically built for affiliate marketing. If you want to know the performance of your ad campaigns it is important to use the best tracking tools so that you can easily analyze and optimize the data. These days there are numerous tracking software’s are available in the market and you get confused. Well don’t worry today I am sharing my reviews on, SaaS affiliate and performance campaign tracker which works superior fast and gives you instant results. Affiliate Marketing Tool

However, Offers 14 Days Free Trail. So start your Free Trial Now.

Little Bit Description About was founded in Lithuania in 2015 with the aim of helping affiliate marketers and media buyers around the world to get higher ROI. is one such effective platform and easy to use affiliate campaign tracking software and analytics platform. The software is designed for especially affiliate marketers and media buyers so that they can easily track the data and performance of the campaign. The software comes with many advanced modes like Cloud, SaaS, Web and many more.

Why is Different From Others?

They create an amazing user experience by removing barriers. So here are the following reasons why is different from others.

Free SSL Support

The RedTrack system tracking domains come with https support. If you need one for the custom domain then you can contact their highly qualified team.

Unlimited Custom Domains

Now you can add unlimited custom domains starting with a professional subscription.

Free Onboarding

RedTrack offers one-on-one sessions to their paid customers and this offer is highly in demand. They also help you to transfer campaigns. Just drop a line to

Prompt Support

Make your tracking more hassle-free with RedTrack because they have 30+ networks. They also have a telegram channel where they have shared all his news and updates and help their customers with the inquiries they have. Video tutorials, integration guides, and detailed knowledge RedTrack covered everything and pro support via tickets, email, and Skype.

Redtrack Software

Flexible Postbacks

From 2 conversions to 10 conversion sub-ids, they will always help you pinpoint winning combination with extra precision. All you have to do is just visit RedTrack TV through RedTrack account and watch a full video on the postback setting up.

Unique Visitor Cap

The filter enables you to limit the number of times every specific offer will be appealed to a similar visitor. On the off chance if the user has already seen the offer, he will be shown a different offer within the same campaign, so don’t hesitate to use because your non-unique clicks are not wasted.

Minimum 10 Month Data Retention

Not sure? Still, you want this, RedTrack gives you minimum 10-month data retention.

No Servers Required

RedTrack is SaaS, so you don’t need to install or hassle with. All you have to do is just sign up and enjoy the amazing features of RedTrack.

Pricing Starts At USD 79/Month offer 3 minimum tracking events for USD 79/Month

Why You Should Choose RedTrack As Your Tracking Solution?

Here are the few reasons why you should choose RedTrack as your tracking solution. Tracking Software

Advanced Technology

If we compare RedTrack with other affiliate marketing software’s, it’s still everyone’s favorite software because of its advanced technology and features.

They update their features from time to time

Every month released new updates that you will definitely love. Recently they launched their telegram channel where users can easily share their needs and suggestions.

User-Friendly Interface

RedTrack has a user-friendly interface and you would not face any kind of problems. From time to time RedTrack changes and upgrades their features, but the tracker remains simple. Newbies and advanced users both can easily use this software.


24*7 Service & Support

One of the best features provided by is they provide you free one-on-one onboarding to every user and they will always support you and helps you if you faced any kind of problems while using this software. RedTrack updated their knowledge from time to time with detailed manuals and with video tutorials.

For Starters offers the easiest way to use the trackers. With the correct tools and characteristic expectations to learn and adapt, ReadTrack will make your vibe prophet in a matter of seconds. They offer best in the class stage which doesn’t require any Greek information. It is easy but to set with your offers, networks, and traffic and begins running up very fast. RedTrack also offers video training and tutorials so even a beginner can start using it.

For Experts

If you are an expert in affiliate marketing industry then you should definitely try this amazing software to scale up your campaigns. With its advanced features like Geo balancing, API Access, Artificial intelligence optimized smart links, custom domains, Filters, cloaking and so on, you can easily track your campaigns.

RedTrack Features At A Glance

Here are the following RedTrack Features and interesting advantages which makes it stand unique in relation to other affiliate trackers in the market.

Redtrack features


The best thing about RedTrack is that it’s a completely web-based tool, which was worked with the target of backing out complications for their customers. If we talked about other software’s they required proper maintenance weekly or monthly so as to work properly. Why waste your time on such kind of software when RedTrack is here for your rescue. It’s definitely reasonable and doesn’t require proper maintenance. What else you want for?

Auto Scaling & Geo Balancing

If you want good results, you have to set up multiple campaigns and furthermore, you need a company who would not only support your campaigns but also maintain GEO’s around each and every campaign you are running of your marketing deal.

Custom Domains

With custom Domain feature, you can easily manage traffic with custom rules and allows you to use your own custom domain for tracking purposes. gives you custom domains with various packages. Not only packages the domain is also free of cost. What more could you want for?

Custom Dashboard presents an amazing dashboard which you can customize according to your needs and requirements. They have hundreds of powerful features such as detailed performance log for clicks, conversions and so on. It additionally adds the likelihood to group data over various factors and exports it for reporting purpose.

AI Smartlinks

Every click depends on past performance can be distributed using information AI-based algorithms guaranteeing maximum ROI.

Affiliate Marketing

LP Pixel

With LP tracking pixels, split test or rotate offers even for direct traffic.

Smart Streams

When you start using smart streams you can craft multiple streams for different objects like traffic distribution, A/B testing and many other complex rule system based on pre-set and custom parameters.

Easy To Operate & User-Friendly

Would you spend your cash on tough tools and are effectively less easy on the interface? Well, no one likes to use tough tools which are too complicated to operate. But don’t worry when is here to fulfill your all needs. It’s an amazing software and very easy to use. The best thing about this software is its interface is so user-friendly that even a non-tech guy or girl can easily understand.

Support Multiple Cost Models supports many multiple affiliate models such as CPC, CPI, CPA, CPM, and RevShare.

Types Of Packages

Currently, presenting 4 different packages like Starter, Professional, Business, and Enterprise. So pick the package according to your need and requirements. For adding funds to your RedTrack accounts there are multiple options are available like PayPal, wire transfer and credit cards.

Redtrack packages


  • Fast redirects and quick report generation
  • is SaaS tracker
  • Tracking all types of traffic (direct as well)
  • Flexible distribution system based on 20+ attributes
  • Unique visitor cap
  • Daily conversion cap
  • 4 available modes of conversion tracking for a duplicate postback
  • LP protect from bots
  • Multi-dimensional reports
  • AI Smartlinks and many more
  • For Starters, RedTrack has the perfect interface.

Follow These Steps To Create Campaign On

Here are the following steps to start your first campaign with RedTrack. All you have to do is just click on the new campaign menu and select one traffic type according to your requirements.

Step By Step Guide

First you have to click on the new campaign and then fill all the details.

Campaign Name

In this box, you have to write your campaign name.

Traffic Source

This is the most important thing to choose your traffic source so that you can get the right traffic on your campaign.


Now you have to select domain type like is used as a default domain. One more thing If you are using a custom domain please change it. 


Choose the redirect method according to your choice like HTTP 302 Redirect, HTTP Meta Redirect, JS Meta Redirect and HTTP 302 Redirect with the hidden referrer.


If you have applied the SSL certificate for your custom domain then you will need to change the Protocol to HTTPS.

Campaign Cost & Value

Specify the value and cost for your campaign that you are using and your campaign is ready.

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