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Artificial Intelligence Tutorial- All that you Must Know about AI

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Artificial intelligence or AI is referred to as simulators of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to act or think like humans. Artificial Intelligence tutorial term may also be used for the machine that behaves like a human mind such as problem-solving and learning. These kinds of AI machines learn from experience, handle new inputs and perform like a human.

Artificial Intelligence Tutorial

Artificial intelligence tutorial includes basic AI machine examples in which rely on natural language processing and deep learning are:

Chess-playing computers

Artificial Chess

Self-driving cars

Artificial Intelligence Tutorial

Some Important Terms in Artificial Intelligence Tutorial That You Should know:


The algorithm is the most important part of AI and these are just a combination of math formulas and programming commands or one can say instructions that tell the machine how to solve the problems.

Chatbots or Bots

A Chabot is a computer program that executes within the websites and applications that directly interact with users for their help. In Chabot, the conversation happens between the computer program and the user. These services are specially used for customer support and satisfaction.


a cluster is a group of a number of people that share common recourses or characteristics. Clusters are used to determine the target audiences. The aim behind clustering is to partition the examples into or classes.

Cognitive Science

This term is a scientific study of the mind functioning and its aim is to understand how the mind executes its processes so that machines can learn and can become simulators of human intelligence.

Machine Learning

It is the scientific study of algorithms that always learns from experiences and examples. Also, it uses data that were previously identified and will use for future predictions

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a sub-part of machine learning. This term does not mean that machines learn from more in-depth knowledge. It means that machines learn from different layers of data which is neural network i.e an architecture, the numbers of a layer are stacked on top of each other.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural language processing allows machines to observe what humans are saying. Understanding Sarcasm is difficult for AI, scientists are working on it.

Neural Networks

it is an architecture where the numbers of the layer are stacked on top of each other. This Structure is similar to the human brain and incorporates natural language processing and deep learning to determine faces in photos and analyze the human handwriting.

Semantic Analysis

It is a form of Natural Language Processing which focused on the process of stringing words together. This will help to create eBooks and blog posts to replace human writers or content marketers.

Supervised Learning

It is a form of machine learning which does not execute independently requires human input.

Unsupervised Learning

It sometimes requires little involvement or sometimes. This type of learning let the machine to find conclusions on its own from the data that it finds.


Artificial intelligence is a trending topic although this is not a new term. This artificial intelligence tutorial will tell you the history of AI that every starter should know. In 1956, a group of experts had decided to start a summer research project on AI.

History Of Artficial Intelligence

Bright Minds Who Led AI Project:

John McCarthy (Dartmouth College)

Marvin Minsky (Harvard University)

Nathaniel Rochester (IBM)

Claude Shannon (Bell Telephone Laboratories).

 The Proposal Included:

  • Automatic Computers
  • How Can a Computer be Programmed or made to Use a Language?
  • Neuron Nets
  • Self-improvement

All expert minds led to the idea that Artificial Human intelligence can be created in computers. A new epoch began, full of hope – Artificial intelligence.


This artificial intelligence tutorial provides you detailed information about AI. So AI is broadly categorized into two parts:

Artificial Intelligence Tutorial Types

Narrow AI

Narrow AI is also known as a weak AI which can perform a dedicated or specified task with its Artificial intelligence.

Narrow or Weak AI

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

AGI also referred to as Strong AI which is able to perform any intellectual work or task with efficiency like human intelligence.

General Artificial Intelligence Tutorial

Super AI

Super AI is the level of Intelligence of the machine at which machines could overtake human intelligence and can be able to perform any task much better than human intelligence with artificial intelligence in a machine. It is an outcome of general AI.

Super Artificial Intelligence Tutorial

Reactive Machines

these kinds of reactive machines are basic types of Artificial Intelligence and they do not store past memories or experiences for future predictions or actions.

Artificial Reactive Machines

Limited Memory

These machines can store past experiences for a short period of time and also can use stored data for a limited time only.

Artificial Cars

Theory Of Mind

Theory of Mind AI understands human emotions, beliefs and can interact socially like humans. Such type of AI machines are not yet developed. Researchers putting a lot of effort into developing such AI machines.

Theory Of Mind In AI Tutorial


it is the future of Artificial Intelligence and will be super intelligent. These machines will become smarter than the human mind.

Self Awareness in AI

Why is artificial intelligence important?

In this artificial intelligence tutorial, you will get detailed information that why the artificial human mind intelligence is important:

Life-Saving AI

Artificial intelligence is not only making our lives easier, it will also save human lives. There are technology companies that are researching alternative ways, so that artificial human intelligence improve our healthcare system. 

Life Saving AI

Entertaining AI               

This simulation of the human mind has been developed to increase human lives as well. Many Experiments done with AI to make original compositions from books to music produce recipes based on what is present currently in the cupboard and even to create artwork which is the influence of AI on our lives.

Entertainment AI

How Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used

Health Care

This artificial human mind gives personalized medicine and X-ray reading accurately. Personal health care helpers can act as life trainers, reminding you to take your pills, do exercises or eat healthy food.

Health AI Tutorial


AI can keep the record of factory data as it connected with equipment to forecast expected workload and demand according to the requirement, such a specific type of deep learning used with sequence data.   

Manufacturing in AI


AI provides virtual shopping offer recommendations and discusses purchase options with the consumer.

Retail AI Tutorial


Artificial Intelligence increases the speed and effectiveness of human efforts. In financial institutions, AI methods are used to identify transactions that are fraudulent.

Banking AI

Applications of Artificial intelligence –

Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

Marketing is a way to enhance the sale of your products to attract more customers. If someone search for an item online, it shows number of results related to the item. It’s like these search engines really read our minds and in a matter of seconds, we get multifarious relevant items. Netflix provides highly accurate predictive technology which is based on customer’s reactions to web series and movies. It determines millions of records to suggest you show and films that you might like based on your previous search and choice.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence In Financial Institutions

AI provides customer support, detect credit card frauds. An example is the HDFC bank. HDFC Bank has developed an artificial intelligence-based chat-bot called EVA (Electronic Virtual Assistant).

Artificial Intelligence in Financial

Artificial Intelligence In Finance

Finance-Trading is mainly dependent upon the ability to predict the future very accurately. Such intelligent robots are great at this as they can gather a huge amount of data in a short span. Machines can learn how to observe patterns in past data and predict how these predicted patterns might repeat in the future.

AI in Trading

Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture

Organizations are using artificial human intelligence and robotics to help farmers in finding more efficient ways and strategies to protect their crops from weeds and floods. Blue River Technology developed a robot called See & Spray utilizes computer vision technologies like object detection to observe and spray weedicide on plants.

Agriculture Artificial Intelligence Tutorial

Artificial Intelligence In Gaming World

Over the past few decades, Artificial Intelligence in machines has become an important part of the gaming industry. One of the biggest achievements of AI is in the gaming industry. The actions taken by the opposite person are unexpected as the game is designed in such a way that the opponents are enough trained and opposite team become harder.

Gaming World AI

Artificial Intelligence In Space Exploration

Artificial Intelligence has been using for NASA’s next mission of Mars, the Mars 2020 Rover rover which is already present on the red planet. The rover is working on autonomous targeting of cameras to perform investigations on Mars.

Space Exploration in Artificial human intelligence

Artificial Intelligence In Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars have been a buzz-term in the AI industry. The development of such autonomous vehicles will definitely overtake the transport system.

Artificial intelligence tutorial on Autonomous Vehicles

Artificial Intelligence In Chat-Bots

Nowadays, Virtual assistants have become very prominent and common technology. Almost every household has its own virtual assistant that commands the appliances at home. Some common examples are Siri, Alexa, which are getting popularity with user experience and benefits from them which these technologies provide.

AI ChatBots

Artificial Intelligence In Social Media Applications-

In some social media platforms like Facebook where AI is used for face verification. Concepts like machine learning and deep learning are used to detect facial attributes.

Social Media artificial Intelligence


From this artificial intelligence tutorial, you will come to know about all the important things which a learner should know. Moreover, you will become expert after watching this video and also learning from this whole artificial intelligence course.

The Top Myths About Advanced AI

AI will replace all the jobs

just manual workers and low-skilled people will replace with AI and robots

Myths about Future Artificial Intelligence

With AI, Super-intelligent machines are becoming better than human being in performing the things we can do

Artificial intelligence in computers will quickly and efficiently overtake human intelligence

What Are The Challenges Of Using Artificial Intelligence?

✔️ The primary demerit of AI is that it learns from the data. There is no alternative from where one can gain knowledge. It means any inaccuracy in the data will reflected in the final results.

✔️ Self-learning systems and machines are not independent systems. The AI technologies that you see in movies and TV are just science fiction. But some computers that use complex data to learn and can perform perfect specific tasks are becoming quite common.

✔️ The system that plays poker or any other game cannot play solitaire or chess. The system detect fraud and cannot drive a car or give you any kind of legal advice. Apart from this, AI systems which detects health care frauds cannot accurately detect tax happening.

✔️ It just focused on a single task or works and is far from behaving like humans.

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