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Where Social Media Marketing Will Be Heading In The Next Five Years

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As we all know marketing is necessary for every business be it online or offline. Social Media Marketing is an effective way to steer traffic towards the website or seeking attention through many popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and many more. SMM is nothing but a technique to get success in your business. SMM includes both free and paid advertising. So it’s up to you that which Social Media Marketing you are using for your business.

Putting it in other words, SMM is a type of internet marketing that comprises of creation and sharing of the content on numerous social media networks to get success and increase traffic on your website.

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So whenever you think about to do social marketing keep one thing on your mind create a unique content that works well on every platform.

Here Are 5 Ways To Do Social Media Marketing In Different Ways:

  • Unique Content

  • Videos

  • Pictures

  • Keywords

  • Hashtags

1. Unique Content

Content plays a very important role in SMM. Your content must be user-friendly and unique. If your content is not good, your social media marketing will fail. You will not get traffic on your website; people will not share your post and no viral content. So it’s very important that your content must be engaging. Every platform requires different strategy so before you are going to start SMM, make sure that the content you are using will not repeat again and again. Use content curation tools to get more accuracy in your results.

Content is whatever you are posting, it can be a tweet on Twitter, a photo on Instagram, a board on Pinterest or a URL on Tumblr.

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2. Videos

People love to watch videos these days be it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Whenever you write something on your post you will add video also. It looks good and more attractive. For example, you have a website on Digital Marketing and you make a beautiful graphics video regarding to your website so that people will know about your website and you will get audience engagements.

Videos seek the attention of the viewers and hold them to your page. Videos are more appealing than anything on social media. Get the best video editing apps that can decrease your workload and will get you more audience.

3. Pictures

As we all know a picture says thousands of words. So always post a picture that matches your content. It’s a myth that only content can increase traffic, if you add a good picture that says everything regarding to your website, it will automatically gain users’ attention. It is all about how you engage your audience, be it a picture or a video. But of course, there is no relevance of social media without any visual appeal. Your image should explain your idea and all the graphics used, should be accurate.

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4. Keywords

Whenever you write something on your post make sure add your targeted keywords on your content and hashtags also. This will helps you to get organic traffic on your post. You can find the relevant keywords from keyword research tools like Anyway, putting the focus keyword will get you a relevant audience which can improve conversions too. It is very much required to take your post to the people who are actually looking for that content. keywords have been playing a vital role in all the factors. Putting the keyword in your bio/description of your profile will drive traffic there.

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5. Hashtags

Hashtags are very important on every post because when you post something on social media, add your targeted keywords on hashtags and content. People will easily engage and interact with your content. When we hear the name of social media, the very obvious thing which comes to our mind is hashtags. Hashtags improves your content/post’s reach and make people aware of your brand. Instagram trending hashtags have become a specific thing, on which people are conducting research and providing the content. that directly means that hashtags plays a vital role in content reach, content engagement and everything on social media. In fact, people have used hashtags to start a campaign of social media and to promote their ideology.

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Role Of Social Media In Marketing

These days’ social media can be used in a number of ways. It helps you to spread your message in a beautiful and conversational way. SMM is good for both small and large business. It also helps you to reach new heights with your marketing strategy and add that extra oomph with your campaigns.

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1. Communication

Communication is a great tool to target your audience, your customers, fans, etc. There are many online SMM sites are available on the internet that will help you to easily communicate with people such as Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn and much more.


2. Competitor Monitoring

Whatever your industry is, every website has its competitors. So it’s very important to analyze your competitor’s website and learn from your competitors than monitoring what they are doing on social media.

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3. Community Building

On SMM community building is very important. Whether you are using facebook or twitter it takes a lot of time and patience before you start to reap the awards.

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4. Sales

When you start using social media and promote your product on various social sharing sites, you will get likes and comments. Your post engagements will increase and you will get profit also. This could only happen when you use your strategy in the right way. It helps you to build your network.

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Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

The General Elections held in the year 2014 saw the BJP coming to power with an oustanding majority. It paved way for a stable government and advertising through social media had an instrumental role in it. The role of social media is not only limited to boost up popularity but also creates a strong impact on the mind of people.

For example, the then Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi who got reelected in 2019 had created a buzz across social media with moderate spending and the results are quite visible to everyone.

Day by day SMM is one of the popular tools for business. Following are the benefits of using SMM for the business.

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1. It Is Actually Cheaper Than You Thought

If your budget is low and still you want to rank your website then there is the no better option to use SMM to get organic traffic. It’s a myth that only paid advertisements can increase sales. If your strategy is strong then you will definitely get engagements.

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2. User- Friendly

First, you have to study what you are going to post on social media so learning is important. You need to know what type of audience you need for your kind of content. Social media is an art of presenting your product or service in a good way.

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3. It Saves Your Time & Money

Time is important; so it’s necessary to post your content on time. For Example: if we talk about the upcoming festival, you have to schedule your post and your post will automatically be published on time.

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4. Your Content Reaches To People Even From Diverse Backgrounds

The best thing about social media automation is that the number of audiences that you reach is limitless. Your content is viral throughout the world within just a few seconds.

Content Writing Tips On Social Media

5. SEO

SMM is also helpful to boost your SEO. it’s a great factor to get a lot of visitors to your website through social media. Directly or indirectly it will help you to grow your business.

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Future Of Social Media Marketing

When we talk about SMM, it’s the process of promoting, advertising and branding of ay product or service through many different social media platforms. The demand for SMM increasing day by day and it is very beneficial for promoting any business and generating huge traffic as well. So we can the future of SMM is very bright.

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