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Digital Marketing Jobs – Start Your Career In Digital Era

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has boomed up the marketing criteria to extend the level. It has become a necessity and the major source of advertising the business and website. It also provides lots of Digital Marketing career opportunities in the form of Digital Marketing Jobs. In order to have a successful business today, it must have a digital presence on the web. It is the new source of gaining popularity and a targeted audience towards your business. Digital marketing has proved to be more effective than traditional marketing techniques and widely accepted by new as well as the elder generation.  All the successful companies have been following the digital aspects of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketing is not a single term, it can further be categorized into elements. Each and element is a vast subject to study. One digital marketing expert can become eligible for a number of Digital marketing jobs but it’s up to his or her choice that which field they want to choose and, make their career in. It is one of the major sources of employment and jobs in digital marketing.

Following Are The Top 10 Digital Marketing Jobs-

Digital Marketing Experts-

Digital Marketing Expert can hold up the designation of Digital Marketing Manager in the company. It is one of the highest paying digital marketing jobs. The job role and responsibilities if digital marketing expert is to bring out all the elements of digital marketing of the company together and work in control and coordination. It is not just the demand of a particular sector but each and every sector or business and implements it and can feel its effects or impact on the business.

The digital marketing manager has to sun up all this together to bring effective results and organic search over the business or website.

The salary of a digital marketing expert depends upon certain factors-

The extent of knowledge and skills of a person

The company in which he or she is working

The responsibilities, workload and job timing.

In crux, we can say that it is a highly professional job that requires master skills. One can earn a good amount of money after having the required skills.

Content Writer-

Content is the king of any website. If you are having a keen desire to study, analyze, and write then content writing is the write profession for you guys. Grab this one of the Top Digital Marketing Careers

The responsibilities of the content writers include-

Writing and Managing the content of the blog/articles

Managing the content of the website

Guest post writing

Spend a good time in the full-study and analysis of the topic

Good knowledge of the targeted keywords related to the topic

Good Command On English Language or any language on which you are blogging

Digital Marketing Job- Content Writer

A content writer can earn by various means he or she can join a renowned company to make their work a countable one under that company, can hold some projects from freelancing and earn good amount from that or can start up their own blog and content writing website on particular or various niches of their interest.

Some Tips For SEO Based Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert-

SEO is the major concept for the website ranking on top of most search engines like Bing and Google. Good SEO is the ultimate weapon of a website to improve its ranking in Google SERP.

SEO Expert- Digital Marketing Job

SEO experts are Digital marketing jobs for experts in this field. These are high in demand and if you want to choose that field as your job then these are some responsibilities and Qualities of an SEO Expert-

Google Knowledge of keywords to acquire targeted audience more

Check Plagiarism of the content of the website.

Have a good knowledge of operating various SEO tools like MOZ and Ahref

Study of the competitor’s websites is necessary to keep your ranking high

Keep Yourself updated with the Latest SEO Trends

Aware of the types of SEO (Off-Page & On-Page)

SEO Expert can expect a good sum of earning or salary package as it is the ultimate goal of every company to keep their presence high in SERP.

Social Media Marketing Expert-

Social Media is the most popular way of communicating with people these days. It is one of the best Digital Marketing jobs. Social Media is the source that is used by the people of age groups. It enables a company to interact with its worldwide customers. The major role of a social media expert if to study the interaction of customers with the brand and to know the demand of the market related to your product.

SMM- Digital Marketing Job

Social Media Marketing Expert needs to spend a lot of time on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit in order to promote their brand and study the effect of social media marketing over the business. Every top-most company has a separate team of social media marketing specialists that handle the digital presence of the company over different social media platforms.

Email Marketing Specialist-

Email Marketing is best among Top Digital marketing careers and Jobs in digital marketing. It is also one of the best sources to keep in touch with the existing customers and attract new ones that are interested in the product.

Email Marketing- Digital Marketing Job

Email Marketing Expert responsibilities include-

Launching Email Marketing Campaigns

Make the existing customers aware of the new product launches, discount and sale offers of the company

Keep themselves aware of the Best Email Marketing Software that suites well to the company

Strong Email Writing and editing skills to avoid spamming of mail

Video Marketing Specialist-

Video marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing that involves the submission of the video related to the company over the official pages. Videos are considered as a good source of advertising and providing knowledge about the product. One can choose Vlogging as a full-time career as well for a living.

Video Marketing Job- Digital Marketing Job

This digital marketing job demands for the following skills and qualities in the employee-

Good knowledge of Video Editing

Coordinating with the content writing team in order to plan video well

Discover and Implement new tools and technologies

Sound editing

Ensure the quality of the video content and timely execution

Website Developer-

Website Developer is a highly technical role in a company. The major responsibility of a website developer is to construct a fully functional website that provides an error-free and smooth experience to the users. The website developer is not a single person but a team of experts that perform according to their role. As website development is full fledge process involving various steps. One can choose any role from the website development team as per his or her skill set.

Web Developer

The responsibilities of a website developer are-

Expert knowledge of the computer languages in which the website is going to be developed like PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript, C , C++, etc.

You should be updated with the latest technologies

Logics of coding must be clear

Should know how to optimize a website for mobile and apps

Web Designer-

Website Designer is a person who manages the outlook of the website or the design of the website. The core responsibility of the web designer is to understand the code and what is the working of the website and design accordingly.

Web Designer

The web designer must have the knowledge of graphic designing tools like some are- Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw, etc. A Web Designer should be creative, artistic in nature and have good knowledge of color schemes. He/ She must be skillful in responsive web designing. The salary of a web designer depends on various aspects that are- the experience of the web designer, the company in which they are going to work, the skill set of the person, etc.

Web Analytics-

Web analytics refers to the analysis of data to know the behavior of the audience towards web pages. It involves the deep analysis of web pages with Google Analytics for further planning and improvement on the website.

Web Analytics

What study of web analytics include?

Number of visitors on the website and the number of unique visitors

From where the maximum audience belongs

The bounce rate of the website

Number of repeated visitors

New visitors and returning visitors ratio

Top Visited Pages and so many more things…

This study is necessary for improvements and updates on the website.

Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Search Engine Marketing refers to marketing via search engines like Google and Bing. The responsibility of Search Engine Marketer is to improve the visibility of the website in the SERP. It mainly refers to the launching of ads and campaigns on related keywords.

Search Engine Marketing

The major responsibility of a Search Engine Marketing Specialist include-

Accurate keyword research related to the product or business

The ad should be launched in the targeted geographical area where it will make a major impact.

Create a text-based ad to enable its visibility in search results.


The intention of this blog is to make budding digital marketers and experienced ones aware of the opportunities in the field of top digital marketing careers. There is so much to explore and work in this field. Now it’s up to you to choose a job according to your skillset, preferred location, expected salary package and eligibility criteria. Start learning today and raise your graph to high peek with digital marketing.

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