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Binom Pro Tracker – The Best Self Hosted Tracker – A must try for all the affiliates

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After split testing, trackers being the most trending topic in the industry of affiliate marketing is the main reason why we at Amritsar Digital Academy to guide you about the best tracking system. However, this post lays down the review of Binom, the best self-hosted tracker that is specifically designed for the professionals.

Binom tracker

No, this post will not exhibit the comparison between different trackers but will help you learn about Binom, the best self-hosted tracker.

Let’s find out more.

How to Install Binom?

There are two ways to install Binom Tracker:

1. Installation via support

For Installation, via support, you just need to provide server details to the Binom support team. And rest they will do for you.

2. Automatic Installation

This type of installation allows you to install all the necessary software along with the tracker and optimize it for your server in 10 minutes. This installation can be performed only on a clean server. Do not try to install the tracker with auto-installer, if you already have working projects on your server. Watch this video for the Automatic Installation method.

Utility And Features of Binom

The 2 biggest features of Binom, that help it outperform the rest of the platforms are as follows:

  • Integrated (no-redirect) landing pages
  • Smart Rotation

Come, let’s have a look at these features comprehensively.

  • Integrated Landing Pages
integrated landing pages

This helps you in uploading your lander to the tracker and utilizes a specific token with respect to your CTA click link. The real difference is that there will be no additional redirect when you link your campaign to the tracking link, as Binom will directly load the landing page. Although both Binom and Voluum have direct pixel tracking, the real contrast is that with the integrated landing pages the landing page itself is placed on the very same server as your tracker, while with pixel tracking you can host your landing pages on other servers or CDN.

  • Smart Rotations

Yet another interesting feature of Binom is Smart Rotations. The main idea behind this feature is not to display the lander and offer to the same user repeatedly if he had already seen it. Here, you can spot a back button redirect script, where each time the visitor clicks, he sees a completely different offer. It is a completely automated tracker, with no such coding required.

Binom smart rotation

Even then, you can utilize the standard rotations; every option is displayed while creating a fresh campaign.

  • E-commerce and Subscriptions

If you have ever run COD (cash on delivery) offers, then you would be aware of the 3 stages of a conversion process: HOLD, REJECT and LEAD (the E-commerce scheme) that can be accessed in the settings panel. It operates hassle-free, the only difference being it is tracked as a separate conversion. This implies that In Binom it’s called E-commerce scheme and it’s accessible in the Settings panel. It works without problems, the only difference is that in Voluum each conversion is tracked as a separate conversion.

Unlike Voluum, in Binom you will encounter a single event.

In Binom, if a HOLD converts into a LEAD, then the rest of those on HOLD previously gets converted into LEAD in a single event without any added conversion events.

  • Checking domains for Google Blocking

Binom now clubs with Google Safe Browsing API, which further enables you to verify how is your domain standing.

  • Free SSL Certifications

As mentioned, Binom can allow SSL by default for you to track as a whole. Nevertheless, it can also allow SSL for any domain that you intend to add at a later stage. You can simply do it by clicking on the enable button, placed next to the domain.

Some Advanced Features of Binom

  • Custom Columns

In case you require extra calculations, it enables you to add your own columns. They are generally helpful with the Events feature. This feature allows you to enter your personal formulas and make Binom calculate it on your behalf. Excel is not required anymore for additional calculations.

  • Events

In all Binom offers you 10 variables in events that one can use at its best. With this, you can implement creative ideas such as measuring the percentage of the scroll on the landing page or finding bots visiting the LP.

Now we are Gonna launch our campaign.

Follow Me…

  1. Click on the Campaigns tab.
  2. Click on the button ‘Create’.
  3. Pick a name for your campaign.
  4. Choose the group for your lander or assign the new one in the section Add new item.
  5. Choose the source of traffic.
  6. Designate a value for every click.
  7. Make a choice, whether you will use your own landing page, or redirect it to the offer. If you intend to use the landing page, then click on the Landing Page, where a window pops up to easily find your landing page, using search and groups. After clicking on it you get redirected to the edit page of the campaign.
  8. In case, its offer, click on the offer tab and a window will be opened again.
  9. Save the campaign by hitting the Save button.
  10. Copy the URL of the campaign, which is final and use it to send the purchased traffic.


Binom being the best CPA affiliate tracker, is quite pocket-friendly with its pricing starting at $69/month if you opt for a yearly plan. This Tracker is for unlimited usage.

binom pricing

Besides that, you also get a free trial for one month and 40% OFF next month so that you can try out the tracker on your servers for completely free in the first month.


The Support system is offered for free with any plan of Binom. And with considerable experience in the industry, we can say that their support system is really great and speedy. You can stay in direct touch with the support team through Skype, without the need of raising any support tickets.

Live Demo

Moreover, Binom also offers a live demo, where you can run and test the tracker without even installing it on your own servers.

Bottom Line

As a fact, a lot of affiliates are scared of working on self-hosted solutions, since they are familiar with broadcasted fast redirect speed in a distributed cloud. But Binom offers a great support system and installation of an optimized server for the tracker which is not complicated at all.

Moreover, if you are still worried about the redirected speeds, you can host your tracker in multiple geo-locations with add on licenses.

Binom is a more affiliate oriented tracker as compared to its competitors.

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