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Want A Thriving Website Ranking? Focus On SEO TRENDS 2020!


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of manipulating keywords, modifying the content, adding content in such a way that it will lead to an increase in the quantity and quality of organic traffic over your website. Improvement in organic traffic refers to unpaid traffic that directly visits your website. SEO Trends 2020 is a full-fledge study concept. Various SEO tools are available on the web for proper structuring and planning of your content in order to get traffic. One has to be aware of the latest Trends In SEO of the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and plan their Search Engine Optimization strategy accordingly. A well-ranked website has done a lot of study of SEO Course. SEO is a constantly changing concept that is why there is a need for regular updates about new trends.

The major focus must be given to the following concepts while SEO Trends 2020 study:-

How Search Engine Works.

The behaviour of the Search engine.

Search Engine algorithm.

Keywords, that are likely to be searched.

A well SEO performed website will rank good in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and attract more visitors.

Latest SEO Trends 2020:What Is SEO In 2020?

List of Top 10 Trends In SEO that are going to be opted in 2020 for strong SEO Strategy

Google BERT Update

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. This update came into working from October 2019.

But what actually BERT SEO update by Google is???

Google BERT Update

Google always tries to provide the most relevant results to its users against a search query. SEO BERT update is a more improved version of Google understanding, in it, Google is trying to understand the context of a search query and provides results accordingly. It works on NPL (Natural Processing Language) and machine system that tries to interpret the complexity of the human language. BERT’s greater impact is on long-tail search queries and tries to improve its interpretation and provides better results.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Today, more than half of the traffic of searches are made through mobile phones. So in order to get ranking, a website must be mobile-friendly with fast page-loading speed. It is and effective Search Engine Optimization Technique As a result of more searches via mobile phones, Google has switched its priority to the Mobile-First Indexing. In it, Google has given dominance to the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. Sites having a best desktop-only version cannot rank until it has an equal mobile-friendly website.

Mobile First Indexing

You can check for your site whether its mobile-friendly by mobile-friendly test. Remember, Page-loading speed really matters, even a delay of 1 second in page loading speed can violate the ranking position of a website.

Content is The Master

Content is the major reason for getting a rank in Google and so is the latest SEO Trend In 2020. Firstly, you need to check whether your website is on Google. The best way to make your website noticed is to submit a site map to Google.

Content is king

The important things that should be kept in mind while writing content are:-

Let Google understand your content like the people do

Write a descriptive and accurate page title

Use the description in Meta tag

Make an attractive snippet

Use the H1 tag for main heading and H2, H3 tags for sub-heading for clear indication of all.

Using breadcrumbs list for easy navigation.

Make your site useful and interesting one.

Provide your users with what they want to read.

Voice Search Optimized Websites

Along with more searches from mobile devices, the voice search from voice assistants like Amazon Echo, Voice Pod, etc. also has become a convenient and easy way for users to search their queries. A website optimized with voice search lead to attracting more organic traffic towards your site. How can this be achieved?

Voice Search SEO trends Latest

Well, by using targeted keywords, descriptive phrases the chances of getting rank are more likely to happen. Some tools that will make you aware of queries are-





Google Keywords Planner

Goodbye Flash Content

Google in its latest update on its official webmasters’ blog declared that by the start of 2020, it will stop supporting the web pages having flash content and stop its ranking as well. Google will completely start ignoring the flash pages and stop indexing on its basis. It is one of the biggest SEO trends in 2020. Now it will become very hard for flash lovers to look for their content.

Goodbye Flash SEO Trends

Google Analytics – Analyze Your Search Performance

Google has provided an amazing tool to track the live performance of your website and that is Google Analytics. It analyzes your website’s each page from the depth and makes the owner aware of the users, live tracking of current users, monthly or weekly reports. It is a really helpful and beneficial tool for website owners as it will lead them to plan strategies accordingly.

Analytics Latest SEO trend

Google Search Console feature-Video Enhancement Report

Videos are being considered as the most innovative way of expressing ideas with clarity. Videos in result can be seen at three places-In video tab, In discovers, On the main search page.

Video Report

Google Search Console introduced the new feature of Video Report. With the help of this, you can check the response and performance of your video, clicks, and impressions over your video. You can fix issues by checking errors and can further plan your strategies accordingly after looking for a report.

E-A-T Concept

E-A-T concept is stated among the top 3 considerations of Google.

Expertise– You need to be an expert in the field on which you are writing the content. This can very critical in some cases where it is necessary to provide your users with accurate information like a blog on medical concepts, financial blogs, etc.

AuthoritativenessYou can gain authority by the expertise shown in the main content. You have to show that you are an authority or the authoritativeness of the creator for the main content.

Trustworthiness You need to show your users that they can trust your main content and it’s accurate and relevant.

EAT SEO Trends

EAT determines the quality of the web pages and website and can be the reason for more organic traffic on your website as compared to others.

Tip To Improve:– Disclose who your brand is, who your authors are, and why they should be trusted.

Attractive Snippets For More Clicks

Position 0 (zero) in Google search can be achieved by featured snippets. Ranking for a featured snippet is so much helpful and effective for driving visitors to your site. It is also a major working SEO Technique. Featured snippets can be categorized into three types i.e. Paragraph, List, Table. It is a brief description of what is written in content and more likely to show in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). So if your snippet is clear, descriptive and attractive then you can expect to rank at 1.

Snippet SEO trends

Final Verdict-

Google SEO trends 2020 are constantly changing concept. You need to match up with the constant study and details of Google’s new trends in SEO and changes in the algorithm in order to keep your ranking good and keep the organic traffic of users at a high pace over your website.

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