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What is a Click fraud?

Let’s understand the meaning of our title first. The style of advertising has been evolving for so long and now it has reached a whole new level. When you search for something on the Google search engine, you might have noticed that the top links have ‘Ad’ written on its beginning. The advertiser has placed their ad on a word that you have searched. Advertisement results on the top of the page. The most interesting part here is that the advertiser will not have to pay until somebody clicks on the ad. There is a very high chance that your competitors will click on the link, again and again, to make you pay for the advertisement. You will get charged for each click on your website without getting the conversion rates. This is known as Click Fraud. As every problem has a solution, it’s a solution is to have Click Fraud Protection Software that detects the genuine clicks and fraud clicks on.

How Click Fraud Protection Software Works?

Click fraud Software tracks the IP address of the computer, location, and device information to detect the fraud clicks. This data is well analyzed and checked. Click Fraud software is the need of all entrepreneurs, business persons, advertisers, and ad agencies to remove unwanted clickers. It blocks the visitors from seeing future ads of the company. The trickery clicks decrease the conversion rates on your advertisement. This software is a must-have for regular advertisers. The users of PPC can remain confident that their efforts are going in vain and their ad is reaching potential customers. There are countless options to choose from, we are making it easy for you. We have shortlisted some of the best Google ads click fraud prevention software. Take a look at all the software mentioned below.

Best Click Fraud Protection Software

1.      PPC Protect

PPC Protect, the best click fraud software, helps in detecting fraudulent clicks and reduces the cost per action, and boosts up the PPC (pay per click). You can witness the favorable results within the budget of the campaign. It enhances your conversion rates and blocks the invalid and wrong users from the website. PPC Protect Pricing is affordable. It costs $200 per month for limited access and $750 per month for unlimited access.

PPC Protect Features

  • Very easy to implement
  • Cost-effective software
  • Requires less manual work
  • Monitors the website traffic properly
  • Given favorable outcomes
  • Helpful to ad agencies
  • Safeguards from google ad click fraud
click fraud protection software

2.      ClickGuard

ClickGuard is a click fraud protection software we have in the market. The goal of this software is to protect you from wasting money on duplicate clicks that don’t bring profit to your organization or website. It is reliable software that strengthens pay-per-click profits. It prevents illegitimate actions and taps on the link of the website.

 ClickGuard Pricing is classified into 3 categories differing in the features and number of services.

$59 for a month

$79 for a month

$99 for a month

ClickGuard Features

  • Personalize the settings of the software
  • Convenient to access
  • Removes duplicate clicks
  • Saves dollars in PPC
  • The customer services team is commendable
  • Analytics and insights are beneficent
best click fraud protection software

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3.      AppsFlyer

This Google ad click fraud prevention software keeps an eye on whoever comes to the website by clicking on the ad. AppsFlyer software is built up to maintain the organic clicks and brush off the duplicate clicks by monitoring the traffic.  This software has google ad click fraud protection technology. Currently, it is used by reputed brands also. Some people have issues with the AppsFlyer pricing. Furthermore, its mobile preview is not appreciable. 

AppsFlyer Features

  • Presents trustworthy measurements
  • Incredible and reliable insights
  • Provides real-time updates
  • Highly functional tool
  • Protect your budget from click frauds
  • Useful for advertisers
best click fraud software

4.      ClickCease

ClickCease is yet again the amazing software to protect you from trickery clicks. Ease to operate and great assistance are the most significant part of this software. This is affordable software providing a shield to your website against scams. ClickCease is money-saving software that shields you against deceptive clicks. ClickCease Pricing is pocket-friendly. It has 2 plans- one is the standard package for $50 and another is the pro pack for $75.

ClickCease Features

  • It is manipulative.
  • Expertise in cross-domain blocking
  • Useful for Google advertisers
  • Monitors IP addresses to block unwanted users
  • Easy to set-up
  • Tracks relevant keywords
google ad click fraud

5.      Clixtell Click Fraud Protection

The Clixtell is vigilant while checking whoever pays a visit to the website. It disintegrates the genuine and fake clicks on your advertisement. Hence, it makes it the best click fraud software. You can secure your PPC budget by using Clixtell click fraud protection. It not only secures your google ads but also guards your bing ads. Clixtell is automated click fraud software that is strategically designed for a user-friendly experience.

Clixtell Features

  • Enables free trial
  • Deals with fraudsters immediately
  • Quick in taking actions
  • Doesn’t lag or crash
  • Services are worth the cost
  • Shields your campaign
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Excellent in click fraud detention
click fraud detection

6.      TrafficGuard

This Google ad click fraud prevention software is multi-lingual, which is designed to offer the best services for the protection against fraud clicks. The PPC protection by TrafficGaurd is fit for all sizes of businesses and Google ad campaigns. It automatically blocks misleading users and secures your money from getting spoiled. It helps your business to get organic and genuine users and promote your product and services accordingly. TrafficGuard offers few features but the features it consists, are good.

TrafficGuard Features

  • The security system in the software to protect our ad is appreciable
  • Suitable for all big and small businesses
  • Real-time visibility and updates
  • Boosts conversion rates by protecting from fraud clicks
google ad click fraud prevention

7.      Opticks

Opticks is again one of the smartest and top click fraud software for businesses, marketers and advertisers. It is controlled by Artificial intelligence and it immediately blacklists the doubtful and duplicate IP addresses. Due to the smooth and accurate working of this software, it is becoming the obvious choice of many companies.

Opticks Features

  • Designed with the least complications
  • Maximize your advertising cost
  • Provides no false alarms, trustworthy results
  • Easy to understand
  • The support system is beneficial
  • Customization available
best click fraud software

8.      Human

Human Click Fraud Protection Software is utilized by ambitious businesses that are looking forward to growing their business with the help of google ads and bing ads. This company has the most advanced human verification engine, which means this software can detect the automated duplicate clicks made on your ad, just to demote your campaign and disrupt your campaign budget and goal.

Human Features

  • Shields your company from bot attacks
  • Language is no bar. It supports many languages
  • This software has exceptionally great reviews
  • Responsive support team
  • User-friendly design and system
top click fraud protection software

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9.      ClickGum

This software controls the traffic on your ad and escalates your profit. ClickGum tracks and monitors all the traffic sources and removes unreliable and fake IP addresses. Click Fraud detention Software has the duty to optimize your marketing campaigns and extract out the best of them. This is what ClickGum is doing for its clients.

ClickGum Features

  • Manage your PPC campaign like a pro
  •  Keep an eye on conversion rates
  • Can also be used in email marketing and social media campaigns
  • It has great feedback from users
  • Guides you by showing that from where conversions are coming
  • Helps you plan your campaign and target audience more efficiently
ppc protect software

10. Meetrics

Meetrics tracks the audience on the ad consistently and doesn’t wait to respond to the fraud clicks. It observes the brand’s viewership and provides real-time updates to you. This software is efficient in its work. With the focus on brand safety and brand image, it is developed in such a way that it provides spectacular results.  Though it is result-oriented, this tool is difficult to understand at first.

Meetrics Features

  • Controls your CPC (cost per click)
  • Cares for your campaign’s budget
  • Designed with good and professional technology
  • Educates you with real-time happenings
google ad click fraud protection

11. Forensiq

Forensiq is yet again an incredible tool to monitor click fraud on the ad and protects your online advertisement amount because it is one of the best click fraud protection software. You can submit that data to google analytics and google refunds the money of fraud clicks. That is how this procedure works. It also provides data on whether the visitor has completed your desired action or not. Forensiq designs or optimizes your campaign through machine learning.

Forensiq Features

  • Provides expected results to clients
  • Highly active customer service
  • Simple to use this software
  • The user interface is not complex
  • Uses high technology system
  • Fraud detention technology system is advanced
click fraud protection software

Here is the list of all the software mentioned above with the average of the rating given by the users. Let’s have a look-

Name of the SoftwareRating*
PPC Protect 4.8/5
 ClickGuard 4.7/5
 AppsFlyer 4.4/5
 ClickCease 4.5/5
 Clixtell 4.9/5
 TrafficGuard 4.1/5
 Opticks 4.9/5
 Human 4.8/5
 ClickGum 4.9/5
 Meetrics 4.8/5
 Forensiq 4.8/5
*based on reviews by users.

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