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10 Hacks For Twitter Marketing To Increase Followers Fast

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Whether the news is about politics, brands, culture, work, Twitter is one of the most powerful social networking tools and search engines where you will get any kind of information. Here you will see the updates regarding a large companies and businesses. In this modern era, everyone is on Twitter and shares their tweets on daily basis. So now the question is are we really generating good content for our audience? In this blog, we will discuss about Twitter marketing strategies and their benefits.

How you can use Twitter for business and what are some tricks and hacks to increase your followers fast. You will also know about Twitter marketing tips that actually work. Let’s get started..!!

Complete Your Profile For Twitter Marketing

When someone looks at your professional Twitter profile, it is necessary to complete your profile. If the file is incomplete, nobody will follow you. So customize your profile like logo, colours, or any kind of details that you want to incorporate. Follow these steps to complete your profile:-

Create Username

Your Twitter username is important (like our username is on Twitter is @AmritsarAcademy) – Make sure that you created a username related to your company name. In this way, your followers can easily find you on this platform.


Here the header means your Twitter profile background. Pick a unique image for your background. You can use your company logo or any branded image that describes your brand.

Profile Picture

Do you know your Twitter profile picture represents your company? Every action, tweet, the post tells about your company products and services. So it is necessary that your profile picture must be your CEO photo, logo, and company’s initials.


Every Twitter profile is incomplete without a good bio. Your bio tells about your mission statement, a snippet about what your organization does, or something entertaining and engaging. It is important to write your bio under 160 characters.

Add Website URL & Birthday

When you complete your bio, add your website URL. The benefit of adding a website URL is that you will get traffic on your website. Now it’s time to add the company’s birthday on your profile so that your audience will know about your business on a more personal level. Below is the example of HubSpot for better clarification to complete the Twitter profile.

Twitter Marketing

Tweet During Peak Hours

There are many days when users are more active on Twitter. So analyze those hours and tweet on that time. With this strategy, you will get more engagement, impressions, and clicks. According to Buffer, the good days for tweet posts are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. During these days CTRs is higher as compared to other days of the week.

Best Time To Post Twitter

The best time for posting on Twitter is 12 PM to 6 PM. While some say if you post during 12 PM to 3 PM on Monday to Friday is the best time. According to me, I would suggest you to test your content at different times and days. This strategy will tell your peak posting timings that work best for your brand.

Share Different Types Of Content In Twitter Marketing

Do you know interactive content performs better on the Twitter platform? So here are few things that you should definitely try to increase your Twitter followers. Follow these Twitter marketing tips step by step:-

Use Visuals

The more creative your posts are, the more chance to increase followers fast on Twitter. Try to use GIFs, images, videos for bolster results. The interesting fact about Twitter is billions of people watch videos on Twitter per day so make sure that your content must be eye-catching and unique. Don’t forget to add your logo to your post. So share videos that are under 16 seconds.

Do you know Visual posts generate 35% more retweets while videos generate only 28% more retweets as compared to text?

In short the more visual your tweets are, the more chance to get social engagements.

Questions & Polls

Engage your audience by creating questions and polls. We all know that this strategy will not work on Facebook or LinkedIn but this performs best on Twitter. So engage your audience through polls.

Twitter Polls

Share Memes

One of the best ways to share your message via memes. People love memes so try to tell your story via memes. This Twitter marketing strategy helps to engage with your customers.

Funny Memes

Advertise On Twitter

Reach your audience by advertising on Twitter. This twitter marketing hack helps to increase your followers. Make your tweets more discoverable by sharing the thousands of people and this is only done with promoted tweets or Twitter ads.

Promoted Tweets

One of the great ways to get more people on a specific webpage. Your promoted tweets will display on Twitter streams or Twitter search results. For this Twitter marketing strategy, you have to pay a monthly fee for promoting a tweet. It’s a little bit expensive but not more than LinkedIn Ads. 

Promoted Ads

Twitter will place your promoted tweets in a daily campaign focusing on the sort of audience you need to reach as recently shown in your settings. All Twitter users have the ability to interact and engage with Twitter Ads a similar way they would with your organic content.

Twitter Ads

Every business has different goals and objectives so choose the option that suits your business requirements like app installs, video views, website conversions, and the list go on.

Twitter Ads is an incredible alternative in case you’re using various sorts of tweets to accomplish one objective for your business. It’s ideal in case you’re hoping to grow your base of followers and brand awareness essentially through the platform.

Use Twitter Moments

This section tells you about the collection of tweets based on a specific topic or event. Here you can pick tweets related to your topic of choice such as “today”, “tweets”, “entertainment”, fun, etc. The best part about Twitter marketing is that you can create your own section of moments for your followers on your profile.

Twitter Moments

Build Followers With Right Strategy

The more followers you have the more people interact with your content. So increase your followers with the right strategy of twitter marketing and improve brand awareness. Make sure that you follow the right audience according to your niche. So here I am sharing some ways to increase Twitter followers fast.

👉 Make sure that your content is shareable

✔️ Use right hashtags

👉 Create engaging content like giveaways, contest, polls, questions, etc

✔️ Add URL of your website directly to your Twitter profile

👉 Interact with your followers and if you like their posts then retweet their content. When you follow this strategy, they will also to do the same for you

Write Your Tweets Neatly

Every tweet has a like button, reply button, and the most important button is a retweet. The more you replied to your audience, the more chance you will get more engagement. And the best part is if someone retweets your post, your tweet will show to their followers. So try to make retweetable tweets. For this, your tweet must be very neat. Neatness is important. Your first line should be very powerful. Don’t use paragraphs in tweets. Use spacing, different words & numbers. Keep cleanliness in your tweets and timeline.

Use Trending Pages

We all know that Twitter’s trending page is full of negativity, politics, news, hot topics, or some hashtags like #MondayMotivation #TuesdayThoughts, and so on. For growth Twitter game, explore the trending page and use the latest hashtags which is viral on Twitter. This strategy will help to build your audience. Use only 2 hashtags in each tweet. Also, keep one thing in mind try one tweet per day by using the trending section.

Do you know hot topics will get a lot of retweets?

Don’t give negative comments on twitter otherwise your account will be banned. So always give positive opinions.

Twitter Marketing Tips

Target Your Genre Accounts

Find your genre accounts on Twitter and follow them. Post tweets related to your genre. Your genres will definitely comment on your tweet. Target different kinds of accounts.

For Example, Ranveer is right but shraddha’s opinion is also good.

Follow that account that he/she mentioned in their comments. Hijack your niche accounts and reply to their tweets. This is a great way to get more engagement.


Why people are using Twitter in this digital era? Before giving an answer to this question let’s discuss about what are threads? Those who love reading and excited to get information through words, these people are using Twitter a lot. A lot of people grab information from Twitter. If you start your Twitter account with threads then you will definitely get followers fast. Threads are like researching on a particular topic and you pack information into 8-20 tweets. If you posted one thread in one week, then you will get 1000-2000 retweets within few days. But for threads, you have to deep research on that topic, and collect all stats and photos. Use threads to grow twitter followers fast.

Twitter Etiquette

👉 Per day 4-5 maximum tweets are enough. Don’t flood on Twitter; otherwise, your followers will unfollow you.

✔️ Avoid crowding your audience’s feed

👉 Analyze your Twitter profile and check out all the retweets that people like the most.

✔️ Read other people’s Twitter accounts and check out what they are doing on their timelines.

👉 If you want twitter growth, retweet those tweets which match to your audience’s thoughts.

✔️ 1-2 retweets are enough per day


As we all know Twitter is the world’s no.1 self-improvement platform or smart platform. It’s a myth that Twitter is only based on news, politics, hate, or negativity. If you don’t like these things that unfollow them and follow those accounts that you always want to stay updated with their tweets. Hope you like all the Twitter marketing tips that I have shared with you.

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These 10 Hacks for Twitter Marketing completely change your thoughts and helps to grow more audience. Apply these Twitter hacks today but keep two things in your mind. One is your brand and the second one is your goals. So what are you waiting for? Pick and choose which of the 10 hacks work for the best.

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