Review On Power AdSpy: The Best Facebook and Instagram Adspying Tool

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It is a proven fact, that spy tools have incredibly transformed online marketing. To survive the competition, a spy tool is a must-have resource. In the past too, we have reviewed many advertisement spy tools. And today we are here to give you an unbiased adspy review on an extremely powerful spy tool i.e adspy. So if you are looking for the best Facebook spy tool to track your competitor’s Facebook ads then must try PowerAds spy tool. No matter if you are an entrepreneur, digital marketer, or freelancer, this power adspy offer multiple features for every kind of business. Lets read about the best Facebook ads spy tools in detail:-

Adspy Overview

AdSpy is considered to be one of the most powerful Instagram and Best Facebook ads spy tools. Moreover, when added to the Fb Ad Spying, you get mystified results. However, here comes the Adspy to your rescue that is also known for holding the largest database of ads.


This Ad spying tool aids you in spying and copying the ad campaigns of your competitors. Here you can locate the keywords, discover great deals on different niches and also position your Facebook, Instagram, and Mobile Ad Campaigns effectively.

However, the best way of emphasizing on AdSpy is by rebroadcasting the famous features that comprise of incredible deals on the AdSpy, that you can discover at the end of this post.

Top AdSpy Features

1. Strengthened Search

One of the most sorted after feature of AdSpy is its Enhanced Basic search. By using this feature you can virtually search for any Ad by employing the option of Advanced Filters to give you the best-filtered results.

However, you can search your ads based on:

  • Site type
  • Media Type
  • Ages
  • Seen After
  • Gender
  • Technologies
  • Ad Text
  • Daily Likes
  • Total Likes
  • Networks
  • Affiliate ID
  • Offer ID

Not only this, you can search for the competitor’s Ad by using their Ad Text, URL, or even by their Name. The results generated will include the Original Ad in addition to all the supporting details such as Likes, Shares, Comments, Impressions, and Screenshots among others.

2. Comprehensive Data

Yet another great USP of AdSpy is its comprehensive Ad Database. On a daily basis, the AdSpy traces more than 12 million advertisers. Therefore, with such extensive data, we can certainly profess that AdSpy hardly skips anything.

But the real fact is that you can get hold of this data, only when you are looking for new and trending products and micro-niches. Although micro spy tools might handle specific hot trending products, to discover highly specific products, of which everyone is unaware, you need to have a far-sighted spy tool.

So, hurry and grab the latest AdSpy Coupon Codes to seal the deal.

features of adspy

3. By Affiliates for Affiliates

It is irrefutable that AdSpy has been developed to attract affiliates. Since affiliates are considered to be the largest market for any spy tool, AdSpy specifically deals with their concerns.

Any affiliate spending on an ad spy tool looks for easy conversion. Therefore, having the ability to search for Ads by Affiliate Networks is a big advantage. Moreover, you can also look for an Affiliate ID or other Offer ID as well. The results generated consist of downloadable formats of the landers, graphics, and redirects. The tool also comprises Cloakers just to make sure that the searches and the results come to you hassle-free.

4. Adspy Pricing

Another fascinating factor of this advertisement spying tool is that it is not too expensive. By paying just $149, you can avail all the features of this powerful spy tool for one whole month.

Once you Sign Up with this tool, you will get Free Credits that can be used for Trial. But be cautious because many of the credits are exhausted during the searches and scrolling of the results.

In case you confront any complications while finding what you are exactly looking for, then just go to the Examples Page to discover how to use the Enhanced Basic Search appropriately. Moreover, the AdSpy Support also develops a Customized Search for you, if you generate a request.

Drawbacks of AdSpy

  • Often lead to Timed-out Searches
  • Few Featured Ads are junked on Fb
  • Only one user can operate through one account

How Prompt is AdSpy Support System?

To describe the AdSpy Support System in one word, it is ‘Fast’. To emerge as one of the best advertisement spying tools, revert time or turn-around time by this system is within 24 hours.  But on average, their reply time is quite instant, say within a couple of minutes.

How to Begin With Your Search on AdSpy?

Step 1

Create an account on AdSpy by visiting and clicking on ‘Get Started’. Then start following as prompted.

Step 2

Once the adspy account is created, login by entering your username and password. Then copy the URL of the Facebook Ad you want to search about and you can also filter your results by selecting the different criteria displayed along with the search box. While performing the search, the results will be displayed right below the search bar.

Adspy login

Step 3

Now scroll down all the way to watch all the advertising campaigns that are relevant to your search criteria.

Search Ads

Step 4

You can also save these search results for future reference by selecting the option ‘save current search’ and labeling your search. To restore the saved searches, simply click on the drop-down menu placed right next to ‘select search’.

search results

Step 5

While skimming through the various displayed ads that are relevant to your search criteria, you can closely examine the specific ads that catch your sight by clicking on the ‘i’ tab placed at the right top corner of every ad.

Ad Results

Step 6

Besides that, you can also click on the arrow (on the top right side of every ad), to get redirected to the ad itself. There you will be able to view the platform on which the ad is being displayed (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc..), complete ad copy, its engagement, and the volume generates on the ads along with the comments on the same.

So, there you go! A new Facebook and Instagram Ad spy tool that is powerful enough to have an undue advantage over your competitors.

Final Verdict

In the nutshell, we at Amritsar Digital Academy would like to make you learn that AdSpy is the best Ad Spying tool we have come across to date besides other great native ads spy tool, especially if you are an affiliate marketer. It gives you all the essential insights that one requires to take the e-commerce business to the next level.

However, if you are planning to register with the AdSpy tool and wish to run an adspy trial then you can get that done even without subscribing to its paid plan. Just opt for the adspy free ad credits as mentioned above and watch the ads by scrolling down. And to watch only the relevant ads, all you have to do is just adjust your search term in spite of continuous scrolling.

Adspy Blog small banner

So, what are you waiting for, try your hands on this best Facebook ad spy tool. Don’t forget to use adspy promo code before choosing its plan.

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