AdPlexity Review

AdPlexity Review: An Ultimate Guide For Best Native Ad Spy Tool

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Are you looking for the best ads spy tools for your business? But the problem is there are various ads spy tools in the market. It’s difficult to find which tool is best for your business when there are tons of ads spy tools available. So now no need to worry because I am going to share the best native ad spy tool i.e AdPlexity. In this blog, I am going to share my AdPlexity Review that includes its features, product information, pricing, functionality, and much more. Also, I have added AdPlexity videos so that you will get the proper information about this amazing software. Adplexity offers amazing services and comes with outstanding features and filters. Let’s get started with Adplexity now.


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What Is AdPlexity?

One of the best spy tools that come with amazing features and filters that gives you detailed information regarding to profitable ad campaigns worldwide. All you have to do is just sign up and you can easily monitor and download promo materials for, for example, banners and landing pages. What are you waiting for? Try AdPlexity free trial today and check out the ads that are already successful in the market.

AdPlexity Review

Why You Should Choose AdPlexity?

There are several reasons to choose AdPlexity. Lets read about its features and benefits in details:-

👉 Easy to use interface.

✔️ Most exact continuous information.

👉 Gives detailed information regarding to ad campaigns.

✔️ It accompanies a heap of magnificent highlights and amazing filter options.

👉 AdPlexity covers more than 75+ countries around the world.

✔️ It allows you to download landing pages and creatives with a single click.

👉 It has the most continuing and easy to use interface that will help you in finding a productive campaign faster than ever before.

What Are The Benefits Of AdPlexity?

Do you know with AdPlexity you can easily spy on your competitors in many different ways? It comes with advanced features that no other ads spy tools gives you this feature. Below are the top best AdPlexity features that one should definitely know before buying AdPlexity.

Landing Page Downloads

Use its advanced feature to download landing pages.

Pop Up Redirects

Track campaigns that are running on pop-under ads only with pop-up redirects.

Banner Ads

Did you know this advanced feature monitors thousands of ads that are running on many adult websites?

Devices Integration

It supports all the main platforms like Mac, iPhone, windows, and android too. What else you want?

Affiliate Networks

Do you know with this feature you can easily find the best ads that are promoting affiliate offers from over 100 affiliate network? For affiliate marketers, it’s the best feature that they can use for ads.

List Of AdPlexity Products Overview

✔️ AdPlexity Desktop

👉 AdPlexity Mobile

✔️ AdPlexity Native

👉 AdPlexity Push

✔️ AdPlexity eCommerce

👉 AdPlexity Careers

✔️ AdPlexity API

So here is the list of AdPlexity products that provide different approaches according to different goals and platforms. So let’s read about AdPlexity Products Reviews in detail:-

AdPlexity Mobile Review

Track your competitor’s most successful and promising ads campaign by using the AdPlexity Mobile. How much the traffic comes from a mobile source, this software will tell you each and everything about your competitor’s campaign. Just analyze your competitor’s successful campaigns and make better marketing decisions. Also, you can easily find successful campaigns with filters by the keyword, advertiser, publisher along with affiliate networks.

Benefits Of AdPlexity Mobile

See All Tracking And Affiliate Networks

Find all the affiliate network and tracking tools with this outstanding ads spy tool.

Outgoing URL

Now you can easily find the outgoing URLs or simply check which offer is being promoted on which landing page.

Find All Campaigns

Check all the campaigns run by affiliates and advertisers.

Download All Landing Pages

Do you know with Adplexity you can download all the landing pages like Javascript, ZIP formats, CSS, or images?

AdPlexity Mobile Pricing

Adplexity mobile pricing costs are just $199 monthly. Use the Adplexity coupon for extra savings.

AdPlexity Desktop Review

With AdPlexity Desktop, you can easily find a successful desktop ads campaign. Also use the filter to get keyword, advertiser, publisher, and affiliate networks.

Furthermore, trust me on the off chance that you’re an affiliate marketer and doing affiliate marketing, at that point with AdPlexity you can improve sales just by keeping an eye on effective affiliate campaigns for desktop sources everywhere in the world.

Benefits Of Using Adplexity Desktop

👉 Lets your spy on campaigns running in more than 75 nations, covering significant nations.

✔️ Helps in revealing beneficial campaigns running on desktop popup traffic sources.

👉 constant experiences on campaigns running on desktop ad exchanges.

✔️ Comes with different filter choices, you can look by like keyword, advertiser, publisher, affiliate network, and so on.

👉 Let’s you download each landing page in a .zip design immediately.

Pricing: $199 monthly

AdPlexity Native Review

AdPlexity for native advertisements can monitor all of your competitor’s most profitable and effective ads on the Native Traffic Sources in more than 32 nations. You can undoubtedly find ads running on the 7 most mainstream native advertisement traffic sources such as MGID, RevContent, Adblade, Taboola, Yahoo Gemini, Outbrain, and Content. ad. So it’s time to spy all the famous campaigns which are running on multiple devices such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, Tablet, and Android Phones. The best thing about AdPlexity Native is that you can download all the landing pages in various formats such as CS, Javascript, images, and much more in a zip file. Also, you can find ads with just a few clicks – keywords, publishers, advertisers, affiliate marketers, and many more.

Benefits Of AdPlexity Native

✔️ Now you can see all the affiliate networks only with Adplexity native. For specific landing pages don’t forget to use its native tracking tool.

👉 You can find the Outgoing URLs and just observe which offer is being advanced on which landing page.

✔️ Do you know now you can discover all the campaigns that are run by advertisers or the affiliaters?

👉 Download Landing Pages: The best component here is that now you can download every last bit of it.

✔️ Local Ads Traffic Source: With this amazing feature, you can undoubtedly reveal campaigns that are running on the 7 most impressive local advertisements traffic source.

AdPlexity Native Pricing: $249 monthly

AdPlexity eCommerce Review

One of the best eCommerce spy tools in the market that I personally like the most because of its outstanding features. Track all your competitors’ successful e-commerce products and stores and get all data from all over the world. Here you can undoubtedly reveal the top-selling items dependent on the data of genuine guests/purchasers. Simply search channel and sort through 70,000,000 items. It has a huge information base so you can keep an eye on in excess of 10,000 online business stores and essentially discover their most profitable products, procedure, and applications they are using. You can likewise discover the entirety of your competitor’s best revenue-boosting applications that your competitors would prefer not to share. Get all the Facebook Ads Copy of your competitors with this AdPlexity e-commerce. In short AdPlexity E-commerce is very useful and easy to use for everyone.

Benefits Of AdPlexity E-Commerce

Search By Store: with this feature, you can discover your competitor’s most beneficial items, most recent items, store data, number of items, normal item cost and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Search By Product: It allows you to discover items by specific product classification, text in title or description, price range, and so on.

Item Strength: It gives genuine information on each product, for example, regardless of whether an item is at present hot selling or simply becoming dull.

Product Information: You can discover when a specific product was added, product description, and when it was last advanced.

Facebook Ads Copy: Also for every item, you can look through Facebook advertisement campaigns associated with products and check the most user engagement statistics, for example, likes, shares, comments, and links to the Facebook page.

Comparable Products Recommendations: It likewise allows you to see successful products from comparative product categories.

Reveal Secret Apps Of Competitors: This one is a lit element; it allows you to reveal the mystery revenue-boosting applications of your competitors so you can become acquainted with which applications are working for them that you could apply to your stores.

AdPlexity E-Commerce Pricing: $199 Monthly

AdPlexity Push Review

With AdPlexity Push, you can reveal your competitor’s most productive advertisement campaigns on Push Traffic Sources. It allows you to scrape detailed information on desktop push campaigns and on mobile too. You can pull out complete information on beneficial push campaigns running in more than 82 nations. You will get continuous information from the most well-known push networks, for example, — PropellerAds, LeoCash, MGID, Datapush, Evadav and that’s just the beginning. AdPlexity Push is the one and only tool in the market that gives exact distributer data. Check detailed campaign insights based on GEO, ads trends, top publishers, ads trends, and many more. Indeed, even you can discover productive affiliate ads from more than 100 CPA Networks in only a single tick. Indeed, even it allows you to download landing pages with page conditions like pictures, CSS, javascript and all can be downloaded in .compress document.

Benefits Of AdPlexity Push

👉 Lets you keep an eye on campaigns running in more than 82 nations, covering each significant country.

✔️ It encourages you in revealing productive campaigns running on 10+ push traffic sources.

👉 Helps in revealing hidden campaigns that are running only on mobile career traffic. Also, it supported 90+ carriers.

✔️ Reveal ads promoting affiliate offers from more than 100 member networks with just a few clicks.

👉 Permits you to look by its keyword, publisher, advertiser, affiliate network, and much more.

AdPlexity Push Pricing: $149/Month

AdPlexity Careers Review

It allows you to peruse your mobile campaigns in unfamiliar geolocations. It allows you to use REAL 3G/LTE intermediaries from more than 80+ mobile careers in 30+ nations. Adplexity careers allow mobile advertisers, ads, affiliates, and affiliate networks to just view, monitor, and afterward approve online media by using mobile careers around the world.  Likewise, you can undoubtedly reveal career-specific offers used by the smart links.

Benefits Of AdPlexity Careers

Transformation Flows: Its Carriers let you see the full change stream of offers that you’re promoting.

Career Specific Orders: It permits you to reveal career-specific offers used by mart links, go direct, and increment your benefits up to 50%.

By Pass Cloakers: You can likewise sidestep any Cloaker on your competitor’s landing page and can reveal the genuine real money page.

Dynamic Call Outs and Live Banners: Also you can test dynamic call outs on your landing pages and afterward check live banner placements.

AdPlexity Careers Pricing: $149/Monthly

AdPlexity Adult Review

With AdPlexity Adult, you can reveal your competitor’s most productive Ad campaigns on Adult Traffic Sources. Get the most significant information on fruitful grown-up adult campaigns readily available in only seconds. It encourages you in revealing a wide scope of various adult traffic sources. How about we investigate the AdPelxity Adult dashboard? You can without much of a stretch check adult ads exchange and adult popup networks including publicly hidden adult mobile carrier campaigns. It likewise furnishes you with advanced search and filtering options and lets you go directly to the data you really need.

AdPlexity Adult Benefits

✔️ Scrapes campaigns running in over 75+ nations, covering every significant country.

👉 Reveal beneficial campaigns running on adult popup traffic sources.

✔️ Targets campaigns running on well-known gadgets like — Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android Phone.

👉 Allows you to download each landing page in a .zip design straightforwardly from the dashboard.

✔️ Gives ongoing bits of knowledge on campaigns running on adult ads exchanges.

AdPlexity Adult Pricing: $199/Month

Pros & Cons Of AdPlexity

Advantages Of AdPlexity

👉 Simple to use and natural interface

✔️ Scrape campaigns in more than 75 nations

👉 Get constant experiences running on different traffic sources

✔️ Permits you to download each landing page in a .compress document effortlessly.

👉 Examine campaigns by ad trends, traffic source, publishers, and device targeting.

✔️ Adplexity supports all the significant internet browsers such as Windows, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc.

👉 A wide variety of filter options such as keywords, advertisers, publishers, and affiliate networks.

✔️ For E-Commerce, they approach information of more than 100,000 eCommerce stores and 70,000,000 items.

Disadvantages Of AdPlexity

👉 No free trial version is available.

✔️ No helpful guide for beginners on their products.

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