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10 Proven Tips To Get High Social Media Engagement In Various Platforms

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Have you ever wondered why your post getting fewer engagements in social media when you post good content? Well, you are not facing this problem alone, millions of people or many brands get little engagement on their social media posts and they don’t know the reason behind this. So now the question is how to increase social media engagement organically? Proven AEIOU Social Media Engagement Strategies For 2020 are Asking Question, Invoking Expression, Providing Incentives, Making Offers, and Delivering Utility. Let’s read this in detail:-

Social Media Engagement

Social media marketing is like that you are giving a party to increase engagement and welcome guests and encouraging the conversation between the host and the guests.

What Is Social Media Engagement?

Social media is a powerful tool to promote your brand globally and the best part is you can target your audience according to your choice and need. Do you know there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide and every person spends their time of two or 3 hours on social networks and messaging? So boost your brand by creating the right connections with your present and future customers. To get success in social media, it is necessary to engage with your audience through comments, likes, and shares. The greatest success of social media is when you know about the taste of your audience. It is easy to increase the followers on various social media platforms but If don’t get engagements on your posts, videos, and polls then your strategy would be failed and you don’t get the right audience.

Social Media Engagement

For Example

Suppose you are throwing a party at your office or home, people will come but they all just sat there silently. No talking, no conversations, no dance, and no games. Do you count this party in a successful list? Are your guests enjoy your party? Do they like your dip? So it is an important activity and engagements play a vital role in every social media platform to build a positive brand and develop good relationships with new and existing customers.

Social Media Engagement

Remember Quality matters not quantity

There are many things included in social media to get more engagement and it can be measured with various metrics. Some of the most popular are:-

Social Media Engagement

👉 Shares Or Retweets


👉 Likes

Followers & Increase Audience

👉 Click-throughs

Mention your customer (either tagged or untagged)

👉 Using strong or branded hashtags

Inspirational Quotes

👉 Add infographics

Hashtags play a very important role in social media marketing for business growth. Your reach and visibility will be increase when you use good hashtags.

How To Increase Social Media Engagement?

One of the most difficult tasks is how to get engagement on your posts on various social media platforms? Because there are many brands that applied the same strategy to get customers on their posts. Some brands will get high engagement while some will get low. So now the question is how they will get more engagement on their posts when you are doing the same efforts. There are many social media tips and tricks to increase your customers and get huge engagements.

Top Best Ways To Increase Social Media Engagement

Analyze Your Engagement

First, you have to analyze your engagement and then improve it. Just open your Google analytics or Google webmaster and check out all the comments, shares, followers, and which posts gets more engagement. Keep tracking your audience daily and check their interests and check the posts that get higher engagement. There are many social media tools available that will helps you to save your time and will tell each and everything about social media engagement.

Social Media Engagement

Set Your Social Media Strategy

As we all know every business goals are different so their strategy will be also different. Set your goals and create a schedule on your notepad that what to focus your content efforts on. Create interesting and unique content to get more engagement. If we talk about the dominos pizza and tiffany and co both the companies have different goals. Dominos is trying to attract their young customers so that they can have fun while eating pizza or anything else which means their target is the young generation. Tiffany and Co are trying to educate about its rich design history and their tweets are getting huge engagements.

Social Media Engagement

Your business type and what your business offers are the major factors on which your social media goals are depended:-

Change the public perception of your brand

Growing new client leads

Gathering feedback about new items

Teaching your audience with assets and advice

Understand Your Audience Taste

It is difficult to get engagement on your posts when you don’t know the taste of your audience. So first know your audience and then post something that attracts your customers. For example, If Café Coffee day posted something about coffee and drinks then the Myntra company cannot post the same thing on their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Because both companies have different types of targets and audiences.

How To Increase Social Media Engagement?
Customer Service Support Assistance Service Help Guide Concept

Create Unique Content

We all heard about this phrase “Content Is King” and in social media marketing content plays a very important role in getting engagement. Experts say that almost 80% of the time spent on social media sites occurs on mobile platforms. Always write shorter posts on social media platforms to get more interactions. Posting below 250 characters gives you 60% more engagement. It is important to know about which content is good for each Platform like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, etc. in Instagram attractive posts gets more engagement while in facebook longer text posts or videos will get more engagement. So keep sharing posts with different creative ideas such as contests, asking questions, animated gifts, video upload contests, custom stickers or filters for Instagram stories, Ask me anything session (ask anything to your customers), created polls, and much more.

Social Media Engage

Did you know shorter posts get more interactions?

Use EMOJI’s On Your Posts

When you write something on social media always use the emoji on your post. The more Emoji’s you use on your post the more chance you can attract your customer through beautiful smileys. When you use EMOJI’s on your post, your post will look attractive and colorful.

Social Media Emojis

Keep The Conversation Flowing

Post any question on your social media platforms and get engaged with your customers. When someone commented on your post and ask a question, don’t forget to reply. The more you are commenting on your posts the more it is a great way to engage with your customers.

Trick: When someone commented on your post, ask them a question so that he will get back again to reply to your comment. Don’t forget to mention his name.

Schedule Your Posts

On social media platforms, it is important to post your content regularly. When you post something on social media platforms, your page can always be updated. So schedule your post on time so that you cannot miss the chance for maximum audience exposure.

Giveaways & Contests

One of the best ways to increase your customers on social media platforms. Ask people to like, share and tag your friends on a post and stand a chance to win one of your favorite products. These posts get more engagement when you can use the high quality of the image. Sharing an image or a text post with targeted keywords is the best way to get even more engagements. For example, start a contest on food with a hashtag of #QuarantineFoodContest. With the help of hashtags, people can find you easily an engage your brand.

Social Media Contest

Live Videos

People will get more traffic on their posts when they share the videos or GIFs on their social media platforms. It is proven that users don’t like to read longer posts; they always prefer to watch videos or GIF’s which looks eye-catching. These days’ people love to spend their time on social media platforms by watching videos so that they can enjoy the time have fun and refresh their mind. Live video is one of the best ways to increase your social media engagement. When you posted a live video on your social media platforms make sure to highlight your additional points and add some infographics. This will attract customers and increase social media engagement.

Social Media Marketing

Did you know video posts will get more organic reach as compared to photo posts?

Stay Updated With Google Trends

Always stay updated what’s going on social media marketing. Like if the festival or holidays is coming, make sure that you schedule your posts for the festive season or any kind of events and campaigns. This is a great way to get more engagements on social media platforms.

Top 5 Social Media Engagement Tools To Get Traffic

There are many tools available in the market. Some of the most popular social media engagement tools that gained a lot of popularity are:-

Photo Editing

There are many tools available for photo editing that comes with great features. With the help of Canva and Hootsuite, you can create eye-catching images and videos. Also, you can add text or filters.

Canva Social Media Marketing Tool

Video Editing

There are millions of video editors are available for video editing. One of my most favorite is clip apps or Hootsuite where you can add music, effects, frames, etc.

Hootsuite Tool


Interact with your customers by creating a GIF file. GIFs are the internal language on the internet and people can easily understand what you are trying to give them a message. Create some animated GIF’s to increase the chance of social media engagement.

Social Media Engagement Tools

Sprout Social

This tool will help you to monitor your social media engagement if you are planning to schedule your posts.

Social Media Engagement Tools


This tool will show you trending topics and enables you to analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor. I personally like this tool a lot.

How To Measure Social Media Engagement In Various Platforms?

There are plenty of tools available that will help you to calculate the social media engagement rate. For effective social media marketing, it is important to use the right kind of social media engagement tools.


Facebook Analytics gives you a dashboard where you can easily track your audience engagement. Things that you should definitely check on social media platforms.

Facebook analytics

Reach & Engagement: How many people reach on your posts? How many you get engagements on your post? Who hide your posts? Who report your posts in spam?

Actions: How many people visited on your page? How many people click on your page and what actions people did to your page?

People: Check the traffic that you can get on your posts. When do people visit your page and how he/ she can find your page?

Views: How many people view your page and how many views you are getting on your posts?

Posts: How your posts get more engagement and how the post performing very well.


Twitter offers different tools to measure your metrics.

Twitter Analytics

Engagement Rate: How many impressions and engagements you will get on your posts?

Reach Percentage: How many followers saw your posts

Link Clicks: How many clicks you will get on your posts

Optimal Posting Time: When your audience will become online and which country they live in?


Instagram gives you a business profile option where you can create a business account and access Instagram insights to track your social media engagement.

Instagram Insights

You can track the following things on Instagram Business Account

Audience Demographics: How old your audience is? Are they men, women, or children? And which city or country they live in?

Popular Content: Which posts gets the more likes, smileys or comments.

Optimal Times: When your customers are online and which time they prefer to be online? How much time do they spend on your page?


Another most popular social media platform where tons of peoples are promoting their products on Pinterest. Pinterest gives you an option to create a business account and can easily track your social media engagement.

Pinterest Business Account Analytics

Boards: How many people are clicking on your boards? How many views you will get on your Pinterest boards?

Popular Boards: Which boards will get more views and how many people save your board’s image on their post?

Views: How many people view your page and how many views you are getting on your posts?

So these are the top best social media engagement ideas that are very effective. So if you have a few more ideas related to social media engagement, share with us in the comment section below.

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