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Live Meeting Software For Online Meetings And Business Updates-

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Meetings are the vital part of any business. It is way of interacting with your existing and new employees of the company. Meetings can be done face to face or online with the help of Live Meeting Software. Check out the list of Top Live Meeting Software for picking up the right plan for your company. Meeting can be done for various purposes-

Collaborating with team

Pursuing new client

For providing training to new employees

To give collective message to masses

So there are many important conversations. All are done through business meetings. Choosing right software for performing live meeting can help a business a lot to work collectively with full collaboration and communication.

Live Meeting Software

Why Meetings Are Important In Business?

In today’s scenario, when business fall apart to the global boundaries it is important to be in touch with your every employee by the medium of online meeting. It can help businesses to be in touch with every association for getting fruitful reserves and business.

What Is Live Meeting Software?

Live meeting software prove to be a lifesaver hear that lets a business to establish contact with its every employee by the medium of video conferencing full stop webinar or chat conversation can be established easy with these top live meeting software. Bundle of live meeting software are available on the web now a days. It has economical plans and better results. These software provides high quality video and audio to all employees.

Video conferencing

What Is Video Conferencing For Web Chat?

Web conferencing or video conferencing for professional business meeting refers to software that provides online service for high quality video and audio. This software allows free calling face to face video meeting conferencing meeting, online presentation and seminar.

Live Meeting

What Are The Features Of Best Live Meeting Software?

Automated Webinar

HD Audio & Video Conferencing

Screen Sharing Feature

Economical Pricing As Per Features

Screen Sharing Option

Virtual Whiteboard To Explain Your Queries Better

Types of Live Meeting Software

Free Live Meeting Software

Paid Live Meeting Software

List Of Top Live Meeting Software For Webinar And Business Chat-

Free Live Meeting SoftwarePricing Plan
ezTalksFree Plan Upto 100 Members
Paid Plan Starting From $10
Skype For BusinessFree Version Available With Many Features
LivestormForever Free Plan For 4 Participants
Zoom Live Meeting Software Free Plan For 100 Members
40 Min Meeting Time Limit
Google HangoutsFree For Audio & Video Conferencing

Free Live Meeting Software

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks is one of the leading live meeting software that enables a business to hold a meeting in high quality audio and video. It allows a total of up to 100 member’s lies and that to in its free plan. If the requirement is more then one can choose for its paid plan. Paid plans starting from $13 with advanced features. It application is available on all operating system platforms be it OS windows, MAC, iOS or android. Additional benefits of free plan involves screen sharing feature, HD video and audio conferencing, easy to use and much more.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting


High definition high definition audio and video audio and video

Free for upto 100 members

Quick video and audio conferencing

Screen sharing feature

Skype For Business

One of the most reliable software for life meeting is Skype for business. It is provide by Microsoft to connect business anytime anywhere. Couple of persons can join live meeting with this software and it will never disappoint you with it services. It is extremely easy to download and install that makes the software very easy to operate. Various kind of audio conferencing controls, video conferencing controls and much more are also available in this application.


Easy to use

Various audio controls

Easy downloading and installing

Reliable for small meetings


Livestorm is very popular software for life meeting that is used by many businesses for official purposes. It is worth it of money spent on it that is dollar 89 month. It can be used for providing training to trainees and customers about the product. Approximately of 700 + software can be integrated in it which makes it even more efficient and easy to use. The additional interesting features that are included in it are sharing of screen, private chat with the members, streaming presentation and much more.


Affordable pricing plan

Can be used for training new employees

Private text chat feature

Screen sharing and online presentation

Zoom Live Meeting Software

Zoom has both paid and free plans. The difference of price is just for its feature. In its free plan it allows 40 minutes of meeting for 3 members for participants. With little updating unlimited members meeting can be hosted with complete features like screen sharing, active speaker view, full screen view. It includes device sharing control for free.


Device sharing controls

Free for 3 members

Screen sharing

HD video conferencing

Google Hangouts

Among all the amazing free tools provided by Google, Google hangouts is one of its free tool for life meeting software full stop it is somewhat like Google voice but with add on features. Google hangouts is also available free of cost as Google’s other applications. The meeting member can receive and send instant messages, can communicate with each other by video conferencing and can host VoIP calls. Google Hangouts is best and free for small sized meetings and prove to be a strong platform for them.


Free tool by Google security

Instant messaging and video conferencing

Best suited for small size meetings

Paid Live Meeting Software

Paid Live Meeting SoftwarePricing Plan
Zoho Meeting14-Day Free Trial
Paid Plans Starting From
Cisco WebEx Meeting Centre Pay As Per Requirement -Customized Plans
GoToMeeting Software Starting From $12
Click Meeting Software Free Trial- 7 Days
Paid Plans- $25 Starting
Apache Open Meeting SoftwareContact Basis Pricing

Zoho Meeting

Zoho is an amazing and free on trial basis like meeting software. It is preferred by many companies for live meeting professional level because of it affordable price and extraordinary features. Zoho Meeting Software enables two way audio, video streaming, recording and playback abilities and much more. It can be used for personal as well as professional chatting and conversation.

Zoho Live Meeting Software


Two way audio platform

Video streaming availability

Recording conversations

Fair pricing plans

Cisco WebEx Meeting Centre

A fantastic live meeting software that does not require any kind of downloading and installation as it works directly on any web browser. The video and audio calls are enabled on your web browser like Chrome, Firefox etc. The pricing plan of this software is very affordable that is $24 per month. It has ability to record the chat with professional and friends.

WebEx Meeting Centre


Downloading and installing not required

Conversation directly on web

Economical paint plants

High quality audio and video conversations

GoToMeeting Software

GoToMeeting is the simplest way to host a video and audio conference call for important business meetings. It allows audio call. If you want video conferencing feature then you need to buy its paid plans. Meeting can be started from any of app or link its free plans limits only three members for small meetings so if the requirement is more, paid plan also available.

GoToMeeting Software


Free plans for small meeting

Live screen sharing

Simple to adapt its working

Pet plans with advanced features

Click Meeting Software

Click Meeting is provides free trial for 7 days. In its free trial you can easily conduct a video and audio conference meeting. Advanced features are also available in its paid plan starting from $25. If the business requirement is more, then one can make customized plan. It is very suitable for big company’s meeting conferences that needs complete security of their conversation. Click Meerings provides automated and on-demand webinars.


Economical Paid Video Conferencing Plans

Free Trail for Right Decision

Sharing of live screens

Apache Open Meeting

An open meeting software with bundle of features is Apache open meeting full stop it enables a company for building a professional business meeting on web by the medium of video conferencing. The add-on features includes in Apache open meeting are screen sharing, instant messaging facility editing of document by the use of groupware tools and white boarding. It is an open source application. Suites can be added and changed as per the requirement of the company.

Apache Open Live Meeting Software


Collective document editing

Desktop sharing

Used for online training

Recording of meeting

White boarding

Final Thoughts

Every software stands out on separate basis as per its unique features. It all depends upon company’s requirement and budget policies that which software suits them best. This brief description of live meeting software and its feature can help you a bit to make a right decision for your company.

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