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5 Best Social Proof Marketing Software For Maximizing Conversions

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Social Proof Marketing Software is a new trend that leverage the sales of the website by showing the actions taken by all visitors on the site.

Users comes up with thousands of ads in a single day. But ads aren’t the only way to deliver your message in front of right people at right time. You can also use social proof marketing software for that. Social proof software has enormous impact on human psychology and boost the sales of the business.

It shows the actions taken by the visitors on the site and also one of the powerful marketing techniques with the use of right software.

In this article, we are going to share 5 best social proof marketing software to embed in your website. Make sure to choose right one for your business.

What Is Social Proof & How It Ensures Conversion?

Social Proof is the latest marketing trend that provides ease to the visitors while shopping from your website simply by observing the actions of other visitors on a website.

It is a psychological phenomenon in which people watch others buying the same products and services and motivates them to perform some action on the website, ultimately boosting up the sales of the website.  It also builds the trust of the users towards your brand and leverages the conversion rate. All-in-all embedding social proof software on your website is worth a deal to invest in.

Ensure Conversions With these 5 Best Social Proof Software


Fomo is a social proof marketing software designed to build trust on all visitors of a website by displaying them the actions of other visitors towards various products or services provided by the website. It convinces every user to convert by showing all business interactions.

Today, near about 65 million users see Fomo notifications every month & approximately 4000 online stores use Fomo service.

How to Integrate Fomo on a website?

You don’t need to install Fomo on your computer as it is SaaS based software. Fomo gets integrated to your website via REST module connector in just few clicks. It is a cloud-based software in which you can access account anywhere you go.

Key Features In Fomo

▶️Filters, Fallbacks, Automations, and Styling Control on every element.

➡️Active Visitors Counter

▶️Third-Party Integrations

➡️Control” What” Visitors See

▶️Multi-Language Translation

➡️Helps in optimizing on-page conversions

▶️Integrate without coding

➡️Connect Form with Fomo

▶️Fomo Broadcast


Customer Support

It offers live chat support to customers during their working hours, so it is not available 24/7. But if you go for its Plus or Advanced Plan then they also give you access to a phone number (available for office hours only).

Users can also access to Fomo’s knowledgebase for video tutorial and complete guide to use the features of the Fomo.


▶️High rated social proofing software that ensures business growth.

➡️Efficient & easy to use

▶️100+ third party integrations


▶️No free plan available for people

➡️Little bit complex to understand and edit the actual pop-ups

▶️If your card is securely locked to avoid fraud and they attempt to charge and fail the service is immediately switched off.



Nudgify social proof marketing software understands the value of each visitor on your website that’s why it adds value to your website by offering powerful notification on each user visit. It displays live data that promote trustworthiness of the site in front of users such as social proof and FOMO. Your visitors see your current sales and the most popular products of your business. Ensures visitors the best experience on your site with Nudgify. You can create custom notifications, images, and links to ensure the notification remains consistent with the rest of your site. Choose from the library of nudges or create custom nudges and place them anywhere on your website.

How to Integrate Nudgify on a website?

Nudgify gets easily integrated with the tools you are already using. It gets integrated with leading e-commerce and SaaS based platforms to generate maximum out of social proof and personalised nudges.

Key Features Of Nudgify

▶️Live Visitor Count

➡️Ecommerce Conversion Tools

▶️Mobile Responsive

➡️Customizable Template

▶️Custom Styles

➡️Rules Engine

▶️Reporting & Analytics


▶️Data Import/Export


▶️Third-Party Integrations


➡️Professional & easy to use.

▶️Easy to install & set up.

➡️Lots of customizations and features available

▶️Plans start from very affordable prices.


➡️It displays the users of certain country so geographical social proof feature can be improved.


Leverage your existing customer base with product reviews and social proof software. It increases the rate of conversion and boosts business sales.

How to Integrate on a website? gets integrated with, Loox, Yotpo,, PushOwl, and so on. Generate income and leads from the existing traffic with the use of It shows reviews, photo reviews, testimonials, social proof, video reviews on the website.

Key Features of

▶️Product Reviews

➡️Photo and Video Reviews

▶️SEO/Google Snippets for Reviews

➡️Social Proof Feeds

▶️Free Shipping & Countdown Promo Top Bars

➡️Low Stock, Current Viewer and Recent Order Counters

▶️Cart & Checkout Timers

➡️Fully Customizable Template & Appearance

▶️Built-in A-B Testing

➡️Real-time Personalization

▶️8 Languages Natively Supported + Fully Translatable


▶️Collect & display product reviews, photos, and videos
➡️Send automated review request emails
▶️Group products to simplify displaying reviews
➡️Full customization
▶️Offer incentives to customers for reviews, photos, and videos in form of cashback, loyalty points & discounts.


▶️A limited number of admin users
➡️Limit on review requests & widgets
▶️No developer customization until you are on a higher plan.



ProveSource is one of the most powerful social proof software. It displays active users on the website, verified conversions, activities by visitors on the website that triggers more conversions by the customers in their buying journey. ProveSource streams the current activities of the visitors on the website which built trust on other customers and increases the rate of conversion. It provides you with the option to set your notification icons, title colors, text, links, and more. ProveSource automatically collects impressions, leads, engagement, and more. Also, you can connect Google Analytics for complete analysis of your website visitors.

How It Works?

1st Step- Create Account with ProveSource in few clicks

2nd Step- Install ProveSource Snippet by adding unique code to your website.

3rd Step- Create notifications on your own. Choose your colors, timings, set display rules, localization, text and image.

4th Step- It’s time to turn your website visitors into potential customers by displaying them all user’s activities.

5th Step- Track and Monitor the impressions, clicks, leads, engagement and hovers by our easy-to-use analytics of ProveSource.

Features Of ProveSource

▶️Extremely Easy To Install

➡️Control notifications display time

▶️100% Verified & Authentic Conversions are shown

➡️Show conversions & increases credibility

▶️100+ 3rd Party Integrations

➡️Set your notification icon, title color, text, link and more

▶️Show all time events if you don’t have many visitors

➡️Control when to display notifications

▶️Social Platform counters


➡️24/7 Customer Support from ProveSource

▶️Extremely easy to use with 100’s of features

➡️14 Days free trial including all features


➡️Lack of mobile optimization as the boxes look too big on some screens

▶️Expensive as compared to other software with same features

➡️Shows google reviews of the website but not advantageous in the case when somebody gave negative reviews with 5 stars.



UseProof is an incredible social proof marketing software that increases your website conversions by 15% in just 15 minutes. Along with its superior functioning, it offers excellent customer support to its worldwide customers. UseProof customer support service is fast, reliable and responsive.

UseProof Integrations

UseProof gets integrated with numerous popular platforms that builds more reliability towards the product. It takes just few minutes for set up with any platform that one is using. Some of the popular integrations are HubSpot, WordPress, Infusionsoft, ClickFunnels, Zaiper and so on.

In case you find it difficult to integrate then UseProof support team is there to help you as per your requirement.

Features Of UseProof

▶️UseProof displays total number of people who have recently took action on the website. It built high credibility.

➡️Live Visitor Counter on the website.

▶️Live Feed of real people on the website

➡️Easy Set Up

▶️Fast Loading Speed

➡️Custom Setting for each campaign

▶️Zapier Integration


▶️UseProof integrates with commonly used popular software.

➡️Notifies you about exceeding your visitors limit and upgrades it automatically.


▶️UseProof is a little expensive at the initial state.

➡️UseProof doesn’t allow previous purchases.

▶️Beginners may find it difficult to use.


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