Top 11 Best Employee Monitoring Software For 2022


Employees are the strong roots of a company. A company can reach peak heights only with the efficiency and efforts of the employees. For increasing the productivity of employees it is necessary to keep an eye on the employee’s computer usage which tends a company to opt best employee monitoring software.

Employee monitoring software may sound negative but its motto is to increase the productivity of each employee contributing to the increment in the productivity of the company. By increasing productivity, we mean to reduce the ideal time used by employees or time wasted on browsing malicious data while on the job.

Best Employee Monitoring Software

Companies also protect themselves from the data and security issues that occur these days by controlling the browsing data of an employee.

Employee monitoring software is used to keep an eye on the employees of your company. Adding on to this it also shows helps to control the data loss or data leakages in case the device gets misplaced. Some of the computer monitoring software prevents data to get lost by the remote lockdown.

Now the question arises that-

Which is the best employee monitoring software?

What are the features of computer monitoring software?

What makes the employee management software best?

And so on.

Going through this article, will surely give answer to all your queries and question related to best employee monitoring software

Top 11 Employee Monitoring Software For Activity Management Of The Employees

Best Employee Monitoring Software

Activtrak- Employee Management Software

➡️ Insider threat detection

➡️ Easy to read and understand report

➡️ Operational efficiency

➡️ Behavior analysis software by remote pc monitoring

➡️Provides real data for informed decision

ActivTrak is reliable workforce activity management software that is chosen by many top companies as the best employee monitoring software. It provides a clear picture of what employees are doing at their work through detailed and clear insights in the form of reports.

Activtrak Best Employee Monitoring Software

ActivTrak operates stealthy mode which means 100% invisible mode that ensures tracking without knowing employees.

Activtrak is compatible with every operating system it the windows, Linux, Mac operating system. Its mobile application is also compatible with android and iOS devices.

Activtrak Pricing

Free Plan$0
Paid Plan $7.20 Per User/Per Month


➡️ Employee monitoring

➡️ 7-day free trial

➡️ Time tracking

➡️ Automatic time mapping

➡️ Easy-to-use Kanban board

➡️ Compatible with all operating systems

Insightful is a workforce productivity and analytics solution that helps organizations drive productivity, benchmark performance, and improve efficiency.

It works by tracking the apps and websites used by employees during work hours and taking screenshots of the screen automatically and randomly, although the settings can be adjusted. It also tracks keyboard activity and mouse movement.

The Time Tracking plan also allows you to add new projects and tasks to a Kanban board and assign them to employees. Then the software can track the exact time for these projects so you can stay on budget and profitable.

If you’re looking to boost productivity in your company, try out Insightful free for 7 days.

Insightful Pricing

Employee Monitoring$4.80 Per Month
Time Tracking$6.40 Per Month
Automatic Time Mapping$12 Per Month

Teramind-Complete Package

➡️ User behavior analysis

➡️ Employee productivity analysis

➡️ Email and website monitoring

➡️ Live view and history playback

➡️ Remote desktop control

➡️7-day free trial

Teramind is one of the best employee monitoring software with a bundle of features. It continuously monitors and controls the activities of the employees and ensures the security of the company at the same time.

Teramind solution is structured in this way that every industrial sector like government, finance, retail, healthcare, and much more can use it as employee monitoring software as per the needs.

Teramind Best Employee Monitoring Software

Broadly It Offers Three Plans

1.Teramind starter

2.Teramind UAM

3.Teramind DLP

Each plan has various extensive features according to you there pricing and employee tracking number.

Teramind has cloud and on-premise solutions available with different pricing and plants. Cloud plans of the first 7 days free trial and the on-premise plan provide a 14-day free trial to the user.

Teramind Pricing

Teramind Cloud Plans

Teramind Starter1835 INR Per Month 5 Users
Teramind UAM3825 INR Per Month 5 Users
Teramind DLP4595 INR Per Month 5 Users

Teramind On-Premise Plans

Teramind Starter2740 INR Per Month 10 Endpoints
Teramind UAM5710 INR Per Month 10 Endpoints
Teramind DLP6860 INR Per Month 10 Endpoints


➡️Real-time project tracking

➡️Customized and in-depth insights and reports

➡️Integrations with third-party apps

➡️Ensure security of data with encryption and firewall techniques

➡️14-day free trial

➡️Auto screenshots option

The market is flooded with best employee monitoring software and when it comes to best then surely Desktime will be seen in the list. Desktime is real-time employee tracking software to maximize the productivity of the company.

It offers a free trial of up to 14 days in order to get the best knowledge of its services. Does time also allows you to serial time reports not from your desktop only but from the mobile app as well.

Desktime -Best Employee Monitoring Software

Stay in contact with your team through desktime by within communications in the app.

Desktime monitoring software has an amazing feature of cost calculation and project building in which one can set teams early rate on the basis of project cost to the company and how much a company should charge to customer.

Desktime Pricing For 16 Users

Lite PlanFree
Pro Plan $ 95
Premium Plan$ 124
Enterprise Plan$ 190


➡️Insider threat detection

➡️Data loss prevention

➡️Artificial intelligence-based platform

➡️Employee monitoring and investigations

➡️Remote employee monitoring

➡️Daily risk scoring

Veriato is employee productivity software based on an integrated AI-powered platform. Employee tracking and monitoring is done across all the platforms that are on web email chat apps application the employees using documents that are assessed and much more. 

Veriato Best Employee Monitoring Software

Veriato resolves various threads with its insider threat detection features. It immediately alerts you when some unusual activity is tracked that signs towards risk.

Veriato risk score table makes a user aware with the daily threats that are encountered user behaviour and activities.


➡️Total stealthy mode ensures no monitoring sign to employees

➡️15 days of a free trial

➡️Easy installation

➡️Real-time remote monitoring

➡️One purchase and lifetime use

➡️Real-time alerts for security

➡️24 into 7 technical support

Monitor your employee activity for increased productivity with the best employee monitoring software iMonitorSoft. It is compatible with all platforms and various industrial sectors as computer monitoring software.

Once iMonitorSoft paid version is purchased it can be used for a lifetime. One can also easily shift it from one computer to another without paying any extra charges.

iMonitorSoft Best Employee Monitoring Software

It provides real-time alerts whenever any dangerous activity is seen such as downloading file from a website, transferring file, some unusual website url etc. This ensures the safety of the website.

It also makes the owner aware about the and productive time spent by the employee on work. One can even block target apps websites during job time to prevent productivity loss.

iMonitorSoft Pricing

iMonitor 365 For Pc/Mac$24.95 For 1 Month
iMonitor 365 For Pc/Mac$99.95 For 1 Year
iMonitor 365 For Citrix/Terminal Server$99.95 Per Server 1 Month
iMonitor 365 For Citrix/Terminal Server$99.95 Per Server 1 Year


➡️Productivity monitoring

➡️14 days free trial

➡️Gps tracking of employees

➡️Attendance tracking and team scheduling

➡️Online timesheets

➡️Compatible with every operating system

Hubstaff is a powerful employee tracking software that mainly works on increasing the productivity of the company.

Complete-time tracking is done to provide you the knowledge about how much time your employees have spent in doing some productive work.

Hubstaff employee tracking software

Online timesheet feature is available to view reports and company performance. Manage the time taken by employees against specific tasks for more informed decisions.

Gps tracking will let you know whether the employees working on your site for spending their leisure time.

All the features will let you make better job costing decisions and payments to employees.

Hubstaff Pricing

Forever Free Plan $0
Basic Plan$7 Per Month
Premium Plan$10 Per Month
Enterprise Plan$20 Per Month


➡️Employee productivity measurement

➡️Automatic screenshots option

➡️Stealthy mode available

➡️IP whitelisting and cloud storage

➡️Keystroke monitoring

➡️Browser history tracking

➡️In-depth insights

EmpMonitor can also be counted as the best employee monitoring software with incomparable features. Track employee’s activities while on work and also know about the time that they have wasted in their working hours with the best activity management software EmpMonitor.

It provides details graphical reports that are easy to understand and gives a clear picture of the productivity of the company from its employees.

Empmonitor employee tracking software

EmpMonitor team is always available with their supreme tech support to give you the best advice in case you get any difficulty.

By stealthy operation, we mean that the presence of EmpMonitor software will be hidden from each employee by 100% invisible mode.

Along with these extensive features it also ensures data security by automatic screenshots and real-time monitoring of the employees.

Increase the productivity of your company by switching on EmpMonitorwhich offers a completely free trial of 15 days to know the best of its services

EmpMonitor Pricing

Free Plan $0 For 15 Days
Bronze Plan$5 Per Month 1 To 10 Users
Silver Plan $4 Per Month 11 To 50 Users
Gold Plan $3 Per Month 51-200 Users

Time Doctor

➡️Time tracking and chat monitoring

➡️Website and app usage being on work

➡️Compatible with all devices and operating systems

➡️Automatic screenshots to track activities of the employees

➡️Integrations with the third party

➡️Details and graphical reports for better insights

➡️14 days completely free trial

Be one of those 80000 + companies that have chosen TimeDoctor as the best employee monitoring software for their companies.

TimeDoctor offers numerous features that instantly works on increasing and improving employees productivity e in their work.

TimeDoctor can easily be integrated with other tools and software like Trello, slack, asana, teamwork, Freshdesk etc.

TimeDoctor employee tracking software

Time doctor provides an accurate and detailed report of how much time an employee have to spend on a project with complete efficiency. It also helps you to make informed decisions about how much salary of the employee should be paid on the basis of their productive hours.

In case any unusual or a productive activity is encountered by an employee off popup allowed will be shown to them asking are you still working?

Attendance tracking and GPS tracking are also very wonderful features which track continuously the regularity and productive time that employee has spent over a website.


$12 Per Month


➡️Real-time desktop monitoring

➡️Computer screen recording

➡️Remote pc monitoring


➡️Remote employee monitoring

Kickidler is a complete and best employee monitoring software for real-time employee monitoring. It’s extremely simple outlook allows you to carry multiple sessions of an unlimited number of employees for remote monitoring at a time.

Kickidler also provides the facility of recording and monitoring work hours of an employee, attendance, and leaves tea break or any extra activity rather than work.


Pay scale can be decided on the basis of employee productivity analysis through Kickidler. It gives accurate figures of time used in working for a company or leisure time spends in extra distractions.

Keylogger feature records all the keys pressed by employees which further can be used to capture logs together with user activities interacting video files.

There are many more features that Kickidler provides and prove to be the best employee monitoring software.

Kickidler Pricing

Monthly Plan$9.99 Per Month
3 Month Plan$8.33 Per Month
6 Months Plan$5.5 Per Month
1 Year Plan$4.58 Per Month
3 Years Plan$3.06 Per Month
Lifetime Plan$187

Digital End Point

➡️Discover and stop insider threats

➡️Application and website monitoring

➡️Ensure security by biometrics

➡️Easy to setup

➡️Timely alerts and reports

➡️Data loss prevention service

➡️14- days free trial with no credit card information

Digitalendpoint is cloud-based employee management software for the various operating systems. Its extensive feature lets you understand the productivity and behavior of employees towards their work.

Digital End Point - employee management software

KnowIT is also useful to larger enterprises due to its modular and unique JSON design. It has upto 50 powerful features as compared to other cloud-based monitoring software.

The employer can get instant insights into the activities and timekeeping of the employee. KnowIT also manages access to third-party apps and websites.

Digital End Point Pricing

Starting From $ 2.99

Comparison Of All Employee Monitoring Software On The Basis Of Features

Employee Monitoring SoftwareInsider Threat DetectionReal-Time MonitoringStealthy ModeRemote Employee MonitoringPay One Use ForeverKeystroke/Keylogger

Final Words

This list of the top 11 best employee monitoring software provides you better insights about the features and unique qualities of each activity management software.

Hoping that this article will let you decide well which employee monitoring software should up company opt. It is recommended that before deciding any software one must be clear about the requirements, goals, and budget of the company.

By choosing a right it employee monitoring software and using it in a correct way will let you observe the change in the company’s productive activities. It can also lead companies towards peak growth by ensuring 100% effort from each employee’s side.

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