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FunnelFlux Pro Review: The Visual Tracker For Marketing Campaigns With Precision

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FunnelFlux Pro is the new version of Funnel Flux and it is one of the best marketing tools for campaign optimization and tracking. Funnelflux pro has some advanced features that will help you to find out the most profitable traffic segments as well as non-profitable ones. With funnel flux pro you can perceive how much money you spent on all of your current traffic sources. Also, you can check the income which has been generated by the leads from those traffic sources, autonomously. This encourages you in improving campaign optimization to save your money. Lets read about the FunnelFlux Pro review in detail:-

FunnelFlux Pro Review

Basically FunnelFlux Pro is a visual tracker that allows you to move visual portrayals of your crush pages, landing pages, your CPA, and monitors every one of the clicks and transformations. Now you don’t need to know about coding, server, and other technical stuff because of FunnelFlux Pro. Gone are the days when you don’t know about traffic channels that are profitable so it’s difficult to choose which traffic channels are useless and time-consuming. But now with FunnelFlux pro, you can easily know about the exact ads that generating leads and gives you more sales. Not only this, you can use it as a visual funnel builder to build easy or complex funnels faster.

So now the question is what exactly funnelflux pro is and what their benefits, features, pricing are. Let’s read FunnelFlux Pro review in detail. Last year I started using FunnelFlux Pro software so this FunnelPlux Pro review based on my experience.

What Is FunnelFlux Pro?

When you are confused about which traffic sources are profiting and which ones are just wasting your time then FunnelFlux is the best option for you in this situation. All you have to do is just use the visual editor and build simple or complex funnels.

What Does FunnelFlux Do?

FunnelFlux pro is the best platform for marketing campaigns like Facebook, Adwords, Google, Taboola, email activities, and much more. With funnel plux pro you can simply create complex visual journeys or track and analyze your clicks, conversions, page visits, and many other options you will get by signing up at FunnelPlux Pro. FunnelFlux Pro offers multiple platforms to track your activity. Just keep an eye on the real lifetime value of your ad campaigns. Many performance marketers, advertising agencies, and product owners use Funnel Flux Pro for their business.

funnel flux

How To Set Up FunnelFlux Pro?

Follow these steps to connect your Funnel Flux pro tracker account to the optimizer native.

Step 1: Just open your account wizard page and choose the traffic source account and then enter to the next.

Tracking Software

Step No. 2: On your wizard account, just click on the add new option to connect your funnelflux pro account.

Step 3: Now you will see the pop-up integration screen, just select the tracking platform drop-down list and then choose FunnelFlux Pro.

Step No. 4: Fill up the information that they are asking and then click save and move into another step.


Choose the easy name for the funnel flux pro tracker

Step 5: In this last step you just need to indicate which of the traffic source configurations found in your FunnelFlux Pro tracker has a place with the traffic source account added or chose in the initial step of the Account Wizard.

FunnelFlux Pro Setup Guide

Where Do I Find API Information?

It is necessary to generate FunnelFlux Pro API for the optimizer. You just need to login into your funnelflux account then click on settings and then select integrations.

Now enter the Add Key button to generate a new API and follow the steps properly.


Copy the value which is visible on the screen then paste it on the API key field in the optimization integration field.

What Are The Benefits Of FunnelFlux Pro?

Do you know with FunnelFlux pro you can easily build marketing flows and this is the only reason people are using funnel flux? So here is my quick FunnelFlux Pro review for everyone.

Funnel Flux

Build With The Visual Funnel Builder

Use the given visual funnel builder to design anything that you need for your work. You will feel like that you are drawing on a whiteboard.

Analyze Your Reports

Their reporting is close to boundless. Drill-somewhere around the same number of attributes as you did like. Use their visitor journey insights to follow the ways clients’ take and the ROI for each progression of the excursion.

FunnelFlux Pro Pricing

Integrate Across Multiple Platforms

Funnelflux is the best software that helps to track you’re your ads. All your number one traffic sources templated and all set. The most adaptable and amazing combination systems of any tracker. Track clients across different stages and accommodate genuine lifetime estimation of your advertising.

Funnelflux pro review’

Thrive With Their 1-On-1 Support Team

You are never alone because the funnelflux support team is always with you. They help to track the implementation of your unique scenario. So start its free trial today or download its app to get up to 14 days extra.

FunnelFlux Top Features

👉 Visual funnel building

✔️ Powerful, flexible reporting

👉 Lightning-fast quick stats

✔️ Every metric you’ve ever wanted

👉 No limits on funnel size/complexity

✔️ Redirect or JavaScript tracking

👉 Cookie less tracking made easy

✔️ Fast global redirects

👉 High accuracy IP/Device data

✔️ Unlimited custom domain

👉 A beautiful user interface

✔️ Risk-free trial

FunnelFlux Pricing

Funnelflux pro plans are unique and are based on visitors tracked. They don’t charge per event so feel free to use its funnels. Basically, FunnelFlux pro plans come with three options such as core, growth, and scale. The core plan starts from $99/mo and comes with 14 days free trial. The growth plan starts from $299 monthly + 14 days free trial. And the last plan i.e scale starts from $499/mo and it also comes with a 14days free trial.

FunnelFlux Pro Pricing

Funnel Flux Pro Payment Method

They accept all the payment methods like bank cards, wallets, and internet banking. If you have any kind of issues regarding payments, contact their support team and ask anything regarding to your queries.

Funnel Flux Software

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