Influencer Marketing In India

Beginners Guide To Influencer Marketing In India: Strategies & Benefits

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Today, we are going to share an ultimate beginner’s guide to Influencer Marketing in India, a completely new concept in the field of Digital Marketing. No doubt that Digital Marketing has been benefiting the business from the last few years, but technology is a never-ending concept. So the concept of Influencer marketing might be new but can supercharge the SEO of a brand and a website.

Influencer Marketing In India

We will discuss the importance of Influencer marketing in India, who is an influencer, some common mistakes to avoid while planning an influencer marketing strategy, tips to find the right influencer for your product or service. Before digging into the topic let’s start with some basics!!

What is Influencer Marketing?

So now let’s discuss the meaning of Influencer Marketing!!

Influencer marketing can be defined as the advertisement of a product or service by an online influencer. There may be different influencers for a different niche. Influencers are the persona having numerous followers who are the experts of those fields or niche. They are audience favorite and can drive masses of audience towards your website.

What is influencer marketing

Influencer marketing improves brand recognition and strengthens it up at the same time. This technique can only benefit to the maximum level only if your choice of influencer is correct. The influencer must be a popular celebrity of his/her own field; this little tip can drastically help in your brand’s growth.

Who are Influencers?

Influencers are those persons who advertise or deliver information about your brand or service on your behalf. Every brand has its own set of influencers, I said EVERY..!!

Who are influencers?

That means you just need to find one. These influencers can increase the rate of conversion by targeting a specific audience. The major role of influencers is to convince your target audience and inform about the products and services.

Why Influencer Marketing In India is being widely accepted?

From the last few years, Influencer Marketing has gained so much popularity and is also considered as a necessary part for the success of Digital Marketing Strategy. As a result of increased customer engagement on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and so on, influencer marketing has become popular.

It is also a great employment opportunity to raise their voice on various niches. This also lets the influencers to share their own experiences, the advice in a natural form related to the brand. The views can be shared by various mediums like videos, images, stories and so on.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing In India

of Influencer Marketing In India

#1 Builds Trust on your audience

Influencer marketing instantly builds trust and authority of the brand over your audience. It helps your brand to gain audience attention quickly. The influencer’s popularity works as a trump card to brand or service. Here, the important factor in choosing the right influencer on which the audience can trust.

#2 More engagement! More Leads! More Conversions!

Influencers are one of the most promising sources of increasing the engagements of the brand by its target audience. Due to the trust of people over the influencers, there are high chances of getting numerous leads that can be easily converted into conversions if worked actively.

#3 Strengths Up your Content Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing strengthens up the content strategy of a brand. It works best when you don’t have quality content to share with your audience, you can use Influencer marketing as a weapon to accelerate the engagement rate of social pages.

#4 New Partner Ventures

This is also the best medium to build new business connections. Influencer Marketing in India is great to start to introduce your business in the market as well. Popular influencers can drive interested customers as well as interested partners towards your business as well. It raises the goodwill of the brand in the competitive market.

Influencer Marketing In India benefits

#5 Customer from Various Platforms

Best use of all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and so on can be done by adding Influencer Marketing in your latest content marketing strategy. There is a different influencer marketing strategy depending upon various factors like-

Type of the Influencer Marketing Platform

Influencer’s Followers on which type of platform

Type of the product

Target Audience of the Product of service is available on which platform

#6 Attracts the right audience

The major benefit of Influencer Marketing is it attracts the right audience that can be easily converted.  But here, the choice of the right influencer matters the most. Good influencers will also understand the cost factor. They ensure to drive more returns through customers than the investment done on marketing.

Mistakes That One Should Avoid While Planning Influencer Marketing Strategy

Identifying The Right Influencer

Choosing the right influencer in order to take the benefit from Influencer marketing is the biggest task and challenge so make sure that it’s right. This is a common mistake done by many while choosing influencer marketing for their product or service promotion.

Delivery of Wrong Message

The message delivered to the Influencer must be correct and related to the purpose of your product and service. Wrong message delivery can lead to lesser lead generations and ultimately lesser conversions.

Timing & Advertisement Zone Could Be Wrong

Timing and the geographical zone is also an important factor to make influencer marketing go right. For instance, when you are selling seasonal apparel timing and zone are the most crucial factors.

Influencer Marketing Mistakes

Impact of the campaign

The campaign must be impactful and convincing enough to drive large customer inflow towards your product, service or brand. The information must be accurate and complete to deliver an effective message.

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Social Media Influencer is a technique in which an influencer drives the interest of the audience through various social media platforms. The right influencer will have the target audience as their followers, capable of sharing engaging content with the users, create original content. So choosing the right influencer having the same vision as your business demands is a challenging task.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram influencer marketing is an approximately 2 billion dollar industry right now and increasing day by day. As Instagram users are increasing day by day so the trend of influencer marketing. People having millions of followers having numerous likes and engagements on the post are known as Instagram influencers.

It is most the most widely accepted source of marketing of brand as an influencer has a strong relationship with their followers that makes them easy to convinces large masses of audiences towards your brand.

YouTube Influencer Marketing

YouTube is an excellent platform for influencer marketing and rapidly becoming the most widely accepted platform as well. A great approach is to choose those YouTube channels on which you’re intended love to spend time. Engage with your influencer’s followers as well to expect more conversions like replying to comments, providing the best deals, and so on.

Facebook Influencer Marketing

Search for highly potential influencers from Facebook in order to drive massive customer inflow towards your brand. Identify the pool of targeted audience using Facebook and approach a perfect influencer with whom your set of audience interacts the most. Keep your goal straight and clear-

Increasing Social Media Engagement of the users

Expecting huge website traffic

Increased Rate of Leads and Conversions

Top 5 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms In India

Let’s Influence




Tips To Find Right Influencers In India For Marketing

Tip No. 1: Audience Must Be Genuine

The audience of the chosen Influencer must be genuine and organic. They must be interested in hearing the views of their influencer only then the influencer can attract these customers towards your business.

Tip No. 2: Understanding of Brand

The influencer clearly understands that- What your brand is all about? Then only, he/she will be capable of sharing their best ideas and views about your brand product or service to your customer. These should be any loopholes or questions in the mind of the influencer related to your brand.

Tip No. 3: Popularity and Engagement with  customers

The popularity of the influencer in that field is also an important factor while choosing the right influencer for your niche. He/she must have a better understanding of the audience attached to them on various platforms in order to perform well while presenting your brand.

Tip No. 4: Cost Effective To Brand

We can’t take this point under a tip to the right influencer but it is a factor that must be considered while choosing the right influencer i.e. Budget. Try to find those influencers who are a perfect fit for your brand plus also available within your decided budget.

Tip No. 5: Present Quality Content

Brand advocacy is an essential part of an Influencer’s Job. He/she must have a good understanding of the brand and must present quality content to its viewers. The content should be according to the interest of the influencer’s followers and related to the brand. A good influencer always knows how to mold according to the situation and how to make their ideas work without letting go of the interest of the audience.

Influencers Content

Final Thoughts

It’s the right time to incorporate with the changing Digital Marketing trends. Influencer Marketing is one of the latest and successful techniques for marketing your brand, product, or service in a highly competitive market. Your brand deserves a separate Influencer Marketing budget. The goal is to generate more revenue than investment after planning for a Strong Influencer Marketing Strategy.

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