What is Digital Marketing

Learn What is Digital Marketing and Its Power to Beat the Competition

Digital Marketing

With easy access to the internet, these days a large number of people visit online daily. Moreover, the consistent rise in internet users has increased by a considerable percentage. So has changed the trend of people buying and shopping online, which implies digital marketing has definitely outperformed offline marketing. But the greatest concern right now is that though people might have heard about online marketing, they still do not know what is digital marketing? So, today we at Amritsar Digital Academy, the best digital marketing institute in Amritsar has taken an initiative to let you understand what is online marketing, the scope of digital marketing, the importance of online marketing and how to learn digital marketing. We have managed to answer all these questions in this post. So, without any further ado, let us run down to explore the answers to these frequently asked online marketing questions.

What is Digital Marketing

Know What is digital marketing?

In actual online marketing is the practice of promoting and selling both products and services online. For this, a digital marketer employs a wide variety of digital strategies and channels to link with the customers where they invest a lot of time online. For instance, email marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), social media marketing and even blogging are some of the greatest examples of digital marketing. They make your brand or business easily discoverable by the people.

Now, let us understand what makes online marketing important in today’s time.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Over the last decade, the industry has undergone a massive transformation from analog to digital. Since there are a large number of people who are benefited by online marketing, as they get hold of every kind of information online that they are looking for. But there are a number of factors that make online marketing highly quintessential for the business or brand owners to beat the competition. Therefore, below given is the list of such factors that supports the fact why to choose online marketing?

Importance of digital marketing

  1. Widens the growth options for the enterprise
  2. Gets you the higher conversion rates
  3. Provides excellent customer support to your audience
  4. Reach mobile customers
  5. Makes the brand credible
  6. Yields better ROI on your investments
  7. It is cost-effective
  8. Generates better revenues

Scope of Digital Marketing

Talking about the current trends, online marketing is one of the most sought after career option. According to the statistics of the previous year, the scope of online marketing is widening worldwide. For reference, back in 2018, Naukri.com, India’s largest job portal, announced more than 13000 jobs in the field and that too in the first quarter. Moreover, considering the USA, it has also generated more than 50000 qualitative jobs in online marketing in the year 2017. Perhaps, maximum employers take certification into account while hiring the candidates, whereas the others are ready to offer a higher pay scale to the certified candidates.

Scope of digital marketing

Not only this, even the Prime Minister of India is supporting the idea of digitizing India. So, without any further ado, lets understand what are the benefits of digital marketing.

  • Massive Job Opportunity

Since online marketing is a reliable, eco-friendly, influential and user engaging marketing tool for the businesses and brands, the job opportunities in online marketing is alarmingly rising. In contrast to the other fields, it is an industry that will stay in demand come what may.

  • Flexibility

The industry of online marketing enjoys an open culture, along with advanced skills and tools. There are a number of aspects in this industry such as SEO analyst, Social media marketing, Email marketing, affiliate marketing and many more. Therefore, one can find his/her interest and expertise and take up as a profession.

  • Handsome Pay Packages

One of the highest paid jobs these days is online marketing. Google showcases the national average salary of a senior digital marketing manager is $95,415 and INR 447,346 in India

How to Learn Digital Marketing?

Now the next big question is how to learn digital marketing? So, the best way to learn digital marketing is by taking the coaching from a renowned professional institute and engaging yourself into self-practice sessions. Consistent hard work under the guidance of the professional digital marketers is certain to evolve you as a professional.

The success in this industry comes to those who pursue the right discipline according to their interest areas and constantly carve the skills.

how to learn Digital Marketing

Though there are a number of places from where one can learn online marketing, if you are planning to pursue the course in Punjab, then Amritsar Digital Academy is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Amritsar. Below-mentioned are some of the exceptional features that make our academy stand out from the crowd. Such as:

  • Best module pioneers
  • Access to all the latest tools and trends
  • Exposure to live projects
  • First-hand experience
  • Starting your own blog/website
  • 6 certificates to be awarded

If ready to give it a try, what next?

If you are all set to unravel the amazing skillset of online marketing, then hurry and book a free demo session with us today and get the deeper insights into what is digital marketing and many more relative queries.

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