EvaDav Review 2022: Best Push Ad Network To Monetize Your Web Traffic

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About Push Notifications

One of the latest methods that have invaded the industry and helped the websites monetize is Push-Notifications. In this technique, the small ads’ pop-ups on the user’s screen and that too regardless of the gadget on which the site is being operated. These are just like any other SMS text message or permitted emails that are rich in text or media, and are transmitted from a third-party application to the recipients who have chosen to receive them.

However, if you are on the lookout to get hold of one of these push-notification tools, to monetize your website, then you are at the right place.

EvaDav has emerged as one of the best push notification ads network.

This post solely features the review of EvaDav, which comprises comprehensive insights into the Evadav pricing, features, functionality, and many more things.

About EvaDav

EvaDav has been serving both the advertisers and publishers as a native advertising network. It has also proven to aid them both into a single platform with its class-apart push notification functionality.

Moreover, the cookie is that it offers the best performance for the advertisers and adopts one of the most impending markets of advertising formats – push notifications and native advertising.

About EvaDav

Undoubtedly, push notifications have been advanced by them. However, the EvaDav ad network has come up with an advanced algorithm, which displays the most relevant and engaging ads to their customers as per their requirements. This further enhances the probability of conversions, making the clients generate more revenue without putting in much effort. So if you are looking for the best push notification ads network, then EvaDav is the best push ads network.

Despite the fact that EvaDav is new to the advertising industry, yet it offers a set of advanced features, which the other push ads networks fail to provide. To list a few features:

  • Easy Registration
  • High-Quality engaging ads
  • Minimum and Swift Payments
  • Self-Service platform
  • User-friendly reporting panel
  • Comprehensive Statistics
  • Hybrid account
  • Sponsorship Programs

and many more….

Why Opt for EvaDav Over other Push Notification Ads Networks?

EvaDav is better than other ad networks

Although there are many other push ad networks that are serving the industry. But below given are the reasons why one should opt for EvaDav as one of the best push ads network.

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1. Simplified Process of Registration and Approval

The user-friendly feature that allows easy Evadav login and approval to the publisher makes it a big hit in the industry. One can easily log into the account, after the registration and also can create new ad units.

Besides this, as we all know that before making a promotional widget viewable, one needs to get it approved by the concerned review team, which might take a longer time. But with EvaDav, the publisher receives the approval within a couple of hours or maximum a day.

2. Provides Hybrid Accounts

The best part is that you are not supposed to have a separate publisher or ad account, as EvaDav offers you Hybrid accounts. This account works for you in every desirable action. All you have to do is, just register with this best push traffic network and you get an account that solves both your purposes of being an advertiser as well as publisher.

3. Display Ads that Interests you

Considering the fact, that people do not click on the ads that do not fascinate them, EvaDav has established an advanced algorithm that specifically allows the ad code to display only those advertisements that allure the visitors.

4. Supports the traffic worldwide

EvaDav is a global advertising network that pays you, irrespective of the fact, where your traffic is coming from.

5. Pays Weekly

EvaDav follows a different payment approach, as compared to the other ad networks. This network pays you off on a weekly basis, unlike other networks who keep their publishers waiting for months to receive the payments. They follow a set pattern in which as you reach your minimum payment limit, you will be paid each week without any further questions. Moreover, they support multiple payment options like Bank Account, PayPal and other modes of transfers.

6. Provides Lowest Minimum Payment

Evadav has a payoff of at least $25. However, this limit is easily achievable by the publishers and this result in easy generation of income. Moreover, this is one of the major factors that distinguish EvaDav from other push notifications platforms.

How Evadav works for Publishers?

Publishers find EvaDav as one of the easiest ways to monetize their traffic. This is because it offers a customized format pertaining to the site. For Instance, fast integration, highest eCPM rate, push notifications and many other features are the most alluring options for the publishers. Apart from that EvaDav is an ad network platform that connects to a global advertising exchange of the best advertisers. Moreover, if the user visits your site accidentally, then also you get them as a subscriber.

Steps to Get Started with Evadav as a Publisher

Getting your hands on EvaDav is a really easy process. If you are a publisher and are willing to work with EvaDav, below-mentioned are the steps that you should follow:

Step 1: Sign-up/Login

Evadav registration

It is easy to follow the process of registering yourself and creating an account to generate income.

Step 2: Configuration

Now you are good to set up your new account. To make it even simpler EvaDav has a detailed video tutorial for account configuration as a publisher. Furthermore, the support team is always available to assist you in case of any complications.

Step 3: Start Minting Money

With this tool, you can easily convert your genre of traffic. All you have to do is, just add the code directly to your website and simply enter the payment method mode to accept the payments, hassle-free.

How is EvaDav beneficial for the publishers?

  • Convenient and prompt registration
  • Restricted to only verified advertisers
  • Referral Earnings of 5%
  • Minimum Payout of $25
  • Availability of personal account manager, round the clock
  • All verticals worldwide
  • A wide variety of landing pages to choose from, according to the traffic on your website
Benefits of EvaDav for Publsiher

  • All Geographical Traffic – Acceptance of traffic from all over the world. The advertisers enrolled with this network offers different advertising campaigns for all the countries adopted by it.
  • High CTR: Since EvaDav displays only relevant advertising content, the conversion rate is higher in the market.
  • Publisher’s Security: 100% authenticated ads as they directly come from their domains in a limited time span and are not at all related to the publisher’s website.

 Operational Models: RevShare, CPM, CPA

How EvaDav works for the advertisers?

 As discussed above, EvaDav is one of the latest advertising opportunity that is highly profitable. It is an ad network that offers a push notification with improved conversions, 100% brand security, and complete campaign targeting. It relatively offers the highest rate of conversions in the market. Besides that, it has an exclusive anti-fraud system and an effective algorithm to observe the public behavior of its targeted audience in a simpler way.

 Get started with EvaDav as an advertiser

Starting with EvaDav as an advertiser is just like a cakewalk. You can create effective ads with EvaDav. Below listed are the steps to use EvaDav instantly.

EvaDav for Advertisers

Step 1: Login

You just have to register with a free advertiser account in order to receive instant approval.

Step 2: Add funds

Here one is supposed to add funds to his account so as to get started with posting the ads online.

Step 3: Configure and set-up your campaign

Once you have configured, you can start with the process of optimizing your campaigns.

What benefits does EvaDav hold for the advertisers?

  • Supports all the geographical locations
  • Personal account manager assigned for 24*7
  • All niches like gaming, easy adults, etc. are available
  • 100% security of the brand
  • Highest CR/CTR
  • High Volume
  • Superior Inventory

Compatible Model: CPC

Payment Options Supported By Evadav

Add funds to EvaDav account

The best thing about this ad network platform is that it supports multiple payment modes to ensure that you get paid without any hassles. The major payment platforms supported by EvaDav are:

  • Skrill
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • ePayments
  • Paxum
  • Webmoney
  • Swift

And many other methods such as bank transfers.


The Final Outcome

Irrefutably, EvaDav is one of the best and dependable Push Notification Platform, where monetizing your website traffic is quite easy. So, rush and get your hands on this platform right now.

Make your ads more engaging and creative with EvaDav as a publisher. We hope this post helps you gain a comprehensive insight into the reviews about EvaDav as the best ad network.

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