10 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software for SEO

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People who have basic knowledge about SEO are acquainted with the term Keywords. These are the words that make it possible for a website to rank on the search engines like Google or Bing. Achieving the top ranks on Google is not as easy as you think, but not that hard too, if you have the in-depth knowledge and vital tools, then you can ace any campaign and do wonders. You need to have keyword rank tracking software that will keep updating you regarding the rank for your site on SERP. Here you need to know that ranks are based on how good the keyword stuffing is. Your company has to work on SEO consistently to improve progress and get higher ranks.

Why do you need Rank Tracking Software?

Rank tracking software enhances visibility and work toward the expansion of your business and also, allows you to keep an eye on your competitors. Tracking your competitor gives recommendations about what more can you add and at what points your website lacks. It is capable of suggesting more keywords and it constantly works toward upturning the business. Let’s dive into each point to have a closer look and better understanding of these tools and their benefits-

  1. Stimulates Visibility of the Site– Rank tracking software will inform you about the current and previous status of the website. You can use that data to work on the growth which then, directly increases the visibility of the websites among people.
  2. Track Your Competitors– Having the knowledge of what your competitors are doing and where you are lacking is a huge task and these tools will help you to do that with utmost perfection. This will give you the ideas and scope of improvement.
  3. Monitor the Ranking– The basic and very obvious job of rank tracking software is to chase the position of your website on the search engine result page. By keeping a record of the rise or downfall, you will be able to search the loopholes and strengths and then work accordingly.
  4. Add New Keywords– While conducting the research, you will come across many new keywords and other similar words on which your website can rank or perform even better. It increases your chance of getting the spotlight which you require to secure the top position on SERP.  

10 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software for SEO

SE Ranking

This tracking tool works on all devices without leaving behind any search engine like Google, bing, yahoo, YouTube etc. With all these at its side, it also chase Google Map results, SERP features like videos, snippets, etc., and Google Ads rankings. SE Ranking is the best rank tracker tool that has the feature of sharing the information with the client, and that builds a reliable relationship between your company and the client.

SE ranking online rank tracking tool

Features of SE Ranking

  • Allows you to analyze the ranks of other websites
  • You can compare 5 websites at a time and get the details
  • Tool has good security system that means free keyword tool cannot extract information
  • You can get SEO data and use it to your benefit
  • Allows you to share access with team at different levels

SE Ranking Pricing

This tool offers a free trial for 14 days. The pricing begins at $31.7 per month.

SE Ranking pricing


AHREF is one of the most appreciated tools among SEO experts and analyzers. This tool has a whole package for the companies. It includes keyword research, site analyses, rank checking, keyword extraction and many other features. Moreover, this SEO keyword monitor has its own academy which includes lessons so that you can perfectly access the tool. It fits in the category of top tracker tools.

ahref tracking tools

Features of AHREF

  • Amateurs can also use it with an ease and create results like pro
  • It is supported in 171 countries and have more than 5 billion keywords in stock
  • Shows the previous and current data in graph, which makes it easy to analyze
  • Have the options of checking organic traffic value and paid value too
  • Quick to access and can take your SEO to another level

AHREF Pricing

This tool has 7 days trial pack for $7

ahref pricing


Moz is another tool that is the Best rank tracker and ideal choice for rank tracking and keyword management. This tool has multiple features and suggests the suitable keywords on which your site should rank. Other than the feature of keyword explorer, it offers various free tools too for SEO. It analyzes keywords on the basis of their search volume and provides the best-suited results. It is a highly useful SEO reporting tools

Moz rank tracking software

Features of Moz

  • Provides high impact suggestions
  • Easy to track and analyze ranks on SERP and performance
  • Search most relevant keywords and make a list to save them
  • Prioritize long tail keywords to get better results and beat competition
  • Accessibility is quite simple and anyone can learn to use it

Moz Pricing

This tool offers a 30-day free trial and consists of 4 plans.

moz pricing


SEMrush is a tool that has the work easier for all the rank trackers and SEO analysts. This tool contains multiple tools in it to provide a full pack of the SEO game. For tracking the rank, it has further three tools that chase the rank to enhance your digital presence online. Rank tracking is a vital thing and that is simply visible because nearly half of the tools for digital marketing are associated with keyword research and rank tracking

semrush keyword tracker

Features of SEMrush

  • The feature named position tracker helps in tracking your Google campaign, position and competitors
  • Tool named sensor provides alerts whenever goggle changes its algorithm and it informs you about it
  • Ranks- it tells you about highly responsive and beneficial domains in the context of different countries
  • SEMrush has specific tools tailored for successful PPC campaigns only
  • It allows you to add negative keywords and provides CPC data and also provides volume of words locally

SEMrush Pricing

semrush pricing


Whether you need a rank tracker, keyword explorer or you need competitor analysis, Ranktracker is the one-stop solution for all of this. You are not required to be a big-budget businessman to use this tool; it is feasible and available for both small businesses and large scale businesses. It scans the globally provided data to extract out the best results for you and that is why it is one of the best rank tracking tools.

ranktracker keyword rank tracking software

Features of Ranktracker             

  • Add filters to get personalized results and words
  • The features inside it are SEPR checker and keyword explorer
  • It perfectly provides solutions to all SEO related requirements
  • Provides real-time updates for rank tracking system
  • This tool has combined data with majestic and moz to increase accuracy

Ranktracker Pricing

ranktracker pricing


The next amazing tool which you need to know about is, Sitechecker, the best rank tracking software which has been providing outstanding, genuine and timely results to its audience. It provides results on SERP of Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex with utmost perfection. It allows you to add filters and then select words and create a list of all the words altogether.

sitechecker keyword tool

Features of Sitechecker

  • The design and features are user-friendly and easy to understand
  • Data is provided in tabular format which makes it comfortable to understand
  • It has a feature to create calendar for timely check of ranks and results
  • It highlights all the points on which you should work on
  • You can analyze the results of the page if you have made some extra efforts

Sitechecker Pricing

It has three plans which differ on the basis of a number of site checking and keyword analyses.

sitechecker pricing


Highlight your website and ranks in top position with this amazing rank tracking software which gives you unbelievable outcomes in no time. SERPWatcher has features of advanced technology and simple too so that, all kind of companies and people can use it. It has the best SEO rank track results too, which allows you to perform amazingly.

serpwatcher rank tracker tool

Features of SERPWatcher

  • Provides results based on location
  • Excellent user interface for easy accessibility
  • Supports both mobile and desktop usage
  • Covers more than 50 locations to provide data

SERPWatcher Pricing

It offers 10 days free trials to the clients.

serpwatcher pricing


Analyze your website and increase the organic traffic with the most appreciated and utilized tool- Nightwatch, demographic location is no bar here. It provides organic results to the local and global searches. This tool helps you to get better results, more clients and higher reach with its high-end services.

Nightwatch rank tracking software

Features of Nightwatch

  • You can import the data to any use in an easy way
  • More useful for local keyword research
  • Get the analysis report of top tools like Google analytics, keyword planner, search console
  • Discover better words which improves your discoverability
  • Guides you in making good and impressive strategy

Nightwatch Pricing

It offers 14 days free trial too.

nightwatch pricing rank tracking software


Serpstat is suitable to optimize the PPC and SEO campaign and is a help to all the SEO experts. It provides in-depth knowledge of the competitor’s website using its multiple tools and allows you to use data for your improvement. You will get to know about the keyword difficulty level, volume, usage etc which will then provide the most useful words

serpstat tracking tools

Features of Serpstat

  • Provides real-time data of site ranking
  • Data is well organized so you understand properly
  • Allows you to integrate with other tools to provide better services
  • With its website seo checker extension you can analyze other’s site also

Serpstat Pricing

serpstat pricing


Our next rank tracking software is SEObase which is used by thousands of people to check the position of their website on SERP. By chasing the position, you can work on it by adding new and high performing keywords. It will let you add words that will then perform and take the ranks to new levels.

seobase rank tracking software

Features of SEObase

  • Reliable and quick results
  • You can filters to get organized results
  • Transfer your results to make a sheet
  • Allows you to track daily for better understanding

Seobase Pricing

It has a free version that includes limited access but you can try if you don’t take a risk with money

Seobase pricing


The rank tracking software is vital to track the position of your website on the SERP to boost performance. Businesses must have at least one tool to check their performance and position. Tracking tools comes with so many additional tools like keyword explorer, keyword volume checker, site explorer, site analyses, rank tracker etc. Here are a few most popular and useful tools which you should use to get better results. Read this article, share your reviews and suggest other valuable tools with us.

List Your Software

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