Case Studies: Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing (Know which is best?)

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Marketing, we all know, is none other than promoting a business or brand. Whether traditional or modern, every business person uses some marketing tactics to increase his business.

Now what we are going to talk about is the methods, features, and benefits of traditional and digital marketing methods. After reading this article, you will surely get to know about the difference between both these marketing techniques so as to select the best appropriate. But first, let me introduce you to both methods at a glance.

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Introduction to Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

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Traditional marketing involves old marketing techniques using physical mediums. This method involves advertisements on different platforms such as a newspaper for the promotion of their products.

Whereas digital marketing involves marketing techniques that are based on online platforms such as Facebook.

Marketing Techniques

There are a number of marketing techniques included in both methods. Here’s a list for that:

Traditional marketing techniques:

  • Newspaper
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Magazines
  • Pamphlets and brochures
  • Board advertisements and more.

Digital marketing techniques

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Websites
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC
  • Affiliate marketing and more.

Traditional Marketing- Pros and Cons

Traditional marketing is sometimes devalued by marketers as a result of the development of social media. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, continues to play an important role in the lives of consumers. Your money could be well spent if you have the budget to advertise your campaigns in magazines and on prime time television.


Effective and simple to comprehend-

A visually attractive billboard or a compelling television commercial is a common occurrence in most people’s daily life. They’re simple to understand and frequently funny.

Printed marketing materials have a longer shelf life-

If you place an advertisement in The New York Times, it will remain in the magazine until it is recycled. Which is fantastic if the customer is a serious collector.

More enduring-

Seeing something in person rather than on your phone increases the likelihood of remembering it. The excitement of new Super Bowl advertising or a stunning and outstanding window display is more likely to stick with you than an Instagram ad that you’ll probably scroll through in seconds.


Campaigns are more difficult to evaluate-

Traditional marketing efforts can be measured with brand trackers, but they aren’t nearly as in-depth or clever as the tools available for digital marketing.

Frequently costly-

If you’re a new brand, you probably don’t have the budget for a four-page spread in Vogue. Traditional marketing will cost you back a significant amount of money.

There is no direct contact with the customer-

You’re more or less in the dark regarding your audience’s reaction to your marketing efforts, unlike social media marketing.

Digital Marketing- Pros and Cons

We can’t forget that we live in the internet age, no matter how effective traditional marketing is.

“Internet users now account for 57 per cent of the worldwide population,” according to ClickZ. Every day, Americans spend an average of 6 hours and 42 minutes online. Mobile is expected to account for 73 per cent of all eCommerce purchases by 2021.”

That’s a staggering amount of time and potential for some strategic internet marketing and digital marketing trends.


There are more choices for participation-

You can directly see what your audience thinks of your brand and marketing activities through platforms like social media. If your campaign is being shared, liked, and receiving a lot of good feedback, you’re doing something right.

It is simple to track the results of your efforts-

In contrast to traditional marketing, the details of digital marketing tracking are quite detailed. This makes your lessons for your future round of marketing activities crystal apparent.

Allows for more precise aiming-

If you have the resources to target a 29-year-old female writer who likes Lizzo and Guinness, then you must be able to develop properly targeted material.


Digital promotions can be considered irritating-

Ponder the second you’re looking at your Facebook landing page and all you need to do is see what your old fashioned companions depend on nowadays. Then you get the feared supported promotion for something connected with a humiliating illness you researched the prior night. It’s certain to make you effectively despise the very brand doing the sharp focus on.

The shorter span of life

Advanced advertising endeavours like Google advertisements, flags, promotion messages or virtual entertainment advertisements can have a momentary, transitory person. They’re elusive and can without much of a stretch be overlooked. Assuming that your ideal interest group continues to parchment or snaps to the following page your promotion will be gone from their screen.

Continually advances

To capitalize on your computerized advertising endeavours there is a long way to go. Each channel ordinarily requires its own subject matter expert, from internet searcher advertising to online entertainment, each channel requires an ace to get the best value for your money. In any case, a grass-roots virtual entertainment showcasing methodology is an incredible spot to begin. Examine our computerized promoting technique guide for some motivation.

Comparison- Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing and digital marketing both have benefits in their own way. For example, radio ads on a local channel easily help local people to reach you. Whereas an ad on Facebook or Instagram helps the people (local or global) to reach you for their requirements related to your business. However, there are so many things to learn so as to take a beneficial decision. Here are some points that you should look at and think of while taking a decision to select a marketing method.

  1. Cost Comparison

If we talk about the cost of marketing, we have to pay in both terms. In the case of traditional marketing, we pay for ads in a newspaper, magazines, post emails, broadcasts, banners, brochures, etc. So in that case, we have to approximately pay $1500 for marketing purposes.

In digital marketing, you will pay for search engine and social media marketing ads that cost nearly $200. Clearly, the cost of marketing in digital methods is very low as compared to traditional methods.

But in digital marketing, you have to pay for the digital marketing company or the person who is doing marketing for you. And it will cost about $1000. But if you do not want to spend money on a company for your marketing, you can join a digital marketing course. Learn everything to do it yourself just by sitting on your couch and save your $1000.

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  1. Audience Target

Digital marketing is obvious to reach a large audience extent as compared to traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is limited to local customers and if you want it to reach more audiences, then it would cost double. Whereas digital marketing cost almost the same for reaching a local and global audience. Moreover, digital methods help in targeting only those audiences who are interested in their business, where traditional marketing does not have that factor. Digital marketing can easily reach more audiences in different cities and countries through campaigns because of the increasing number of people using internet sources.

  1. Customer’s Trust

When someone uses traditional marketing techniques for promotion, he wouldn’t know if people like their ways or services. They’ll only know when they get feedback from each one of the viewers. But in digital marketing, one can easily communicate with customers, get to know about their needs and hence gain the trust of customers.

  1. Growth Analysis

Growth analysis is a major factor for a business to develop. Conversion of viewers into customers is easy through an online medium as compared to traditional techniques because people are more alert at online sites as compared to traditional techniques.

One can analyze his business growth while marketing online sources but it is difficult to check in old methods. Because you don’t get to know how many people are watching your ads and how much of them are interested to become your customers, analysis made difficult in case of traditional marketing.

  1. Business Exposure

Digital marketing is two-way communication. People watch your ads and can communicate with you if they are interested in your business. Whereas traditional marketing is one-way communication and people hardly reach you if they have any queries to ask.

Thus, it will lead to reaching more customers resulting in your business expansion.

  1. Quick Results

Traditional marketing, as already stated, create trouble to communicate with interested customers. But digital marketing provides real-time results. We will be able to make customers quickly by communicating with them whenever they just think to buy your product.

Matter of Course

No one will do both traditional and digital marketing for business exposure because it will do out of the budget to do both. So we have to work smartly and should select the best of them.

Now, we know about the different factors used for traditional and digital marketing purposes. Thus, it is clear that digital marketing is more efficient in this era of the internet. Moreover, it helps in converting more customers and gaining profit as compared to traditional methods.

Be smart! Be digital!

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