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Top 20 Best Email Tracking Software For Gmail: Reviews & Pricing

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Are you looking for the best email tracking software so that you can track your emails? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this blog I am going to share some email tracking tools that works with gmail, outlook and your CRM of your choice. So that you can choose the best email tracking software for yourself and your team.

What Actually Email Tracking Software Do?

Have you ever wondered after sending an email, whether your email has been opened or ignore? Well! In such a case, email tracking software comes into the field. It is a method of monitoring all the emails that you guys have sent to any of the recipients. It is basically a browsers extension that helps to track the emails. You can easily track all the number of downloads, click on the links or attachments, email open rates, and volume of clicks on any of the links or attachments in the mail. This software basically used by the sales and marketing department to get all track of emails. So if you are wandering to find the best ever software for your business, then you are landing on the perfect place to find. So let’s get started with the information.

Email Marketing Software

Benefits Of Using Email Tracking Software:

Let us just talk about some of the benefits of using these kinds of software. There are numerous of benefits and advantages of using email tracking software. But now we are going to tell a few of them:

✔️ By using this kind of software you can easily save a lot more time of yours as you can schedule your emails before the actual time of its end time.

👉 By tracking of all of your emails and after getting all required tracking, you can send even more powerful and impactful emails in the future by evading all the mistakes that you have done in your past.

✔️ By using email tracking software you will get better insights for better optimization of all your emails.

👉 At present people ignore most of the emails without even opening it. So you can get track of this. Because in emails we are not allowed to get all the specific details. So this software can help you out.

If we talking about what software you need to get all of the tracks, so don’t worry you have landed in the perfect place. In this blog, we are talking about top email tracking software just get along with us! This software gives you much more needed info. The software beneath assists you with the tracking of all the opened emails, yet they’re something more than reading receipts for your email. They further show you how often an email was opened and on the off chance that it was sent.

Sales divisions depend on information and analytics to build efficiency and revenue. On the off chance that if your department intends to develop, then you will need to follow all the tracks and down information. And for that email tracking software comes forward and plays an important role.

List Of Top 20 Email Marketing Software

1. Cirrus Insight:

This is a CRM application that helps to track all the email insights. Understand what occurs after you send an email. The Cirrus Insight stage highlights that include: Reply Tracking, Mail Merge, Follow-ups, Send Later, Templates, Open Alerts, and many more. You can directly get all the information directly without any third party involved. So go ahead and track your emails with updated notifications and messages.

Price: starts at $27.00 per month, per user. You can also avail of the free trials in the initial month.

2. Freshworks CRM:

Freshworks CRM helps break inner storehouses and convey customized encounters across advertising and deals. The AI-fueled CRM empowers deals and advertising experts to all the more likely comprehend clients with the perfect client experiences at the perfect time over each touchpoint. The CRM incorporates salesforce mechanization, advertising computerization, talk, and communication across the board arrangement.

Entry-Level Price: $0 per user per month.

3. SalesLoft:

SalesLoft is an online staging made to give clients more productive and income boosting deals and details. It is accomplished by giving sales groups improved correspondences with deals calls and email tracking feature across the board area. Moreover, SalesLoft is likewise broadly known for offering a customized outreach on clients, which helps organizations in improving income over the long way. The main features of this software are SalesforceIntegration, Sales Email Engine, Cadence Scheduling, Integrated Dialer, User administration, and many more.

Pricing: Average

4. Right Inbox:

So why to choose Right Inbox rather than every other Gmail extensions you’ve run over? the main reason for that is Right Inbox’s free form has a bigger number of highlights than the others. Also, it has an extremely low expectation to engage information. All you have to do is just install it and use it without getting any kind of hassles. Apart from all this software also provides you with great benefits like scheduling email at any time or any time zones and sequences.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $5.95 per month.

5. Mailtrack:

It is one of the best extensions for tracking any kind of email. Find out all the information like track the no. of clicks; how many times a recipient has opened your mail, at what time your email has been read, and all other such valuable information. It also worked on your mobile by viewing it on the dashboard.

Pricing: Paid Pro tier is $9.99 per month.

6. Atomic Email Tracker:

You have to sign-up for getting all the tracking info of your emails. The organization is extremely simple to employ especially on the off chance that you will utilize it along with Atomic Mail Sender. You can find the effectiveness of the newsletter. Track all the information on what links they click on, DR and OR, when they read your email, links, and make the conclusions that you all want. Employing it, you’ll usually know which supporters really read your newsletter and which links they click.

Pricing: $12.85 per month or $79.85 per year.

7. HubSpot:

It provides consulting services and is a CRM platform. This should be described as a one-stop solution for all the tracking requirements. Whether it is for sales or marketing needs this software will provide all the basic needs to both the platforms. The HubSpot Sales Hub tracks email opens and commitment, and it consequently stacks that data into each prospect’s CRM information.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $50 per month

8. SalesforcePardot:

It is a marketing automation platform used for the B2B target. Their interpretation offers to uphold for email A/B testing, in addition to delivering and SPAM channel registration. To integrate your ads account with this platform to get all the tracking of your emails by having through paid ads.

Pricing:Starts at $1,250 per month for up to 10,000 contacts.

9. ContactMonkey:

This software provides all the email tracking and a Salesforce-integrated sidebar in Gmail or Outlook email clients. You can track anything without leaving the platform. It permits businesses to quantify employee email commitment and send responsive HTML inward messages.

Pricing: Starts at $15.00 per month, per user. The free version is not available for this software.

10. BananaTag:

This tool allows you to get all the emails and used email templates tracking. It permits you to track messages and use email layouts. It offers email tracking and investigation, deals groups, and Internal Communicators. Track when, where, and how somebody communicates with your email crusades, all from inside your own email customers like Gmail or Outlook. Isn’t great you can track for both of your Gmail and outlook activities.

Pricing: $20per month per user. And vary from intermediate to advanced level.

11. SalesHandy:

SalesHandy provides insights to increase your email productivity. You get instant desktop notification for every email open and link click. It has also an outlook email tracker for windows users.

Pricing: Free for a lifetime for Gmail &for outlook starts from $9/user/mo

12. Streak:

Here a simple yet advances solution for email tracking software. By using this software you will get to know when and even where they have been opened. Streak for Gmail shows you a visual history of your messages in the sidebar. You can even distribute your information by the sort of responses you get. They can be classified under anticipating answers and recently saw.

Pricing: Paid tiers start at $49 per user/ per month.

13. Outreach:

The other best way for tracking all the information you need.  It is known for its best sales engagement properties. A huge number of clients depend on Outreach to change the business cycle, drive cooperation among deals and marketing platforms. You can have access to those services which can lead to the best marketing strategies and track all the emails.

14. Yesware:

Yesware describes as in which the salespeople can see and screen leads and their email conduct all through the client venture. This includes live Reporting, Insights, Meeting Scheduling, Templates, Email Tracking, Campaigns, and efficient instruments like Send Later and Reminders. An “Activity versus Engagement” record explicates client responsibility with your content, rather than inconsiderable interest.

Pricing: Starts at $12 per user/ per month

15. Nimble:

It is an award-winning contact the board solution for team collaboration and individually as well. You can consider Nimble as a private venture Sales and Marketing CRM that change in new businesses, Nimble consolidates the qualities of conventional CRM, sales knowledge, marketing automation, exemplary contact the board, and web-based media, into a ground-breaking relationship the executives’ stage that conveys relationship experiences and tracking of all that you have done.

Pricing: This expenses $25 every month or $19 every month if you pay forthright for a year.

16. Groove:

It is a leading sales engagement platform for all kinds of small and large enterprises. Groove basically we can say that is the main sales commitment stage for enterprises. This software helps to drive the utilization of information-driven Insights and remarkable analysis to increase your business cycles and efficiency. Besides sales research, other key highlights incorporate email and schedule combination, campaign automation, tracking, deals profitability, and an inherent dialer.

Pricing: starter pricing is $12/user/month, while business is $22

17. MixMax:

With Mixmax, in the event that you are sending an email to an organization or a group, at that point likewise you can follow single opens. This product likewise assists with boosting profitability. You can track all the messages, scheduled messages, the number of emails that have been opened, and profitability.

Pricing: $12/month per user – unlimited open tracking and email templates. Small Biz: $29/month per user

18. Conversica:

This is one of the best leading management and tracking software for all kind of business purpose. It is a foreign-based company that runs this powerful software. You can engage with your customized email templates and get all the tracks of your data like its clicks, volumes, and many more such things. With the lead the board module, advertisers can run and follow web leads. Its virtual deals collaborator examines leads and cautions salesmen about potential transformation openings.

Pricing: Starts at $2,999/company/month based on functionality needs.

19. LeadBoxer:

This software works as a chrome extension and does all the tracking functions you need. This tool tracks your newsletters and emails. Turns all the anonymous web traffic into actionable data. This software incorporates CRMs to email promoting stages like HubSpot and MailChimp. LeadBoxer offers a set-up of lead and client tracking solution for showcasing, sale, marketing, emails, and many more. And the pricing plans differ from initially to the advanced platform. They also provide you with a first-month free trial. So it Just amazingly works.

Pricing: starts at $195.00 per month.

20. Docsify:

Docsify began just to follow records and tracks of all the documents, slowly moved into the total email tracking apparatus. It is a Gmail and G Suite device that causes individuals to realize what occurs after they click on send and forwarded email. It creates your documentation site on the fly. Docsify blurs immediately when confronted with the apparently ceaseless issues with their software. It provides you great features you will get to know while using this software. You can also use draft emails, media, gifs, and many more options.

Pricing: $12 Per user / Per month

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