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Whenever you are told to search for something, where you prefer to search for it firstly?

Most of the people will say “Google“. Nowadays, Google has become the first preference of most of the people. It was developed in 1997 by Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Scott Hassan. With the span of time, Google continues to provide the best of its services with the help of some amazing Free Google Tools for marketers, businessmen, and bloggers to a great extent. You just name service, and Google has provided it for free with Google’s security.

Free Google Tools

It has numerous tools for all, for businesses and for developers. And what makes these tools more amazing is that all these tools are provided free of cost to every individual. You can access its benefit with login and just a few clicks.

Download Effective Free Google Tools For Marketers-

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the top-most free Google tools that are used to earn extra revenue depending upon the number of visitors on the website. By just publishing ad content in your website’s ad can help you to generate an adequate amount of revenue on the basis of impressions and click your website receives. The exact amount that you will earn is depended upon the topic if the website and the number of visitors your website is receiving. These advertisements are managed, ensured, and sorted by Google itself.

Google AdWords

Raise the traffic over your website with Google AdWords. Get in front of your audience. It lets you create to reach your audience in a better way by creating an ad in just a few clicks. Learn Google AdWords Course today and boost up your business outreach to an extent level.

Its core benefits include-

· More visitors on the website with ads

· Increase in the number of Phone calls related to business

· More Shop Visits

Google AdWords- Free Google Tool

 How to Create an Ad?

1. Let Google know your goal in a better way.

2. Decide the geographical area where you want to show your ad

3. Add brief content to your Ad

4. Plan your budget

5. And Your Ad Is Live Now!!!!

Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool

Google Ads Keyword Planner is an extraordinary tool with extensive features. It helps you to plan and crack the right keywords for your ad. Google Keyword Tools suggests keywords that go relevant with your search and that have a good search ratio as well.

What you can plan in a keyword planner?

· Get to know about Google keywords planner

· Get a better insight into the keywords. The changes in the search over time also told to you so that you can choose well.

· Bid Estimates are given to you for specific keywords that help in planning in a budget-friendly way.

· Finalize your keywords and make your plan.

Google Alerts Google Alerts- Free Google Tool

Google Alerts keep you updated in the news related to your niche of interest. It notifies you whenever someone searches about your company, your product, and even your competitors. It is a very easy and free Google SEO tools.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most promising free Google tools that let you keep a complete track of your website. It provides you a complete report of your website traffic and provides you with a weekly or monthly report analyzing.

What You Can Analyze?

· Traffic Agenda

It aware you about the number of visitors visited your website, the number of unique visitors and the number of repeated visitors

· Geographical Area

Learn about most of the audience coming from which geographical area?

Google Analytics

· Top Pages

Get to know about the top-ranking pages of your website.


Tells you about how many are coming from which technology like from mobile or from computer devices.

Google Blogger

Google Blogger leads you to publish your blog without buying any hosting. It provides you the tips and tricks as well that will help in the better indexing of your blog. You can achieve the highest rank of your blog with this tool. You can use this tool for publishing business news and updates related to your product.

Google Blogger

· Provides free blogspot.com domain.

· Track the audience traffic record with in-built analytics

· Choose an attractive design layout from numerous options.

·Google will pay you for your hard work by posting relevant ads on your blog.

Google Books

Google Books free Google SEO tool is dedicated to all readers out there. You can search for books according to your interests and choice. It provides you a wide market to sell your book among the large audiences with global outreach.

Google Store

Want to shop for the latest Google devices and gadgets? Then, Google Store is the right place that keeps you updated with the latest Google devices, news and offers on the Google store. Shop now from Google!!!

Google Trends

It’s really necessary to be updated with the changing trends of the industry. Google Trends prove to be very useful free Google tools here. It provides you with the required information about what keywords are and keyphrases are trending right now in which geographical area. It lets you compare your given keyphrases with the other related keywords which help in better SEO planning.

Google Trends- Free Google Tools

Google Docs

Google Docs will enable you to create a network of users to share documents, spreadsheets, and tables so that users can view it online anytime. You can give read-only access to authorized users. Along with documents, Google provides you facility of creating Forms, Sheets, Slides for better organization of your data. You can use these services for personal as well as business purpose use.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a free cloud storage service provided by Google that can be used for both personal and business use. Store data in the form of photos, videos, PDFs, documents, Audios and retrieve the data anytime anywhere with Google Drive.

Google Drive

For Personal Use

It provides storage of up to 15 GB that also free of cost. In it, users can store any kind of data and can

For Business Use

It offers various plans as per the need of the enterprise. Only pay for the storage that employees use with Google Drive.

Google Voice-Google

Voice is a free tool for professionals. Google Voice allows you to generate a number that you can share with some particular contacts rather than sharing your personal contact number. You can completely control the calls on your device. You can use this tool for personal use as well.

Google PageSpeed Insights

 Page loading speed is a very crucial factor for gaining more visits on your website and decreasing the bounce rate. If the page takes more than 1 second time to load then it can be very irritating for a user to stay on that website. So it’s better to check the page speed with Google Page Insights free Google SEO tools. It not only lets you page speed loading but also suggests you the ways to improve the page speed.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is one of the free google SEO tools developed for schools. It is an education-based tool that is useful for both teachers and students to share their work like assignments, documents and work on the web. A single tool keeps them in connection through Google Classroom. It combines the various free Google tools like Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Calendar and so on along with it which enables the complete and better working of the Google Classroom.

Google Classroom

Google Digital Garage

Keep on polishing yourself with Google Digital Garage. It offers you the learning of new skills. It provides learning with your comfort zone. For instance, you can set your time table of learning, the skill of your preference along with a certification. Learn online and Google certified courses to boost up your career to another level.

Google Digital Garage- Free Google Tool

Google Groups

Google Groups allows you to discuss in the community of people sharing a common niche of interest like you. One can use different fonts, images, and font styles to make your text impressive.

Think With Google

Think With Google is another free Google SEO tools will give you a better insight into the topic, industry and audience preferences. It provides you with a better analysis of the market. You can also learn about the upcoming technology, top-rated apps, and companies with this free Google tool.

Think With Google

Google Keep

Google Keep is a free note-taking web service that lets you remember everything. You add images, text, lists, and audio to your note. It is available on various platforms like on the web, in the form of Android App and iOS app.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a multilingual free tool to translate from one language to another. It supports more than 100 languages and billions of users.

Following translations are available in Google Translate-

Written Words Translation

Website Translation

Image Translation

Speech Translation

Handwritten Translation

Google My Business

Make a free business profile for your business with Google My Business. It lets you connect your customers easily through search and Google Maps. Provide the required and relevant information on your profile like contact number, address, and message. You can even post photos and offers on your business profile to attract more customers in this free Google SEO Tool.

Google My Business

Google Mail (Gmail)

Gmail is a free email web service that comes with a lot of email handling features. It provides you complete control over your email list and categorizing it on the basis of social, promotional or general email so that you can have a glance at whatever you want to read.


Initially, Gmail provided to store 1 GB of storage to store email but now it has been changed to 15 GB per user. It also allows you send and receive emails up to 50MB along with attachments.

Google Developers

Google Developers help developers with the necessary tools for an app or website development. It helps in designing quality and reliable apps for web and mobiles.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a very powerful and helpful free Google SEO Tool. It gives you a clear picture of your website search about website search and traffic performance.

What key features does Google Search Console offer for making your website health better?

1. It reports to you the issues that are affecting your site’s traffic and tells you the measures to improve your website.

2. It plays a major role in the high ranking of your website in Google Search for a related search query.

Google Search Console- Free Google Tools

3. Give better search analysis of what the audience likes to read that can help in increasing site impressions, clicks and visitors.

4. Let’s understand how Google is seeing your website pages.

5. Give alerts on errors and issues on your website and after making changes you can tell Google to crawl and index it again.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a secure, fast and reliable free web browser. It centrally focuses on providing users with the best results.

Key Features-

· Chrome speeds up your search and provides the best relevant result for your search query.

· Quick related answer in the address bar makes your search easy.

Google Chrome

· It protects your search against insecure and dangerous websites. Search with Security!!

· Cross-platform web browser that means works on any operating system and any device.

Google Web Designer

Create effective HTML-5 based Graphic Designs with Google Web Designer.

Its Extensive features include-

· Interactive Designs

· Wide Range Of Formats To Choose From

· 3D Animation

· Responsive Ads

· Provide Content Creation Tools

More Free Google Tools..

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