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Affiliate Marketing

Make a living out of affiliate marketing and earn the income which you wanted to have. If you are confused about how this works then relax, there is a platform that will help you in earning a passive income out of it. iAmAffiliate is a place that will teach you all the strategies, techniques and proven methods that can boost up your marketing game. Take a look at the iAmAffiliate Review.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing method that means digital marketers spend money on their publisher partners on the basis of their actual results rather than their potential. Affiliate marketing raises brand exposure, keeps customers engaged throughout the sales process, and, most significantly, boosts online and offline sales.

Affiliate marketing can generate a reliable amount of income if it is done in the right way. Maximum the use of every source and know the in-depth strategy behind every affiliate marketing practice. iAmAffiliate recognized the issues and came up with solutions like affiliate marketing forums.

What is iAmAffiliate?

 iAmAffiliate is an affiliate marketing forum website started by Attila Odri, also known as iAmAttila. It is a place where affiliate marketers come together to share their experiences and provides tips and ideas to budding marketers. They share resource material to guide people who need assistance in order to widen their affiliate marketing program online.

This website has multiple case studies and it held discussions and cover every medium in which affiliate marketing is linked. Be it email campaigns or social media engagement, here are all the case studies which you require.

The company has representatives from a few of the highly popular traffic sources ready to respond to every doubt you may have about traffic generation. It’s easy to agree on this, that most of the people in this group are quite similar to the kind of traffic generators you require in your team.

iAmAffiliate Features

➡ Gets the response quickly

➡ Resolve all the queries with pro tips

➡ 6 & 7 Figure case studies are available

➡ You get Direct Advertising Opportunities

➡ Provides Real-time Feedback

➡ Trustworthy Professional Opinions

➡ Pocket-friendly Pricing Plans

➡ It accepts payment through bitcoins too

➡ Full-fledged Courses on SEO & Paid Advertising

➡ Advanced Step-By-Step Tutorials for newcomers for every traffic source

➡ It follows Along with Campaigns

➡ There Community of People wants To Spread this to the Word

iamaffiliate features

Why iAmAffiliate?

There is no doubt in saying that there are similar sites available for affiliate marketing forums like this one. But iAmAffiliate has proven to provide excellent and most reliable results than any other site. The affiliate marketers here provide tactics, hacks, and expert solutions that are actually applicable. The practicality of these methods and guarantee of results is what makes iAmAffiliate unique and worthy.

You can ask questions or check the available material on the website and there is one point that I really like about iAmAffilate is that you get the answers in the span of a few minutes. You don’t need to wait for hours or days to resolve your query. Read below the features and honest iAmAffiliate review.

iAmAffiliate Pricing

The pricing pattern is very simple as there are 2 plans basically, one for individuals and one for the company. The Individual Plan costs $49.95 for a month and if you choose the Individual Plan’s annual pack, you get 2 months free, which means Individual Plans cost $495.00 annually.

The second plan that is Company Member Access costs $99.95 monthly. The annual pack will get you 2 months free and Company Member Access costs $995.00 annually.

iamaffiliate pricing

Payment Mode

  • Credit Card Payment- Visa/Mastercard/American Express
  • PayPal- Secure Paypal/Credit Card Payment
  • BitPay- Pay with BitCoins

This is the form that you need to fill out to get access to this amazing affiliate marketing forum

affiliate marketing forum

What will you get?

This Affiliate Marketing Forum will get you the ability to speak directly with advertisers who make living by running paid advertising campaigns. Members will also have the opportunity to try out new programs and products.

Step By Step Tutorials

Learn everything from the fundamentals to the most advanced techniques with the help of very informative guides that include screenshots and video explanations.

Six & Seven Figure Case Studies

Learn from the ground up how the most successful campaigns that produced over a million dollars in pure profit were created!

Follow Along with Campaigns

Take someone’s hand as you begin your journey, and learn from others as they go through it in real-time.

affliliate marketing


As far as iAmAffiliate review is concerned, we recommend iAmAffiliate to all our readers for affiliate marketing forum discussions. It is definitely worth a try to accelerate your marketing plan.


In order to grow a company digitally, businesses often hire affiliate marketers, but the marketers are required to have in and out knowledge of every strategy. So, iAmAffiliate is a one-stop solution for all your queries regarding it. This website has traffic generating strategies, techniques and tricks. This iAmAffiliate Review has explained all features and pricing plans of this site. It will help you in getting a better understanding of the practical approach to all the methods you know.

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